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So sweet. What a good friend you are! I too have this set and love it. (The sentiments are so wonderful!)

What a lovely card! I {{heart}} it!!!!

You do such wonderful work.. I have a question tho about where to find something that I read you used on another card recently. I can't remember which post it's from but I think you called it glitter mist? Is there a brand name? or is it something you made? Any info would be fantastic! Thanks and nice job on all your work!

I'm positive whoever receives this will be smiling for the entire week :) So pretty!

That darling card should do the trick! I need to make a few of those too. Thanks so much.

So pretty. Love your soft and yet warm colors (does that make sense?) - This would cheer anyone up.

Thinking about others is kind, but letting them know we are thinking of them is one step above. Being able to express it with a cheery gift from your own hand, and a message from your own heart, well that should about top the list IMHO!! What a wonderfully sweet little "pick me up". BTW-I have a little pkg of pumpkin poop all pkgd up waiting for a card and a poem. I found some "original" but I also found some harvest candy corn in a shade of brown, cream, and orange. I mixed them both and the brown ends really add to the authenticity and purpose of the product--bwaahaaa!! My son at college will get a kick out of it!! Thanks for the fun idea!

Lovely card! That paper is perfect paired with your image!

Of course it will cheer her up ... the fact that you thought to make her a card, and such a pretty one at that, would cheer anyone up!

What a sweet card! I wish I had one of your flower sets- love those mexican hat flowers(that's what they are , right?)of yours. :o)

Very soft and pretty - this should cheer anyone up!!

Very sweet card! Love the flowers--I have Halloween on the brain so it looks like candy-corn shapes on tops of the flowers. Those would make great candy-corn Halloween flowers! :)

This will surely cherr her up. I love that set, too. I think I even have it already! Must get it out and case your sweet creation. :) hugs...

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