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Thank you, Mr. Wight!! My sister is huge into huckleberries and usually puts them all into pies (ie her Father-In-Law gets his very own every year for Christmas). I sent this off to her just in case she wants to try something new. It never hurts to expand your horizons.

What a great (and interesting) recipe! I haven't thought of everclear in decades! Oh my, that stuff is potent!!!
I might have to use vodka, and I have never had huckleberries; but would love to try them. I eat blueberries almost every day! I get the 3# bags of frozen ones from Target.
Thanks for the laughs, Dan...you are one of a kind! And Anna is so beloved...no wonder, she has such good parents! :D
Thanks again for the recipe, and Anna, I'm betting you just could have been a "bounce baby"! LOL

Oh my! - Being (almost) a Tee-totaler myself I think I'd best stear clear of this one! I must admit though that the last comment about inhibitions was the funniest thing I'd read all day.

I glazed over with nostalgia for a bit there.Lots of questions and It seems the site was "overwhelmed" with my response... so the short version...Frost can increase the sugar content. All fruits work with this "brandy like" recipe. We also made "Applejack" with all the fruit left over in the fall even pears and crab apples. Elderberries also have a special flavor and make the best pancake syrup ever! and hooch....Gabi..about "impiric knowledge"....The companionship of a lovely and inspiring woman is in itself....enough. DK Wight

We used Everclear one year in Auto Shop (High School) to strip the paint off of an old Ford Coupe...went right down to the metal! Good stuff!

Ok, what's a "frosted" huckleberry. My guess would be huckleberries that have been kissed by Old Man Frost? Frozen first, maybe. I love recipes for homemade hooch! Still prize my Auntie's homemade Kaluha. Will add DK's to my collection. I don't make them, but I prize them! LOL

Don't think I've ever had huckleberries before. But now I know what Huckleberry Bounce is. My BIL in Germany actually makes something similar but he usually uses raspberries, kandis sugar and I think vodka.
Good stuff!
Thanks for the huckleberry bounce recipe Mr. Wight!!!

A 100% total crack-up....Huckleberry Grin :)

Oh, I miss huckleberries!!! Tastiest berries going. Thank you, Anna and Mr. Wight, for sharing your recipe!!!

Ha Ha! Too funny. I can't wait to try this recipe. Winter is just around the corner, so we need some drinks that will warm up the innards. ;)

It's so obvious where your dry sense of humor comes from, Anna! That man is a real prize!

oh my gosh that last comment made me laugh so hard.....the huckleberry bounce sounds delicious actually and I bet it would be good on a cold day of snow shoveling just to warm up the ole innards

Anna, your Dad is Too Funny! I think you got his humor *wink* Hugs to all...

Ohhhhhhhhh, so that's why they say, "I have bouncing baby girl."

too cute! We call this PJ in the south.

This is fantastic! I enjoyed every second of reading the recipe and laughed loud and hard at the end!! I'm linking your post to my DD - she's a "foodie" and will get a kick out of this.

As for lowering of inhibitions - I think we'd best leave that one alone! *wink*

hahaha...Bounce baby?! sounds yummy, too bad my raspberries are pretty much gone!

What a hoot! I think I'll give DK's recipe a try. Question for DK: Is that empiric knowledge regarding the lowering of inhibitions?

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