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Anna! This is wonderful! Love everything about it, right down to the darling ribbon tag. I want that little snowman! Oh, and I know the deadline has passed, but--like everyone I'm noticing above--my favorite drink is eggnog, unspiked. Yum!

Did I tell you yet how much I love this? Absolutely adorable!!

Well drat it all I'm playing catch up on commenting and missed out on this give-away.
Oh well...I still love your card. So cute and adorable.

I love this card! The snowman is darling ~ love the watercoloring to make him pop! My favorite regular winter drink is peppermint latte's, but my favorite special winter drink is my sister-in-law's hot buttered rum. :)

I love your snowman. Thank you for showing us your coloring technique. My family loves to drink Wassail during the holidays. It's a combination of orange juice and apple cider with some mulling spices.

I am going with the traditional egg nog, but it must be consumed in small quantities! I love your snowman and can't wait to try to color with craft ink myself! I enjoy everything about your blog! Thanks for sharing.

Oooooo, Love the tutorial. You are so talented, thanks for sharing your talents with us. Oh, and I even have those inks, so I'm ready to rock. No doubt about it - my favorite holiday drink is hot chocolate with coconut schnapps. We have a tradition of putting hot chocolate in everyone's stockings and drink the hot chocolate while opening presents. Now that my kids are grown, we can get creative with the hot chocolate. :)

I'm not really up on any fancy holiday drinks.....my favorite is hot apple cider!

I love Egg Nog too; A little Kahlua or Amaretto thrown in is even better!
I love your card and would be thrilled to win that collection so I could make some cute cards too!
Kathy Camasso

Well Anna, I'll trade you your hot weather (I guess 86 is hot) for our COLD weather. It is supposed to be spring here and last weekend we had SNOW in areas where we don't even get snow in Winter. I am hanging out for some warmth to defrost my frozen bones, lol!

Favourite holiday drink is an icy cold coke or cordial since it's supposed to be hot during the holidays here.

Hope it cools down for you soon :)

I'm a tea drinker in the evening. I love hot chocolate, but I usually settle for a cup of tea. Your blog is excellent and I love that you share so much of your life in Texas with us. Your animals are the coolest ever.

Don't really have a favorite drink but if I had to pick I'd go with hot chocolate. Love to have a nice mug full after an afternoon of sledding with family :) Love your card!! Thanks for the chance to win!

My fave holiday drink is Starbucks Salted Hot Chocolate...I think that's what it's called?! So yummmmy!...and though I would love to win again, skip me if I get picked by Mr. Random Guy...was just trying to be an A+++++ student like Ralphie from Christmas Story to show you that I DO read your posts, I DO I DO, heeee!

I love to read all your posts! I dont have a "special" Christmas drink ... maybe I am boring? LOL. I just like to drink Coca Cola year around. This answer makes me sound like I'm about 17, but really I'm closer to 50. Love your blog!

See! We actually read your posts! LOL My favorite holiday beverage is hot cider with a cinnamon stick in it. I am not a big eggnog or boiled custard fan. Hot chocolate works for me, too. :D I love this adorable snowman card. Thanks for the chance to win a great prize package.

I can't decide. I have 2 favorites:

Holiday Hot Punch
1 qt Apple Cider
1 qt Cranberry Juice
less than 1/2 cup sugar
Boil together, then add
Cloves & Cinnamon sticks
Let steep 20 minutes

2/3 cup lemon juice
1/2 cup orange juice
1/4 cup sugar
1 bottle red wine

Although the Sangria is served "cold" it
warms you right up. Both are red and festive for the holidays.
Thanks for the pigment ink coloring tip!

I love reading your posts....they are soo fun. I also love to read about Texas life being that I live in cold Minnesota. Could we swap homes for a few days..heat for me/cold for you??? haha

I also love your farm life. It is soooo homey.

My favorite winter beverage is hot apple cider with red hots (candy) melted in it. I put it in a crock pot and simmer it all day. The house smells sooo good and homey :)
Thanks Anna

Beautiful card!! My favorite cold weather drink has to be hot chocolate, although I've been really enjoying Tim Horton's Iced Mocha Capuccino drinks lately. I want you to know I'm a faithful reader, whether you are giving things away or not !! Love your blog !!

Well, it looks like a lot of people read your entire post. My favorite winter beverage is a hot chocolate and I don't mean those instant packages. I warm up milk and add hershey's cocoa, sugar, cinnamon, vanilla and stir it with a peppermint stick. C'mon Jack Frost. Mari P.

Your card is GORGEOUS! I love all the "pretties" on it; just beautiful!
I hope your weather cools off SOON. You have my total sympathy. We have had an unusually WARM October; but it's not nearly as bad as yours! If you want to come to NE to visit, I'd be happy to have you! :D
I like lots of drinks, but I think hot spiced tea would have to be my favorite. I make up the mix in the Fall, then treat myself to it every chance I get. YUMMY! :o)

My favorite holiday drink would be eggnog (or hot chocolate with a peppermint stick stirrer). Feel your pain with the hot weather, but am not looking forward to shoveling snow! Love your blog and your art. Thanks for sharing with us.

I certainly read all your posts although I'm a very bad blogger as I rarely comment ... on any, not just yours - lol! My fave is mulled wine, especially stood in the middle of a crispy, cold German Christmas market. So warming and welcoming!

New favorite as of Christmas 2009 is Tequila Rose! It's like a strawberry milk (think Strawberry Quick)with a blast of Tequila! YUMMY!!!!

Hi Anna,

Well I always read your posts so I didn't miss the chance to win!
I love the card-as I've said before Snowmen are my favorite!

My husbands side of the family always make a hot mulled wine (I guess thats what you would call it.
we take a red wine, cranberry juice, sugar, and spices like cinnamon sticks and cloves. yum!

I read that line in your first paragraph that you were dreaming of HOTTIES, not hot totties!! I guess that might warm you up, not cool you down :) My favorite holiday beverage is Pumpkin Spice Egg Nog....a close second is Russian Spice Tea.

From the looks at the number of comments, you weren't too sneaky :0) Or you have a LOT of faithful readers!! :0) Love this snowman too, Did you just use a brush and craft reinker? Love the brown background around him too! My favorite hot tottie is hot chocolate with butterscotch schnapps!! Mmmm . . . espcecially after a day of playing in the snow :0)

Love the card and can't wait to get my hands on that snowman. I'm a snowman fanatic! My favorite holiday beverage is eggnog with a dip of ice cream topped with whipped cream and a sprinkle of nutmeg.

Such a gorgeous card! Love that snowman image and how clever to color with craft ink - I'll definitely have to try that! I love anything with peppermint during the holidays - Starbucks makes some really yummy ones! Thanks for the chance to win!

I absolutely love your card.......so adorable!!! My fav holiday bev is definitely hot chocolate with a big pile of whipped cream on top......yummmmmy! :)

Cindy C.
[email protected]

Your card is adorable!!! What a cutie he is. Hopefully the weather will start to cool down for you. It has been very chilly here in the Willamette Valley in the mornings. The leaves are turning beautiful colors -- fall is definately here!!
My favorite holiday drink is a Tom & Jerry. My Dad makes the BEST!!
Thanks for yet another chance to win some cute cute cute stuff!!!
Have a super week and hugs to all,

p.s. I love your Dad's drink choice. He better lay off them while doing that addition. *grin*

I live in Paris, TX and it seems like a cool fall. I have been to many harvest festivals at the kids schools where we'd go and it was so hot we'd all sweat to death and get sunburns. This cooler weather has been a nice change.

My favorite drink is a Starbuck's Peppermint Mocha...Yum! Too bad our's closed. :(

I never drank cider until this year and it's become my favorite drink to indulge in this fall.
Your card is awesome as always, and an inspiration.

I would say my favorite holiday beverage is hot spiced cider made in the crockpot, keeping warm all evening so we can keep going back for more, although, your dad's Huckleberry Bounce sounds good! Sadly, they don't legally sell Everclear in my state (WA), we used to be able to drive to Idaho to get it. Now, it just isn't worth fighting the traffic for that kind of 'high'! LOL Hope your weather cools soon, and I love reading about your wildlife, especially the chickens.

My favorite drink is anything sweet. That's because I can no longer taste due to an illness, but I can detect sweet, sour, salty and sour. I'll go with eggnog and rum, (but if the rum was in there, I wouldn't know it, just the effects of it.) As long as it's sweet, I'm satisfied!

I recieved all my supplies to make your snowflake jars with rusty bells and diamond dust. I'm so excited to see how mine turn out. Can't wait to see if you post some other crafty things this holiday season!

I can't say that I'm sorry about your weather, because I would love to be there and not here where I'm freezing!

I love the look that you gave the card by water coloring the brown around the snowman. It really makes him stand out!

And finally, my favorite drink is hot chocolate!!!

Love your card. My favorite winter-time drink is kind of boring - plain old hot chocolate with whipped cream. Yummo!

Such a cute snowman! Love the card.

My favorite fall/winter drink is hot spiced cider. I can't get enough of the stuff! This snowman card makes me think of spiced cider and now I've got to have some.

I enjoy warm spiced wine by the fire at Christmas time! It's enjoyed while we open gifts from family that lives far from us on Christmas eve.

Really enjoy your blog and the great inspiration!

Hot Chocolate and marshmallows is my favorite this time of year...I like to keep it simple. Love your card and the snowman image is adorable. Thanks for the chance to win him!

hot (warm) buttered rum is my holiday favorite. love to fragrance and the taste. It is really the only time of the year we indulge in this delight. love the card, gonna have to try to case it. thanks for sdharing..

.I just really love a good eggnog for the holidays...wish I could get saome of your nice eggs...hehe, your card is just so cute, all of the cards you've been doing lately are just adorable...I red your blog daily...so very interest, your family, animals, chickens, etc.

lynn hamon

Hi Anna! I love this card - I'm going to try it!!! Did you use white prismacolor pencils to make the snowman white? I can see that working on the kraft paper.

My favorite beverage? Hmmm. Well, I love a hot buttered rum. That's a once a year treat. The other is "wassail" on Christmas eve - it's a spiced rum apple beverage served warm. Delicious. (we actually serve it at church after the midnight mass).


eggnog! I'm a reader so I'm in the draw! lol Love your snowman and all your snowmen Anna! Always love your coloring/painting and designing! TFS!

There is only one eggnog I like and it is a "secret recipe" that I try to get from my friend's dh every year. It is just awesome. Maybe someday I can share with the world--LOL.
Thanks for the chance to win--a very happy subscriber to your blog.

Your card is beautiful!! Sometime I'm going to learn how to sponge card edges, mine never look like yours.
My favorite holiday drink is peppermint hot chocolate.
Your warm weather sounds lovely. getting cool here.

I have several favorite holiday beverages. But to pick only one, it would be an eggnog latte. yummy!
Loving the snowman!

Love your gorgeous card!! The snowman is just so adorable. I love the snowflake with the button and bow and your beautiful coloring. You have always made the best snowflakes :)

I love hot chocolate with marshmallows. During the day we are experiencing 50's and 60's but at night we're down in the 30's and 40's. Friday night it is expected to go down into the 20's...brrrrr! It just warms me to think of a cup of hot chocolate with puffy little marshmallows getting all melty :)

I love your snowman and the softness of the paper. My favorite holiday beverage has to be egg nog. I usually purchase some plain egg nog from the grocery store and a bottle "or two" that has whiskey in it from the local liquor store. It's great to have around the house during the holidays when friends stop by or to give as a gift. Yum....

Love your card and that great snowman!

My favorite winter beverage is gluhwein. So yummy just makes me feel all warm inside!! Love your blog! The snowman is soo cute! How are all of your animals doing?? I share your chicken stories with a friend who also has a bunch of chickens! Thanks for a chance to win!

YEAH a chance to win a very cool prize! I love snowmen. My house will be completely decorated with them from the day after Thanksgiving until mid-January :)
My favorite winter beverages are hot cider with cinnamon and hot cocoa. Christmas eve after the gift openings Dad brings out the Grasshoppers, yum...
Hugs form a rapidly cooling IA !

Oh how cute! I just love this snowman! And I love how you did the bow with the snowflake and sentiment!
My fave drink at Christmas would have to be hot chocolate - not very daring, but oh so yummy!

You are such a sweet person Anna!!

Mimosas Christmas morning!.. Champagne with freshly squeezed orange juice and a splash of cranberry juice.
A few fresh cranberries on a toothpick for garnish!

Gotta love the snowman!! (and your dad's huckleberry bounce!!!) My favorite drink is homemade sangria that my daughters and I make....it is yummy!!!

I love this snowman! Painting with white craft ink? duh. Why don't I think of things like that?

I love a good cup of coffee with French vanilla cream (fat free, of course), or some Baileys... heck with the fat free. lol

wow! that's a beautiful colour combination. i will SO be trying this on some of my 2010 Christmas cards. I don't drink alcohol but love a pumpkin spice latte or an eggnog latte when they're in season!

My fav is coffee with amaretto. Snowman is so cute.

By the looks of the comments ahead of me, you can't hide anything from us!!!! I have to say Egg nog is my holiday drink- I grew up thinking I didn't like eggnog (how gross is that word to a kid?), so I feel now I have many years to catch up on my egg nog consumption! I don't dring a lot mind you and I usually cut the storebrand down with some milk since it is so sweet. And no alcohol in it- then I can have it for breakfast! The special part too is eggnog lattes- either made at home or at Starbucks!
Hope it cools down for ya!!!

Who would have thought to put pink and rust together but it so works...this card is adorable. And I sure hope the snowman brings you some relief from the heat. After all these years, I've never thought to paint a snowman with white paint (I've always had the same trouble with Snoopy). Never too old to learn!

My drink of choice to keep warm would be hot apple cider. And a stick of cinnamon is like the icing on the cake!

My fave drink is a splash of Crown Royal in hot chocolate.

HA! I always read your entire post. Your blog really starts my days out right. Hugs.

This is adorable Anna.. I love the way you stamped on Kraft and then colored.. Gives him such a warm look.. I would have to say my favorite holiday beverage is wassail. Each year 2 weeks before Christmas we go out into a local forest and cut down a real Christmas tree. It is usually very cold. Then we all gather around a bonfire and drink wassail and hot chocolate. Great family tradition. Thanks for the chance to win.

My favorite is hot spiced cider-a favorite in this area and served at all open houses, parties, etc. Leftovers are good refrigerated and then just heat what you want. Yum! Snowmen are another favorite thing of mine and yours is darling-love the card and the previous tag you made!!

Hot chocolate with a little mint creamer. Yummm. Or Eggnog. What a cute snowman. I love reading your blog. Love reading about the critters on the farm.

What a CUTE card! If I had to come with a favorite, it would probably be eggnog. Coffee is usually my choice all year round, though. Thanks for the inspiration and chance to win!

Favorite Holiday beverage is the same all year......iced coffee. Never hot....I don't drink anything hot. Love your blog! Thanks for the chance at winning the kit. Have a wonderful day :)

I'm just a simple French Vanilla Hot Chocolate!! Yesterday morning was 38 degrees and I don't even want to look this morning!!

I must say, Starbuck's Pumpkin Spice Latte's are the only thing I like about the winter.
The weather does give me extra stamping time,though.
Love your style.
PS:I'm not cousin Eddy from the above post!!

My favorite beverage is just a simple glass of wine, always good any time of the year. Thanks for the chance to win!

My favorite drink is eggnogg. I only get to have once a year. Love your blog. The animals and pictures are wonderful.

You may have buried it, but I found it! LOL
I like my Christmas eggnog, but the non alcohol kind. Years ago my dad had a punch bowl set with Tom & Jerry printed on it.
The name, not the cat and mouse. I loved that set. It's gone by the wayside now tho.

Hello Anna,

I am just a basic gal. I love just plain hot choc with whipped cream, of course. Eggnog is wonderful too. Love your little snowman and I really adore your vintage style.


Oh you are being sneaky! My favorite beverage at the moment is a pumpkin latte. When winter comes--I'm with you,here in central TX that doesn't even happen very often--I like a big mug of mocha java with a little cool whip on top.

My favorite would be hot apple cider. Warms me down to my toes.
Sorry it's still so hot down there, near Vancouver we are having a pretty good fall, sunny but cooler.
I really enjoy your dad's comments! And I love your snowman card, my kind of colours. Thank you for the blog candy offer!

Even tho I'm not eligable for this, I gotta say Huckleberry bounce, a home made brew with Everclear (moonshine) and a cup of berries and a cup of sugar in a slightly larger jug. It'll roll a line half an inch up the glass and your eyes into the top of your head! Let it age 30 days and strain it into bottles to suit. Yes, I too think the snowman is just devine, but you guys lay off the snow dances for a while, I am starting the "dirt work" for mom's new long arm quilting room tomorrow and I'll be needing all the "good vibes" I can get!.......Love, Dad

Mine was Baileys Irish Cream! Since I don't drink alcohol anymore it's up for grabs as to what my new fav will be! Any ideas?

Peppermint mochas, from Dutch Bros. (a NW espresso stand chain), although I usually make it cheaper at home. Skinny eggnog for a cold drink.

I like to drink hot choclate or hot coffee with whipped cream on top and a candy cane stuck in or crushed on top...oh and some peppermint schnapps....yum!! I can hear the bells ring already..Fa la la la la ...also it doesn't fill you up as fast as egg nog and not as many calories...
Thanks for the chance at the drawing would love to win the extra kit...so sweet of you.

Eggnog! Hands down.

My favorite Holiday drink is hot White chocolate coco with a bit of mint crushed on top! It's pretty, festive and yummy too! It's starting to get a bit chilly here in WA state, BTW. Thanks for a chance at winning some goodies!

Thanks for the tip about coloring Mr. Snowman around the edges--wouldn't have thought of doing that--it makes a big difference! My favorite holiday drink is that hot spiced tea that you melt red-hots candy in--yum!

I have a couple of favorite cool weather drinks. I love a rich and creamy hot cocoa any time of day, but when I want to kick it up a notch I love to make a Hot Apple Pie Cocktail. You can find the recipe here:
http://www.grouprecipes.com/17916/hot-apple-pie-cocktail.html YUM-O I say!

Your card is adorable! I love snowmen and snowflakes so much!

My very favorite has to be eggnog. With or without alcohol...I just adore it. Of course I also love apple cider...and hot chocolate with a bit of peppermint schnopps added!!! Yummmm!

My favorite is egg nog. My parents "flavored" it with whiskey and my grandma's "flavoring" was done with brandy. My favorite way is just straight egg nog with no "flavoring". : )

I love eggnog. We call them 'Cousin Eddies' at our house...after Chevy Chase's Christmas Vacation where he and Cousin Eddy are standing around the eggnog bowl drinking from those dorky moose antler cups!

I also enjoy your talent and gift of photog!

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