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Oh, too funny! Very cute little candy bag!

Sooo cute! Something to add to my snowman and reindeer poo poems! TYFS

That poem is too cute! I absolutely love candy corn. Congrats on you pumpkin! I tried also, but down here in north of Houston, it just didn't work. My kids were so upset. I love they way you decorated your card! Thanks for sharing!

Lol! very cute!

Your pumpkin is beautiful! And I have a weakness for candy corn...it has to be a certain brand; but nonetheless, it's pretty addictive! LOL I like your poem~~I'm with you, most of them do not appeal to me. But that one IS cute!
Have a great weekend. Celebrate! And get some rest, too...you've had a busy week! :D

Our town hosts a pumpkin festival each year called PUMPKINFEST and it is next weekend. The entire town will be decked out in orange and there will be a Pumpkin pyramid tree made from pumpkins that the school children have carved out. We have a parade and various food venues, frerworks ... you name it, we have it. So your pumpkin poo would be a big hit around here!

Thanks so much for sharing! Love the poem and your pics of pumpkins! This growing season has been a killer. We were hot, hot, hot and sooooo dry here in East Tennessee.

I like this one because the candy is good. I don't care for the ones that use mini-marshmallows as I'm never going to eat them! :)
Thought I'd have some pumpkins growing across the lawn this year, but no joy.

What a darling idea - I'm sure there are lots of great situations for that one!! I was happy to see that you're growing pumpkins (and I'm envious - but, hey, I live vicariously through you!).


I might have to make a few of these and leave them around at work. Too cute!
I have never grown pumpkins before, but maybe I 'll try next year.

Very cute!! I have 4 'Jack Be Little' pumpkins growing in my garden - they're only about 2 pounds each, if that. I've never grown pumpkins, they make me happy :)

LOL, love this one. YEAH you grew pumpkins. None for us this year. The vines died before they set fruit. :( Maybe next year.
Happy Friday Hugs....

Cute, cute, Anna. My far away at college son LOVES candy corn and corny humor!! This looks like a job for "Super Mom" or perhaps "Pumpkin Pooper Mom" --grin! Thanks for yet another fun idea.

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