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Ok I've fallen behind on your posts so while trying to catch up I noticed this post and it made me laugh. I love my tracing wheel after seeing all of your creations with yours and a few weeks ago I found a vintage one in a misc bag of stuff at an estate sale and I had to have it. Sadly when we got to the car and opened the bag to test it we discovered that the wheel doesn't spin. Oh well. It will look cute on a shelf. Love your collection. I'm still on the hunt for a vintage/working one. :)

Happy birthday, Anna! I just got this blog entry today so that is why I am LATE! SORRY! Hope it was great!

Oh, I love to make handmade calendar's with pictures on it of the previous year so that my family has scrapbooks of there grandkids. I love your blog. What a fun giveaway. Jamie

Gee...I am off to my (antique treadle machine) to search in drawers for my tracing wheel..been a long time since I have used it...everything comes back around in a new use...hence I "save" everything!!!Happy Birthday!!! My current gift is "books" I make for my family and friends, last year it was "red pepper jelly" what a hit!!!

I love creating memory books. One year I made a family recipe book and gave everyone a copy. This year I am making a digital album of our last family reunion. My husbands grandmother has alzheimers and I thought this might help trigger some memories for her. Then have I'll have it printed on Shutterfly (or wherever I can get the best price) and BAM! Christmas gifts done.

Happy Birthday, Birthday Girl!
My fav homemade gift would have to be the paper craft items I receive that emphisis my love for horses and farm critters. I just can't get enough of them!!
Enjoy your day and (((hugs)))) to the farmyard friends!

I like to make little mini scrapbooks on pictures I have taken on someones visit to our area of the world. It is something they will always have to look at and so much fun to make. By the way I hope yesterday was a terrific day for ya!

OMGoodness, I have some tools called "pounce wheels" that look just like that top right wheel, also very sharp :)

I like to make and give handmade mini books. What a great week of birthday celebrations.

Happy Birthday Anna!

My favorite homemade gift is baby blankets. Ever since I learned to crochet, this has been one of my favorite things to do.

I love giving all the homemade jams that I make from all the fruit I harvest from the trees in my yard. Apples, pears, plums mmmmm good.

i'll have to keep a look out for some of those vintage tools. love them! I like giving food, bread, cookies, cakes and slices :)

I love your blog! Not only the wonderful ideas that you come up with but I love to read about you life on the farm. Thanks for sharing your life with us.

Celebrating the day you were born! How very special, Anna! You were put here to make people smile. You sure do a great job!


My fave gift is to make candy, cookies, or other food item cute and surprise someone for no reason other than to show love.

Hope you had a great birthday week.
My favorite handmade gift is the cross-stitch Christmas stockings I have made for my favorite kiddos. My neice still uses hers and she is 22. lately, it's been cards and jars of home-made strawberry jam.

You've motivated me to get out my tracing wheel and apply it to paper. Love your collection. My favorite gift to give is anything handmade, card sets being my favorite. Happy Birthday week!

I love your collection of antique tracing wheels, Anna! My favorite homemade gift to give other than a handmade card is homemade applebutter. I make it most holidays and give to people I work with. Some save their canning jar and give it back to me each year to fill again. It's a fun tradition.

I think my favorite homemade gift item is to make homemade cookies and goodies and then creating a fun container and card to go along with them.

Happy Birth-day and a happy day every day. I enjoy making handmade card sets placed in decorative handmade bags/boxes to fit the occasion. Sometimes I'd include homemade cookies, bread or candies. My gfs love receiving these and many times even special order some to give to others. I definitely make use of all my supplies.

I love to give scrapbooks that I have made simple pages up with a few embellishments on each page - ready to fill with the recipients pictures of choice. I also like to give a grouping of cards, sometimes the same design, sometimes very different.

Birthday blessings to you, you very talented lady!

Well it's been a blast celebrating your BDay with you. You favorite tool is really cool (hey I'm a poet and didn't know it!) UGH!! - Seriously that one does look like a weapon of some kind but I love what you do with them.
My favorite Handmade gift would have to be a card. I'm not much into other crafts - can't sew worth a diddly (whatever that is)don't knit, crochet or draw so card making is my kind of crafting.

My favorite thing to give is handmade holiday ornaments. I try to come up with a new design each year. Lately they've been paper ornaments, but in the past I've also made angels out of pinecones and added lots of glitter to sand dollars.

Happy Birthday!

My favorite handmade gift would be cards. Boxed up with a nice bow.

You really know how to throw a party Anna!

I hope you have a huge, happy birthday!!
I love to receive anything that people have put some thought into. lol :o)

Happy Birthday to you today!

My favorite handmade gift would be cookies. If it's a baby gift, then designer burpcloths that I make.

Thanks for a chance to win.

Hi Anna! I don't know - to be honest - what I would consider my favorite hand-made gift item. As I think back over the years, it seems like I've given lots of cross-stitched ornaments for the Christmas tree. Sadly, I don't cross stitch any longer but the tags you posted (next post) done in holiday theme might make a fun substitute!

I am delighted with your tracing wheels - how fun! AND HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!!!!


I love to give away handmade cards, covered notebooks, and baked goodies. I love making those things, and they are always appreciated!

I have one of those tracing wheels somewhere but I never remember to use it. First I have to find it. Thanks for the reminder. I love to make pieces of altered art for my friends and family. I also like to alter wedding invitations and of course all is given with a handmade card.

Happy Birthday! I hope you have had a wonderful week! My favorite home made gifts are cards and food!

I love to give away platters of Christmas cookies with a handstamped card or tag. Another fave would be my canned salsa or jams. My mom prefers a box of handstamped cards!!! Happy Birthday Anna!

I love giving away home made goodies!!! Who doesn't love home made cookies or swedish nuts or anything else homemade???? Gotta love a sweet!!!!!

Happy Birthday again! Hope you have a wonderful day and get lots of presents! And cake! :D
My hands down favorite home made present to give is decorated wooden letters. I make them for new baby gifts- spelling out the baby's name. I paint the letters, then cover the front with patterned paper and decorate with handmade paper flowers (for the girls), stamped images, ribbons, buttons, glitter etc. I have a few posted on my blog- snowmominks.blogspot.com - if you want to take a peek. I've also made some spelling out the different seasons.
So much fun and everyone loves them.

What a great idea! I have one of those in my sewing box. It rarely gets used. HHMM I think I know where it's new home will be. I'm a decorative painter also so when I give special gifts, it's usually a painted treasure.

I LOVE these tags!!
Homemade bread is what I love to give away best!

Happy Birthday again. What a fun week it has been. In case you didn't know, you can get tracing wheels that are smooth so they would just leave an indented line. As for gift giving, my favorite is making calendars. I make them for my kids and stamping friends. I am working on them now. Thanks again for a fun week and hope you have a great weekend.

I love the tracing trails on all your cards! My favourite gift to give is a handmade notepad and matching beaded pen. They're fun to make and everyone likes them!

I've always wondered how you made those neat faux stitching lines!!! My favorite handmade item to make is a calendar. I love creating an overall theme and then finding images that represent each month. The recipients always love them too! Happy Birthday week ;) Enjoy your celebration and this fabulous weather!!!!

Thanks for the great giveaway. Happy birthday. My favorite gift is definitely an altered item, like a journal.

Love the little snowman.... makes me wish for snow. My favorite handmade gift is the post-it note holders. Thanks for the chance to win blog candy! Suzy Gloth

That is a really cool tool that I never thought of to try!! I will be getting mine out and giving it a whirl! Thanks!! I think my favorite gift to give is a set of handmade cards. I like to coordinate everything including the wrap with the card set! Everything must match! Too fun! Besides, it gives me an excuse to stamp and create!!

Happy Birthday Anna!!! Enjoy your day!!! My favorite handmade gift to give is cards. I also had fun making X-mas ornaments one year...

Your faux stitching convinced me to find one of these little tools a while back. I don't remember to use it as often as I would like, but you've reminded me, again!
My favorite handmade gift was the pillar candles I stamped on a few years ago for my nearest and dearest. Very popular and so much fun to make. All dressed up with a pretty dish, cellophane, ribbon and a stamped card to match the candle, they were my best, yet. I can't get through a holiday season without sending everyone their pound of fudge, too, and at container of Christmas Mix. You know the kind, but mine has no Chex in it! Oh, and Happy Birthday to you!

Happy Birthday to you:)
I follow your blog and real all your posts, but forget sometimes to leave comments.
I love your photos from the farm and also your stamps and creations:)
My favourite handmade thing to give away is homemade cookies, packed in cellofane bags and decorated with cute tags(also handmade)!
Thanks for the chance to win the proze and I hope your birthday brings lots of joy, laughter and presents for you!
Big hugs from Kristin in Norway

Happy Happy Birthday my friend!!!! I hope you have an amazing day!!! I am sure that Alan will make it special.
It is great to see your projects! I love that you do the thinking for me! *grin*
Best wishes to you,

p.s. my favorite handmade gift to give is food!!!! Something with chocolate, I am thinking! Hugs...............

HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY Birthday to Anna.
Sure wish I lived close enough to have you pop over for cake and coffee ! :)
Hmmm, my favorite handmade gift to give? I do alot. Especially when money is tight but more so because I can add some extra love in the gift that way. I just sent embroidered pillow cases to a cousin, she loved them. All new babies have been recieving tied fleece blankets. Baked goods are always a hit. Oh, almost forgot the sets of hand made cards in decorative tins/boxes.
Congrats Kelly. And Thanks for one more chance to win some really fun stuff.
Big Hugs...

I see that it's your birthday...so happy birthday!! My favorite homemade item to give away is homemade cards... I love every holiday and make cards to send out for every one of them. I'm usually ahead...my christmas cards are done and I'm working on Valentine's!!!

Happy blogaversary :) I love coming to see your crafty goodness, and my son loves Bad Boxcar Betty & Tiny Tim. He only crows like Tiny Tim now, btw :)
My favourite crafty gift to give is a tie - card sets, and ornaments. I make quilled ornaments every year but this year I'm also playing around with rolled tissue-paper flower balls (takes as long to make as to say, lol). Thanks for the chance to win!

Happy Birthday Anna ~~~!! :)

My fav hand-made gift to give is a collection of tags ~ I always try to have a set on hand for hostess gifts, last minute b'days etc.

Thanks for the tip with the tracing wheel =)

Happy Birthday, Anna! I love that you are celebrating more than once! That's how I like to do it too. My favorite handmade gift to give are paper bag scrapbooks. They are so much fun to make and everybody seems to love them!
Kasie Hamman
Flagstaff, AZ

Happy Birthday! Love your collection of tracing wheels. I have a few myself that I've used over the years, but no unusual ones like yours. This is a terrific group of things for this candy offering. My favorite thing to give is homemade coffee, tea or chocolate mixes in a decorated container. Lately I've been looking for some small sewing ideas to give as gifts. I love the do that, too.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! My favorite is mini albums for baby gifts... I love to put together a year long (undated) 9x9 or 8x8 album to give at a shower, especially to moms that don't scrapbook. Most of the time my gifts to family include photos on them!

My favorite handmade gifts are handmade cards, most everyone can use them and they are loved when given as a gift.

Happy Birthday!!! My favorite gift to give is homemade cookies along with a handmade card, of course!!!

Cindy C.
[email protected]

Finally it's your birthday, so enjoy your day, and a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you Anna :-) Of course I want to join your last blogcandy draw too! My favourite handmade item to give away is scrapbooking albums, because that is a very personal and treasured gift ;-) And I love to give away handmade and personalized cards for family and friends :-)

I love your wheels, Anna! Personally, not being particularly crafty, I only have photos to give as gifts, and yes, I love making photo calendars as those are always well-received. I saw my first one way way back a few decades ago. My aunt had made one for my Gramma. I was so jealous! I wanted one, too. I make them for my mom every year and made one for one of my sisters-in-law last Christmas. btw, what is a candy kabob?

YAY, Kelly!! I forgot about those amazing little sponge daubers and I do have a few. I have had the fun privilege of personally meeting Kelly and choosing her gift in a gift swap. It sits on top of my little black craft cabinet and features your (Anna) primitive bird!! Your life features so many fun collections, Anna, and these cute little tools are just another.

My favorite handmade gift is something in a jar (mainly jam or maple syrup) I am always on the lookout for 4 or 6 inch lace doilies as toppers (my dear MIL always returns the empty jar to me complete with lace doily to reuse). I like ecru best and I wind some 1/16" thick kraft twine through that, tie in a bow and embellish. The maple syrup and strawberry jam lend particularly well to a rustic color scheme and tag. For the kids, nothing beats a candy kabob wrapped in clear cello and again, embellished as you wish(something simple as it gets quickly demolished in the quest for the kabob!!) Kids love 'em from 2-102(providing you still have your teeth!!).

Your 29 Again set made me grin. In looking through the WS site yesterday, I found this cutie: "I'm not 40 something. I'm 39.95 plus shipping and handling". I have graduated to that category now, SIGH!! On the happier side--your birthday!! Hope it is all that...


My favorite gift to give is baked goodies. I just made a pumpkin gingerbread recipe that is to die for!! I think I'll be giving that away as Christmas gifts this year - little mini loaves wrapped in pretty celophane and a festive bow. Easy peasy and yummy!!!!! :)

I love giving photo notecards or knitted items; homespun yarn is also fun to give other knitters.

My favorite handmade gift is homemade salsa - of course the jar is decorated with a handmade tag & other goodies!

I hope you've had a wonderful birthday week!

Chris Pierson

Here's to a most wonderful birthday! Love the peek at that darling snowman. They are so much fun, but the stamps are much warmer than the real ones. Your collection of tracing wheels is really neat. Must try your little trick with them. I love making aprons for gifts - something personalized to fit someone's kitchen or a holiday. Again, happy, happy b-day. Hugs.

Oh my gosh I have one of those lil tools in my pottery kit, I never thought to use it on cards! Thanks for tip!!

I like to give away the pots or mugs I make along with my home made card, I love how people react when they receive it, always so amazed that I “actually” made them “ *grin* ” <- love how you do that :)

Happy Birthday, Thank you for all the chances to win some goodies!!

WAHOOOOOOOO for birthdays!! I'm so glad you are letting all of us help you celebrate. I always include a hand made card but for gifts, I'd say my favorite are 'name frames'. I use my paper supplies and find the perfect sized frame to create a personalized baby or wedding gift. They are so fun and the recipients seem to really like them.

Wow, you have been having an awesome b-day celebration on your blog! Happy, happy birthday to you! My favorite gift(s) to give are baked goods and sets of cards. I love packaging them up all festive and pretty!

Happy Birthday! I love to give handmade sets, altered items and love to make candles. Thanks so much for letting me play along in the celebration.

Last year for Christmas, I used my digital scrapbooking software to make calendars and everyone loved them. My Dad has his in his office at work and he told me that he never has to remember to change it over to the next month. The ladies who work for him can't wait to see the next month, so they go in and change it for him at the beginning of each month.

Happy-Happy Birthday! My favorite hand made gift to give is some of my heirloom stitching and ribbon embroidery with a hand made card, of course.

Happy Birthday, Anna! I actually love to give handcolored stamped images...either on a card or framed. It's fun to choose a stamp to match someone's personality. Hope you have a wonderful birthday!

I love making home decor items that a person can display in their house. Now if they actually do that I may never know.

I might have to start a collection of those amazing tools. I love just looking at them! My favorite gift to give is a set of handmade cards. I think they're generally really appreciated!

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