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I love the way you set this up and I have a question... would you have a listing of how you paired up the sets? That would save tons of time for the some of us who would like to get organized better also but we don't have a clue to what can go together.
I have done a reorganization to put some like things together, mainly Christmas, winter, sentiments... but obviously there are lots more groupings that can be done. Sometimes it's two sets that are similar in appearance or style but not in theme (know what I mean?). I guess I'm most interested in what sets you put together. Any help would be most gratefully appreciated.
Joyful Blessings

What case do you have your pencils stored in and where can I get one? p.s. always have loved your work space. It looks all nice and dusted. I need to do my again. Its imploded

Wow! Just Wow! Please tell me you have all your supplies insured! Heaven forbid something horrible should happen, this is worth a fortune! I just dont know how you do all the things you do....I want to be you when I grow up!

Hi Anna. I arrived here via Turned Gypsy. Wow, I love the organization of your craft area. I'm a basement crafter. Yep, my husband says all the stuff has to stay in the basement. It's ok, I don't mind. LOL. Looking at your ribbon, I don't have as much, but I took it all off the spools. I hate when it unwinds. I had a hanger for belts, I think it has 10 hooks, and I unspooled my ribbon and put on a saftey pin, then key rings and hung on the hanger. My ribbons are right at my fingertips and I can see all my colors. Ribbon was one element I forgot to use because it wasn't in my reach, just stored in a box. Well, about all your stampn up boxes, I may want some if you still have them for sale. My stamps need to be reorganized a little, so I will need new containers. Most of my stamps are Close to My Heart and their cases are so flimsy. I enjoyed reading some of your back posts. Thanks for sharing. [email protected] or http://athomewithjoan.blogspot.com/

Beautiful job, Anna! Doesn't it make you want to get in there and play, play, play? I cracked up when I saw your "Hello, my pretties" about your ribbon spools. :) That's how I feel about my beloved ribbon too. I have my loose stamps in a plastic storage unit with wheels under the countertop. This is funny, but I arrange them by size of block(!). That way, when I get ready to participate in an SCS sketch challenge, I have all of the same-sized stamps together and can select whichever one I want to use that fits the sketch.

If I beg really hard, will you come straighten me out? I mean, my stamps, not me personally although, I could probably use some help too! LOL
Fantastic org ideas.

So, here I sit overdosing on Anna stuff - - super cool stamping, Dad "juice" and the cutest little cattle around, then I see this. Are you kicking my behind or what?! I have my new studio space in an upheaval and not an ounce of desire to set it to rights at present. Maybe tomorrow or next weekend. On a very positive note, yesterday I transplanted some of Chuck's antique roses outside the window where I'll eventually sit. Now I pray they blossom there {heavy sigh}...

its always fun to see very 'talented' ladies and how they orgainze their workspace. thank you for sharing very fun...any chance you can post a full picture of your craft room? maybe more ideas there too--

thanks for sharing...
i want to get some of your very cute animal stamps 2!!!

Wow!!! Such a fabulous space! Love all your different ideas and I'm definitely using the Ciao labeling idea - just genius! I'm trying to clean and reorg my craft room right now and you've inspired me even more to get it done. Thank you!!

Dang girl! I wanna come play in your organized playroom!!! Love it! And thanks for sharing pics and tips!

I like when you organize. I love me some hand me downs ((SMILE))...those oodles of markers and inks and pencils make me giddy...and I love your ribbon racks! I see you like gingham, too :) HUGS!

Loved this post! I'd been putting off my seasonal tidy up but decided to get 'er done when I saw your pictures...I didn't reorganize but I did put a lot of stuff where it's supposed to be...and I *may* have done a little dusting too:

wow!! very nice!!

my system isn't so fancy, just see through ziplock containers LOL

Oh big sigh....That just looks awesome! Now can you come and do my mess...I was pretty organized at one time. Now, not so much. This has been a great inspiration. Thanks!

Wow. I mean. Wow. *shaking head*


Did I mention, wow?

I am giving serious consideration to sending you photos of my style of organizing, but Steve would kill me!

GREEN with envy, this is a fabulous workspace!!! My stamping space is sorely overpacked and crowded since it also functions as the computer room and spare room. I unmounted nearly all of my SU! stamps to save space, even though I do prefer wood mounts. Thank you for the inspiring ideas.

Hi Beth!
ROYGBIV stands for...




Love the organization & using things for a purpose other than what they are intended for.

What does ROYGBIV stand for?

First of all, I have to say that I LOVE that you have a drawer (or, likely drawerSSS) dedicated to snowmen and chickens. However, after that gorgeous display of art supplies just waiting for your next inspiration, there is no way I am telling you or showing you what my craft room/office looks like. In fact, it's pretty tragic; you should move back to the PNW and intervene. Help me Anna, you're my only hope. . .;)

Wowowowowowow! I am so a fan of yours, your art, your photography, your coloring, your stamping, your cooking, your farm, and now this organizing! I unmounted my stamps a couple of years ago, but I can see such wisdom in having things sorted in catagories. I really need to do that. Sometimes I feel like I don't stamp much because I'm finding other things to do in the stamp room to avoid it. I just have a hard time being confident about my stamping "ability" or lack there of. I don't think I will live long enough to get it all done the way I want it. LOL Thank you for sharing your life with us. Do you sing, dance, play musical instruments, write poetry?

What a wonderful, helpful and inspiring article!! As much as I LOVE seeing your cards and adopting your farm animals as my own, I REALLY NEED more ideas for organizing my poor, neglected craft room!! Thank you so much!! I, too, have LOTS and spend more time looking for things than crafting with them, which is just too frustrating. You're my new best friend!!!

Very Nice! I need to show this to my DH, he thinks I have a lot of stuff! haha.

Oh, this all looks very familiar! I also have the white organizers (composite ones) with a shelf across the top for more things! And the SU inks in the wood, and jars, and little bins with drawers...I LOVE your space! I have five 6' tables in my room, and they are all covered. Well, actually right now they are BURIED! haha We are going to be moving early next year, and packing things is a nightmare! A friend came last week, and we sorted and packed stamp sets and supplies for 13 hours. EEEEKKKK! And it's not nearly done. But when I get to my new place, I want things to be organized by "subject", so I can place it all easily. Whether that will really happens remains to be seen! ha
Loved your Mom and Dad's comments. They are so awesome...
Thanks for sharing with us! Oh, and I saw just recently where a lady used an acrylic nail polish display rack for her wood mounted stamps. They were at graduated heights, and very visible. It was fantastic! They have them on ebay, and also on amazon.
Have a great weekend! Hugs to the critters! :D

I love your Dad's comment! Where is my daughter and what have you done with her? Also wondering where the "real" Rangers have disappeared to. Typing this on a craptop with no mouse, but had to comment on your organization. I am in awe! I bow to you. Like Norma J, my craft room looks like a hurricane went through it. I want to be you when I grow up! You go girl!

Me too!! All about function and what flows the best! Your space is amazing!!
I am always cleaning and moving around.
There will never be enough space!!

Your craft room is a stampers dream come true. You are an inspiration to get my craft room cleaned :) I would love to see your craft room in person and meet all your animals. Thanks for sharing your pictures.

OMG I want to come play at your house! What a great work area. I have been thinking of reordering all my inks and papers by ROYGBIV but just haven't taken the time. I have a question though how do you reach all those stamps up high in those drawers? Aren't they heavy?

Hi Anna! Love your craft room! You have sooo much. I just got my own craft room this summer! My son moved out so I took his room! He has since moved back, but he's on the sofa ;) Love having my own space. http://koolnkraftymom.blogspot.com/2010/06/craft-room-update.html
I am constantly changing things around as I find better ways to organize the furniture, and those inkpad holders are FULL now ;)
This link shows my ink pad holders. Love them!!! On my sidebar you can see my Copic Cubbies! They are wonderful! I searched high and low for a solution for the markers and these won hands down!

I love the way you organized everything! I have my ink pads in a plastic container with little drawers (the kind for nuts and bolts, etc.). The inks are grouped by SU color families. My SU stamps are in cabinets and organized by the size of the box. Each group is organized in alphabetical order. And my paper is in a filing cabinet, organized by color families too.

I think that you have inspired me to change my ink pads and cardstock to the ROYGBIV way. Now the stamps... I love the idea of taking them out of the boxes and grouping them by theme, but I don't think that I'm ready to take that step... It's weird, but I feel like they need to be together in their SU box for some reason!!!

Thanks for sharing your stamping area with us!

My craft room needs this kind of sprucing up real bad! ;) Love your space and all the fun goodies to play with!

There is no organization in my room at all.
It looks like a hurricane went through there. But it is my intention to get it looking similar but no where near as organized as yours, one of these days. I took my stamps out of their cases too, and I fully intend to have them in similar sets, with birthday stamps, christmas stamps etc. It makes more sense than having them in separate little boxes. Love
your room and your tips on saving space.

Love your crafting room and the organization is wonderful!!!! I am a very organized person ... at least I thought I was ...until I saw your post, lol!!!! Anyway, thank you for sharing all your pics and tips. PS - Love your dad's comment. Funny!

Hi Anna, I also use the plastic drawers for wood stamps. I wanted to suggest using plastic photo frame boxes for smaller stamps. It's so much easier to see the 2 layers of stamps when you can remove an entire layer. Hope that made sense. I can take a picture if you'd like? Love your room! Oh happy crafting!

Very cool. We are moving to a new house in january and I am going to get the WHOLE basement (at least thats MY plan LOL)
Lots of ideas here.

Ha..want to swap wooden stamp organizers? I have one with inkpad and reinker spots and would love to have the markers there too. Always regret not buying it that way.

Thanks for sharing!!

WWWWWWoW!!!!I dont know where the spaceship took my daughter, But I want her back! This just freaks me out......She has to be on the planet with the real Rangers baseball team.............Holy Jumpin Catfish!!!!..... Dad

Holy Moly!!- How I would LOVE to be let loose in your craft room!!!! I think I could be in there for years and not have used every single thing you own!!! (Hang on while I wipe the drool of my chin) ;o)
I have lots of the plastic drawers in my craft room, but I just seem to have a big mess no matter how I try to organize things.
You should see my room now, there are papers, stamps , my cuttlebug, my cutter, various containers with misc. stuff and who knows what else over the floor and my desk. I've been trying to crank out some cards over the past few days and things have just exploded everywhere. HELP! On top of that my oldest is moving back home for a while and all his stuff is all over the living room until we can get the spare bedroom cleared out for him.
Maybe one of these days I'll be able to get it organized. One can only hope!

Hi Lisa,
The case I keep my pencils in is an acrylic display case for some unknown object. I picked it up about 6 years ago, either at a store that sells used store displays, or at an acrylic cutting shop that was in the town I lived in. I can't remember which. You might try checking ebay for acrylic displays -- i haven't seen anything identical to the one I have, but I have seen similar items.

Hope this helps.....


Holy Cow!! I will have to come back and study these photos with a magnifying glass - your system looks absolutely awesome Anna - very functional! Whew! I'm impressed!!!

Hi Anna! I love your organization! I love how it's all surrounding your work space!
I have a question...
What is that nifty container that holds your Prismacolor Pencils? I really like it! Mine are in a case, therefore...sight unseen, so the Copics get all the attention.
Thanks! Congrats on your new space!

Wow!! Your organizing superb...How soon can you come home and help me with my sewing room? It is amazing how much you can get in a small space. Love to see your antique sewing machine sitting out. Oh what will you do with mine?!!!MOM

Thanks for sharing. I also labeled my copic caio markers a while ago and it works great. I posted a link on my blog to share your great organizational ideas.

Yippeeeee!!! Another functioning studio like mine!!! LOVE! Love you, too, Anna! *blowin' kisses*

Hey Anna - thanks so much for sharing your photos and tips. I've kind of been in the re-org process for the past few months and plan to share pics when I'm just a little closer to finished. I totally agree with you about stamping with wood blocks - still my favorite! I've also combined some SU sets (mostly just sentiments), but now that I'm not a demo I might do even more like you've done...really does make sense! And I've struggled with the idea of taking the sentiments out of the sets...I do think it makes sense, yet I haven't been able to do it...yet. We'll see. ;)

I've only ever seen this much crafty goodness in a shop. Wow! And so organised too. Just fabulous.

OMG.... I want to come play in your stamping room! I am no where near as organized. Nothing handy. Maybe my room is TOO large! I also have my beading, fabric, yarn and leather tool supplies stored there. I have my work table in the center of the room with a Pampered Chef tool turn about to hold a few markers, brushes, scissors, etc.... Then there are some built in shelves for the S.U. stamp sets. Loose stamps in boxes (for now) Hubby is supposed to be makeing me some wall racks to hold them. Ribbons in boxes. (too hard to find what I want) A large armoire full of bins and tubs of misc BLING. I really need to sort and clean again. Sigh. you room looks like a great place to work/play. :)
Hugs.... CAROL DEE
p.s. I love the stamp in the coke a cola case. "Caution Artist at Play" LOL

That was fun! Thanks for sharing, loving all the tricks and tips that you shared. Need to clean up my space too.

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