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Ooh, I have those pumpkin dies! I love this! Love the pp you used for the pumpkins, the sheet music paper, the glitter! Yummy!

Love those different shaped pumpkin dies! And the papers you used are awesome too! Thanks for sharing.

Hi Anna! I found your sweet, lovely blog through Crafty Secrets! I'm so glad you're the guest designer for the month, or I wouldn't have met you :) I love your soft, shabby style as I do it as much as I can too. It's not easy to find girls who execute the style this well! Thank you for sharing your lovely creations!


ALMOST inspiring enough to get me to get my act together and create something with the 12 tons of paper that I found when I started to contemplate what was "necessary" in my new home. Key word is "almost"...
Thanks for being one of THE BEST stampers around - - having chickens and DK helps, though.

I thought the stars and gingerbread people were fantastic, but these pumpkins take the cake!! The OA papers are just perfect for them. I have to go right now and dig through my chip board stash.
Happy Halloween!

Lovely pumpkins and great paper. Mmmmm I love pumpkin seeds!!!!

I think all this ginger bread and stars and glitter stuff is leading up to another go around with the hand cookies with the folded fingers! Sure you becha! Not since your college days have we had any "finger doodles" cookies. Tis the season!

Anna!! I love it every time you post!!

Hi Kathy!
Nope... thats pretty much what I do, too!
Mmmmmmmmm!!! :)


Hi Gabi!!
Its not DP ... its ripped right out of an old book of music.
Hard to do..... but once ya start, it gets easier and easier!!
It made it a little easier that the cover was falling off the book. *grin*


more gorgeous stuff with that paper! I love the pumpkins!

Happy Halloween. Enjoy those pumpkins! Hugs...

Thanks so much for the glitter info Anna. I can't wait to make some Christmas tags :)

I'm head over heels (again) over your pumpkins on sheet music card. Oh my word, these are fantastic! I wonder if that's regular sheet music or if it's DP you purchased somewhere - reason I ask is because both my mother and my little Minime are musicians. My daughter is a member of the local children's orchestra and performs at the Kennedy Center in DC. I think it's about time I start using sheet music too (for cards). I love your ideas.

be still my heart! you're rockin' the vintage glittered look! (and I have an accident with glitter pretty much every time I use it...I almost pointed out the perma-glitter spots in my craft room tour yesterday).

You did such a great job with this that the pumpkins looked 3 dimensional in the thumbnail.

I still have a ton of OA papers...thanks for the inspiration to see my OA papers in a different season. Beautiful card!

Great card! Love those pumpkin leaves, glitter and sheet music! Would you share your pumpkin seed recipe? I'm wondering if it's better than my way of roasting them with a slab of butter and seasoned salt? Do you do anything different?

Hi Rachel,
On recent projects, Im using Martha Stewart course crystal glitter. It comes in a glass jar, from Michaels.
Ive found that some of the MS glitter kits also have a course crystal glitter, but the glitter pieces in those small kit bottles are much larger than the glitter thats in the larger, glass bottle...

Hope this helps! :)


Stunning! I love the sparkle. What kind of glitter are you using? I have to get some. Beautiful card!

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