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Oh so sweet! Looks like Mama is doing a fine job of taking care of her first baby. Yay! You have a girl on the farm!

Oh how exciting! She is a cool color - looks like hot cocoa to me. She is like a mocha color. Have you named her yet? She looks like a "Mocha" or "Cocoa" or "Hershey" or "Kisses" or "Kitkat" or something in that genre. :D Congrats on the addition.

i gotta say, it was the nose to nose that melted my heart! I LOVE your farm stories, even when you are talking about spiders. But if you show me a picture of a centipede, I just may be outta here! I HATE pedes!

By that first shot I'd say she was a little upity. Some of those "pedigree'd babes are that way ya know. Upity....that has a nice ring to it.....But so does Dolly Parton....Love, Dad Probably about 10 Karats

This is definately a 'bonus blog'...very cute scrappin' ideas and a very cute baby dexter. Awesome photos!

100% BEAUTIFUL! I'm so glad you got a heifer, and glad she's here safely. What a beauty! Good job, Dust! And congrats to all of you. Animal babies are WONDERFUL! :D

Beautiful photos--I'd never have guessed the cow is as small as you're saying!

She's so cute! How about Bon Bon for a name. Nice and chocolatey and sweet, to boot.

Welcome lute one, and what a cutie she is! She is a wonderful color. I remember when Houdini was born and I think you're right - the new baby looks like he did when he was little. Congrats to all of you!

Congrats on the new life. It's always an amazing thing to watch the new babies expore the new world and discover all the new things it brings.

Have a great day.

How sweet! She's going to be pretty like her mama! Congrats!

There's just something so special about a new little one...no matter whether it's human, canine, feline or bovine! She's quite the little Diva (by bovine standards, of course!).

OMG..it is Minky! I love the colour! What a cutie. Glad it stayed safe from wandering critters after it was born. Do you bring it inside at night when they are this small?

Well for a first time mama, Dust seems to
have taken to her maternal duties well.

Joe wants to know how much an adult Dexter weighs, on average.

That little heifer is ADORABLE! I just want to kiss her on the nose. I love calf noses! :)

Congrats on a new HEIFER! Woo Hoo!

She's beautiful!! She looks CHOCOLATE!!! I love her! xoxo

Hi Anna! What a darling baby - such a beautiful brown color - a bit on the cocoa side, rather than chocolate. Cooler brown. Very, very pretty! I'm trying to imagine the size of these beautiful creatures - they sound absolutely tiny (for cows). I grew up in Clovis, NM so I'm used to "cattle ranching". I don't think anyone there had Dexter cattle. Just big-old guys! LOL

Congratulations!!! Give Dust a pat for me.

Looks so soft and fluffy! I hope the baby made it here with no problems.

That is one beautiful/handsome baby. Wonderful color and so happy looking. Hugs...

Welcome Little Cutie Patootie! Just look at all those "cow" licks!

Holy Cow!! Adorable! I love him/her already! Can't wait to hear the name!

Love from Corpus-

What a wonderful surprise. And he? she? looks so content. Best wishes from Berlin

Well, Hello!!!!! What a cutie.

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