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Thanks for taking the time to make this video. Very helpful and love the technique!!!

great tips - very helpful, useful and will be fun to try.
do you make your "stitches" around your card by hand or with a machine? with or w/o thread?
thanks much!

Great tutorial Anna!! It was so nice to hear your voice after visiting your blog for over two years. :o) I really appreciate the tip for stamping onto an acrylic block! You can do that with any stamp pad and it seems like you don't use as much ink. Cool! Thank you!!

Take care and STAY POSITIVE!

FANTASTIC TUTORIAL! You presented like a PRO, not a novice! It was great!
I love learning how others do their techniques, and this was fun and interesting. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!! I can't wait to see what you do next. I would love to see one on how you use reinkers to watercolor. Your coloring is always fabulous! :D
I hope you are having a good week. And thank you ever so much for the PRECIOUS thank you note!

As with everything you do, your first video was excellent! Thanks for the info. You've inspired me to try that sometime. In my earlier stamping days, I used to watercolor on watercolor paper with Craft ink all the time. Now I use dye inks, but Craft does give a unique and muted look.

Ooooooooowwwwwww... absolutely LOVE the look of your snowman. Thank you so much for the tutorial... your blog has helped me (another non-artist) so much over the years. Looking forward to more tutorials! Thank you for sharing, Anna!

Thanks so much for the video. It was a great help.

This was very helpful to me...I am a non-artist...everything is a learning experience for me, as nothing comes "natural".
I hope this is #1 in a row of many more to come.

Loved your tutorial.......You're a natural at it. Please, please, please make more tutorials. We learn so much from you. Thanks so much.

Kerry Piader

Thanks for showing the looks of the different inks!

Well done, Anna. The first of many instructional videos, I hope...I was trying to remember when I'd heard your voice before, when it came to me that it was when you film and talk to your chickens!

Loved your video. You need to do more cause you watercoloring is the best on the web. Thanks for doing this one. I would never have thought to use the white inks in this way.

You video is wonderful, Anna. I don't think I've ever tried painting with craft inks. Something new to try. Now I just need a snowman stamp or two.

GREAT tutorial! Can't wait to see more from you.

Now that would have saved me a whole bunch of piecing last year when I wanted white snowmen on blue!! Just read your post on the StazOn smell on the Stamping Things I like thread on SCS :D. I like the smell too.

For your first video, you did great. I can't wait to try this. Thanks for sharing this technique. Sherri

WOW! Cool tutorial! Now I want you to do one on water coloring, but a little more in depth. I like to watercolor my images, but I always try to do it too perfect I think. It never seems to turn out right. I'd love to see how you do yours.

Awesome job as always! Thanks for sharing it with us!

Wow...I never would have thought to watercolor with pigment ink. I really love the snowy effect! Great video tutorial..thanks a bunch for sharing it with us! Take care

Your tutorial is FanTAStic :) Loved it Anna so I really really hope you're going to do more =)

Loved your tutorial - would never have know this was your first video either! Thanks so much for sharing this idea - can't wait to try it!

YAY!!! I miss you!!! Loved the video...and I agree with Kittie...MORE PLEASE!!! Watercolor, baby! :D
Thanks for sharing this with us!

Love this technique Anna! Your tutorial is great! Loved to hear your voice and I hope that you make many more--for those of less talented!


Thank you for the tutorial. It was very helpful. I'm going to try this technique myself.

Awesome job with the tutorial! It was neat to hear your voice too. Now when I read your blog I'll probably hear your voice in my head...

Thanks for the tutorial. Seeing it done really makes a difference. I can't wait to try it on my cards. I think I just have the SU craft white, but that should be fine since it is one of the ones that you use a lot. :D

great tutorial! thanks

What a super tutorial!! I've often wanted to put white somewhere on a card and never thought of this...duh! Usually I would just use my white pencil but I like the look of your watercoloring. Thanks for sharing your talent with us :)

Awesome!! Thank you thank you thank you!!

Very polished and smooth for a first video. Looking forward to lots more from you. Love the technique and the snowman!

Fabulous Anna! Great tutorial and a great technique, I'll be trying it for sure! Thanks for taking the time to create a video for us!

Great job on the tutorial.

You did an excellent job on your first tutorial. Thanks for the helpful information on how to use white craft ink in smaller places. And I agree with everyone that it's great to hear your voice.

Well done Anna!!! YOu have always been my inspiration for watercolouring with reinkers, and it never dawned on me that you would be using craft ink for the white!!! Didn't realize youcould water colour with pigment ink!!!
TFS and looking forward to more!

That looks awesome. I was at a 'Stampapalooza' event a couple of weeks ago and someone did a mini demonstration of painting a snowman with bleach. Straight bleach in the aqua writer (of course you couldn't use it for anything else after that) and it looks awesome too! It worked much better than I would have guessed.

Wonderful information, thanks so much for sharing this in a video!

Great tutorial-you have a nice speaking voice. Would like to see one doing the color washes around an image-I need help!!

Thanks - and that is a cute, rustic snowman card.

Excellent video and information, Anna. Who would believe that was your first one??! I hope you have time to do more in the future. I'm off to finally ink up my Snoopy stamps and color them using this information...Thanks again.

Thanks, this was very helpful!

This is wonderful. I have been wondering how you did the white.. Your video is perfect. Great job.

thanks for the tutorial...I'm also hoping for more - especially watercolouring...you're a rock star!

Anna! Is there anything you can't do?? Great tutorial - tips, visual, choices - very nice. Thanks for taking the time to educate us. Hugs.

Yes! Very helpful! I've never thought of doing this and I love the effect. I can see a lot of possibilities with this. Great tutorial! Thank you!

Great tutorial, Anna! You should do some watercolor tutorials and show how you accomplish your wonderful shading, etc.

Great tutorial - and love this technique - will have to give it a try.

Great job!

Very very nice, Anna! Good subject matter and very good presentation. :) Next time, and you know there HAS to be a next time, please show the ink while you are picking it up, so we know how much and which one you are using.

It's cool here! Had the heater on last night. God bless Fall!


Thank you so much for this video - I never would have thought to color with craft inks!

Yea!! THANK you Anna! I understand and am really excited to try your technique now.

(You are awesome!)

Love it! Hadn't thought to do snowmen like this! Very fun! thanks so much!

Great tutorial Anna! Thanks for sharing!

Excellent tutorial; very informative and interesting. Thank you so much....I'm now on a quest for some white ink and that cute snowman.

Great Video! I can't wait to try out that technique. Thanks for sharing! I love your images and I have to pick up that darling snowman.

Thanks for doing a tutorial--hope there will be more to come! Have never used a water pen but would like to try it now. I always need help w/ shading and coloring things in so they don't look so "flat."

That's your first video? Wow! Great jon Anna! You realize that your fans will demand more of them now, right? :)

Thanks for the great video, I have not watercolored with pigment ink....yet!
It was 78 here when I was driving home..... I can relate to the weather!

great job! looking forward to many more video tutorials ☺ thank you - never thought to watercolor with craft ink.

I really enjoyed it also. Thanks for sharing your talent with us!! :)

Anna you are a movie STAR!!! I loved it!!
Thanks so much for this tutorial!!

Great Video! I've water colored with my regular ink but not my craft/pigment inks. Guess what I'll be trying :)

Yeah! I love the tutorial. I bet you're hooked and we'll be seeing more of you! ;)

Great tutorial - you are too cute!! I hope you do more of these. I'd love to watch you watercolor :)

Excellent tutorial Anna - you earned an A+. Great information and you kept a great pace in your tutorial. Loved it. Thanks for the tips on the various inks. Your snowman card makes me happy.

This is your first video tutorial???? I can't believe it! It's great!!! Thanks a lot.

YES, I loved your tutorial. It's fun to hear you, too! Thanks for the great tips on using white craft ink to paint images on darker papers. Hugs...

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