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One of my favorite organizational tools in my craft room are a couple of drawer units I purchased at IKEA. The drawers are the perfect depth to store lots of stamps so that I can see them all when I pull the drawer open. I'm hoping to get a couple more soon as my stamp supplies seem to keep growing!! Thank you for the opportunity to win! I really enjoy your blog and especially enjoy a look at your farm. I live on a farm as well and can relate to many of your fun stories!

I love the 14x14 3 drawer plastic totes. I've found the cheapest place to buy them is Target. Anther favorite for me is jars for buttons, any type of glass jar. It's great for storage but also looks like a decoration too :)

Clear Ziplock containers. . . but wow so many other woderful ideas.

I am in the process of moving, so I am all excited about getting all my craft things organized.....I just hope that I can follow through with the plan--haha I love shelves and baskets, pretty jars, old cups, pretty boxes. Pretty much anything that looks good and will hold stuff.

LOL!! Organized....what a concept. I keep trying and trying to get there. I have an old wood door as my work surface with two file cabinets underneath where all my cardstock is stored. Just got a nuts/bolts rack with little drawers that I'm in the process of putting my little stuff in..buttons, brads, etc so its contained and in view. Otherwise I like baskets and tins filled with like items.

When my son purchased his house and moved out, I quickly turned his room into my craft room. I had beautiful cabinets made to hold my stamps and having a closet to devote to the rest of my goodies has really helped. When I'm not in the middle of making something, it's actually a very pretty room! I garden and love bees, so I hope I win your set! Happy Birthday!! :)

If I can't see it....I can't find it...I can't use it!!! I am a fan of glass jars, open baskets and generally just visible supplies.

I have a hutch that my daughter-in-law decided that she did not want...lucky me! It has storage containers full of supplies that are within reach of my work table.

Organized? What's that? Closest thing to organization is my Longaberger baskets full of punches!

I love the bee set! Would bee so cool to win it!

I love jars of things! Love to store things in old Ball jars where I can see the contents. Buttons, beads, paper flowers, oh my!

Love this set and your card is so cute! My best way to stay organized is a couple of bookshelves with open baskets on it. If I can't see something I forget I have it.

I love your bee card! The bee set is too cute! I find it difficult to stay organized. I like to use clear storage like plastic shoe boxes or the rolling drawer cart.

I love putting buttons and trinkets in mason jars for storage. They're easy to shelf and very cute.

My favorite storage method of late is using my 250ml canning jars to store all of my embellishments. I have rows and rows on my shelves. The variety of colors, textures and sparkle are food for the soul. Eveytime I go into my stamp room they make me smile. I love your stamp set the bee's are to cute. Hugs Ann

That's a hard question!!! I just finally got my own craft room and have repurposed some old furniture. I love jars to hold things and little bowls so I can see what I have! Right now I gave all my yarn in drawers and I just love opening them up and sticking my hands in, lol!!

Happy, happy birthday!!!

As you know Anna....I'm Totally In Love with
your Adorable Little Bee's....Big Smile :)
When I Look at them, It makes me feel Happy
Inside...Wow, now i sound Like an Old Beatle
Song...Hee-Hee...But They Do:)
As for my Craft Room...We just moved, everything is upside down!!! What I Use is Old tool cabinets on wheels...I Find them at
Garage Sales...They are so wonderful for all
my Stamping needs, I have three of them, and they work fantastic!!!
I also have a Work Bench I got at Sams Club, I use it for my Craft Table...I guess when I get my craft room back in order, I'll
take pictures...Well, TTFN...Back to unpacking :)

I love to have bins & drawers to store stuff. It seems so much neater when it all has its own place!
Early happy birthday and I hope you have a wonderful week. Thanks for the chance at the blog candy!

I'm a clear glass nut. I use canning jars-old & new, any glass container that has a pretty shape or interesting feature. Lid or not, I see storage potential in every piece of clear glass I encounter!

I have an old set of juice size drink glasses that I use for my colored pencils. I was able to sort 8 different color groups with them for easier access to the colors I wanted to use.

To try to save money, I've been re-purposing containers from around the house to organize my supplies. I'm using an old loaf pan for my packaged clear stamp sets, an unused photo box for embellishments, a small wooden crate to organize my bottles of buttons & an old revolving spice rack to store my brads & other small embellies. It's practical, money saving & fun to scour the house for organizing tools! Thanks for sharing your birthday celebrations with us!
Take care

Shame on me for not visiting sooner, eek! That bee set is the cutest set ever!

I organize things in a "what do I use the most?" kind of fashion. My space is limited so must have stamps and supplies(ribbon, Stickles, adhesive, buttons, etc) are hidden in my kitchen hutch so I can get to 'em quick! Keep paper in plastic containers away from sticky fingers, hidden in closet. Christmas/holiday stamp sets...why, under my bed in a big slide out rubbermaid. Fave inks that make the cut are in my inkpad holder. Mainstays like score board and paper cutter out in open unless company comes :) Sorry, I am sure this link won't be much help for "true" organizers!

My best organizational product is the towel bars from Ikea which the punches fit so nicely on. I have three and I also purchased some of the baskets that hang off them the last time I was there and they are great for scissors, extra tools and what ever.

Love this stamp set. I just love Bees!

Happy alomost birthday!

The bees are so cute! My latest organizational tool is an old wooden cassette holder for my ribbons. It makes a nice display case. I'm always looking for cute ideas since I don't have a craft room and have things in the open.

It's almost your birthday!
Those bees are sooooo cute! My organization is always a work in progress. I am constantly trying to find ways to better organize my stuff. The one thing I just did organize is my colored pencils. They are now in little tin pails grouped by color. I really like that system and it works well for me. Most of my buttons are stored in floss organizers(the plastic ones with compartments)by color. The color buttons that I have a lot of are in round tins with see through tops. Everything else seems to just have exploded around my craft room.

I have been working on organizing my stamp room for 4 years now. LOL I have found a few things that I just LOVE for organizing. 1. Ribbon Rings - I am working on putting all my ribbons on these nice little holders that go on a metal ring. I also bought the removable wall hooks and put them on my wall. I have a hook for each color family ring. 2. Stampin' Up has new cases for cling or unmounted stamps. LOVE THEM! 3. I also use CD cases for unmounted or cling stamps. I have a tall thin CD/DVD shelving unit from IKEA that holds a LOT of cases. :D Thanks for the chance to win another super prize pack (love the bees!).

I hang all my punches from curtain rods. They work great. I also have all my paper in plastic file boxes each color with its individual folder. I also organize my scraps. I LOVE ORGANIZING!!! Thanks for the chance.

I think I spend more time organizing than I do crafting, but yet I'm still needing more organization! I want to see PICTURES of all these ladies solutions! I am blessed to have a brother in law who is a surgeon by day and a very talented carpenter by night who built me a beautiful craft armoire from Butternut wood. It has alternating 81/2 x 11 and 12x12 cubbies with drawers, shelves and a worktable that folds down so you can close the beautiful louvered doors, hiding all your stacks & stacks of papers. Yet that is still not enough. So now I've gone to Container Store and invested in Elfa Shelving that I'm putting in the closet in that room, and I can tell already it still won't be enough storage.....

Cute card!
everything has its place. I have found an old dresser and a tall cabinate at rummage sales,painted them up to make use of their space and organize things in them.
happy birthday to you on the 7th. I hope i win me some blog candy tomorrow, as it is MY birhday!!! whoo hooo!

I use a Pampered Chef tool turnabout for my most frequently used items like: scissors, pens, crop-a-dile, craft knife, paint brushes, etc. I also use small baskets on my desk for my nestabilities, envelopes and embossing folders.

Organizing for me is an endless project for me. I have bins that are labeled and then put on a shelf in my closet.

Have a great birthday! Thanks for a chance to win some goodies.

Another winner, Anna! I think this may be my favorite cling set of yours. It fulfills my daily "aw" quota. :)

I Love this bee set! I really need it. LOL! anyway.. I'm pretty anal and organized. I put all of my clear stamps that are in CD cases in an old CD tower that I have. I write the name of the stamp set and organize by mfg. I love that I can spin it around and find what I want. I also put magnetic sheets inside CD cases and store all of my Spellbinders nestabilities products in the tower. That is just a small example for you.

Organization is what you have when you get together with a bunch of local music buffs for an afternoon of fun and relaxation...and maybe a glass of wine?..... Piles everywhere?.....not a good thing to consider when stamping....or fishing for that matter... Love, Dad

I adore that little bee, so cute. I organize everything in my room by color. For example, all yellow buttons are together, all yellow paper is together etc. I use a lot of the plastic jars and paper holders that you can get with a coupon at Michael's. Helps keep the cost down. I go through my paper and ribbon (these are the things I have the most of) every quarter so my space does not get overwhelming. Happy Birthday again.

I found a way to organize that also helps my decore and inspiration. I have taken all my ribbon and wound it on spool clothes pins. I put them into the old fashion candy jars on a shelf according to color. All the pinks in one, blues in another and so on. I also have done the same with my buttons, but in much smaller jars. I love looking at the pretty colors.

I've learned the hard way that standardizing the boxes I use makes the best use of my space. I use photo boxes from Michaels and CD boxes from IKEA for most of my storage. Everything from 6x6 paper to bling to Stamps in CD cases all fit in one or the other and they are very reasonably priced. I also keep my boxes neutral; black, chocolate, kraft or white, so my decorative items really shine. My shelving is restaurant kitchen style metal shelving which makes stuff really easy to find. If anything falls behind something else, I can peek under the shelves and see through the wire to see where it went. I store my ribbon in glass jars wrapped with twist ties. It holds the ribbon securely without creasing it and doesn't take up any room like wooden clothes pins.

Organize? Haha I have piles everywhere. I'm definitely not organized and wish I could be. I have hardly any crafting space (aka the kitchen) and tons of stuff. I'd love one of those scrapboxes though. That would really help. Otherwise, I just try my best to keep same things together.

Well, when I have time to organize, I love my magpie storage cubes. I use them for my beloved copics, organized by color for easy selection. The rest of my room is a work in progress! I am a very disorganized crafter, my desk looks like a tornado went through after I get done a card or project. Love the bee card!

I love to see all the beautiful colors of my craft items whenever possible. So, I invested in some Ball jars, a short and chubby size to organize all of my buttons (and I have thousands - maybe millions). They look so pretty on a shelf in all their colorful beauty - organized by color of course!!

Happy Birthday-week again! Wow, what a lovely candy, of course I want to join it ;-) My favourite way to organize is to put unmounted- and clearstamps in empty cd-covers. I organize them in a big cd-shelf, and put text-stickers which tell the content at the end of the cd-covers. It's an easy way to find the stamps I need, and keep it tidy :-)))

Love the card! So cute!
As for organization, I'm a never-ending work in progress. My prized buttons are in those little Ikea jars by color. I even have them divided by shades of different colors. I have two different yellow jars, two different orange, three greens, etc. I love Ikea for organizational ideas. I have the pucnches on Bygel bars, glitters and such in hanging baskets from the bars. I have lots in baskets and boxes too. Enough about that. Happy birthday week!

Very cute and charming card. That Bee just makes me smile.
Oh Gosh, "Organization" is not my forte...I try but it seems everytime I clean my stamp room it just gets messy as soon as I start another project. It's a never ending cycle, clean, mess up, clean, mess up and repeat again!

Organize! Me organized !!! Well at least I am trying. :) I have my markers, pens, scissors etc. in a Pampered Chef tool carosaul(sp?) My ribbons are in those pretty photo boxs. I am currently looking for a shoe caddy to hang on a door to store my punches.
Today's prize set is my ALL Time FAVORITE Anna Wight set. I just love the cards you have done with this adorable bee. I really want it. So if I do not get LUCKY- I am going to have to buy it, soon.

LOVE the card!! My cousin keeps bees...my favorite organization tool is my lazy susan tool keeper. I think it was orignally from Pampmered Chef. I keep my different scissors, straight edge, & favorite markers in it. So easy to grab when I need something & easy to put them away right away! Happy Birthday week to you! I love your blog & check in every day!

Ah...more blessings by Anna!! Love your "Bee-lieve in a Cure" set and card and will get it regardless of how!! (the set not the card, Ha, Ha!! No plans here to break into your house!!) I LOVE having a pretty place to tuck things away regardless of whether they are in it or not!! I had the great privilege to design my own space a couple of years ago and found 2 perfect shelving/drawer units with label tabs on the drawers. They had slip in shelves that could be arranged vertically or horizontally and were perfect to hold all my papers. Leaving some of the shelves out created a box space for my stamp sets to be set into. Between the two units was space enough to make a custom roll top desk with all the things I needed at my fingertips (inks, scor pal, pencils, scissors, glue). When I have a work in progress and want things to look neat, I just pull down the roll top. My fave tho are the 3 strips of adhesive magnet strip that run down the end of one unit (facing the wall and outta sight until I peek around the end) that hold all my nestabilities at a glance. Thanks Anna for your blog, your inspiration and your generosity; you have already given us all a gift!

OMGosh! This card is so bright and cheery! Happy Birthday to YOU! I like to try to keep my papers by colors, stamps my company and I love baskets and draws. Thanks for a chance.

I love the little bees, they are so cute!!! One of my favorite storage places are my CD cabinets that I've paid $20 for. They hold CD cases that are filled with my unmounted stamps, Nestabilities, etc..... I use my label maker and put the names of sets on the end of the CD's so they are easy to find and also keep make a copy of the stamps in the CD case so I can see at a glance what is in the case.

I have the "cabinets" from Target, and one of those cube bookcases. Everything has it's place and you can't see it, so the room always looks organized. I even have a matching filing cabinet for my cardstock.

My favorite way to get organized is to first make a few cards so my work table gets messy. Then I put each and every item back in it's designated place. I know - I'm sick. Sometimes I find the act of organizing the most fulfilling. It's funny how such insignificant acts can be so cathartic.

IKEA is my favorite place for my craft room supplies. The drawers and shelves work so well and are inexpensive. I use some things from the kitchen area of the store for storage as well as the office area.

I use alot of baskets!! They are easily stored on my shelves and I can look into them quickly when I am looking for something.

Love your bee card & that set is wonderful. Organization!%& I try - mostly with clear plastic boxes, a big bookshelf, drawers - you name it. I also really like the revolving doodad container from Michaels that a good friend gave to me -it holds my colored pencils, scissors & assorted stuff! Thanks for the fun giveaways.

LOVE the card!!!!!

I organize with Baskets...Lots of baskets!

I like to organize things in little cabinets and drawers and shelves. But right now, apparently my favorite way is horizontal across my whole stamp desk *sigh*

I really try to be organized but Im not I use some jars and such to hold buttons and ribbon my stamps are in wicker baskets on a shelf and I have my paper laying on a shelf Inks are stacked on my desk, all in a messy sort of way, BUT I can always find what Im looking for =).... Love the Bee stamp we have an apiary .....=)

Organization!! I'm a plastic shoe box gal. Like everything labeled and try to keep things on shelves. I have big plastic file boxes for paper. Use Longaberger baskets for things like scissors and some punches.

Good question, Anna! I still need a lot of help in the organizing department, but one thing that has really worked for me is using file boxes with file folders to organize my cardstock scraps. I waste so much less paper now that my scraps are organized by color. I use up lots of the smaller pieces before cutting into new sheets.

This card is darling. I have an old metal shelving unit I got out of gran's appartment. It's got shelves and pockets on the door. Love it, I keep it full of baskets with different things in it. Glitter in one paint etc..etc.. It's fun & I am ordering a decal of an owl for it.

Oh my goodness, this is a sore subject with me because nothing is organized except for my cardstock. So I need help badly in this department. Can't wait to read other comments to get some ideas.

What a precious card, Anna! My work desk has a large enough counter to hold two full SU ink caddy's for all my SU inks as well as my full set of Adirondacks. My paint brushes, scissors, markers, etc are in a turn style organizer on my desk. I have drawers going down both sides of my work area that I keep all things that I use constantly. With all my inks, brushes, and necessary supplies close at hand I can work on my projects and have everything that I need within an arms reach.

See what happens when I don't check ya out a couple days.... you give goodies! :) I have a birthday this month too... the 27th to be exact! So happy birthday to us! I love the expedia shelves! and I recently purchased 16 of the white organizer pieces that Michael's carry... so that when my room is completed, I'll have SO much room, all organized! I can't wait to fill them up!

Hi Anna,
My favorite organization tool is hanging my stamps and flat embellishments (like stickers) on the wall. I saw those wall organizers online but couldn't afford to buy them so I took a small gadge chain I have and wired small binder clips to it. Once all the binder clips were in place, I nailed the chain to the wall and hung all of my stamp sets and flat embellishments. Everything is close at hand and easy to find!

I like to put things in boxes and baskets....Of course, I have boxes and baskets all over the place!!! (Just until my closet is finished!!) I enjoy looking at everything that way!

I don't really have a "craft" area, but I do love the big plastic bins to keep my roving and yarn in. I like seeing others' yarn out in the open on shelves and such, but my house is much too dusty for that!

Darling card, Anna! Organizing is an ongoing chore in my crafty place. I find I have good luck using baskets for many of my card making supplies. They look nice and are easy to see and to access.

My favorite (it must be my favorite since it's all I ever do) is to drop whatever tool/paper/adhesive, I am using as soon as I've used it and then spend fifteen minutes looking for it. When I'm done with the card, I try to get things out of the path of the Labrador...;)

How generous of you Anna! I am just now moving into a new art room. I am organizing like things together. I have stored my ribbons in huge pickle jars, and some are still on rolls. My buttons are in these cute little jelly jars by color. Clear/unmounted stamps are in cd cases in a rack on the wall, my single wood mounted stamps are on narrow shelves on the wall so I can see what I have, plus they're part of the decor of the room. My fabric is by color on open shelves so that I can see what I have and be inspired by what I see. My painting supplies are all together in cabinets.

I like your cheery bee card! umm, organized? Let's accentuate the positives....I have a 4-shelf Jetmax for scraps (R/O/Y, G/B/P, neutrals, cutters), Iris boxes for papers and stamps for each holiday, a plastic box for ribbons wound on clothes pins, binder for clear stamps. The rest is more like organized chaos. I know where it is, but other people think it's a mess. lol

What a happy card--so cute how you made the little ribbon to go on the bee!

As far as organization, my craft area is a mess. I keep hoping someday I'll win a craft-area intervention on a tv show, but so far no one's lurking in Hobby Lobby to offer me one--all they seem to do on tv lately are yard makeovers, ha ha!

I have bookcases from Target & also use the stacked plastic drawers on rollers. I use my kids' clear plastic gummy-bear vitamin jars to hold beads, etc.--can glue things on lid to make 'em cuter. A great purchase (eBay) was a wooden shelf thingy made specifically for inkpads--sits on my craft table. :)

Love the bright yellow in the card. I have a small area of our dining room for my stamping so I have to organize. I bought some of the wire storage cubes and have my paper stored there in magazine files and most of my stamps in plastic bins. I've unmounted most of the wood mounted ones to save space. The rest of the supplies are in Iris carts with drawers so I can find things pretty easily. Wish I had a dedicated stamping space!

I like to say that organization stifles creativity!! *giggle* That's probably because I am so NOT organized. I always have good intentions and buy many things that should make it easy but, alas, it doesn't happen.
I do like those small, three drawer sterilite organizers though!! They stack great and are just the right size.
I love the message of this stamp set. My aunt is a breast cancer survivor and this is now on my 'must have' list.
Have a super day!

Congratulations, Janet!
Oh, this set would be so neat to have. Breast cancer has really affected my family, and your set is just precious!
One of the things I use is a table top "shoe organizer". I think I got it at Target. It has lots of little cubbies for all sorts of things...I put the items in Tupperware or other containers, and "plug them" right into their little cubbie hole. I have glitter, flowers, buttons, rubons, stickles, just lots of things in each of the cubbies. Another thing I love is my art bin drawers that I got from an art supply store. They fit under my 6' tables (barely!) and I put stamps and many other things in the drawers, and label them on the front. I think I have 6 or 7 of those, and I LOVE them!
Thanks again for the chance to win! :D

Have the plastic shoe boxes that hold eyelets, primas, brads, etc. I love the revolving Pampered Chef tool holder-sets on my desk and holds scissors, pencils, rulers, bone folder, etc. and just about my most used tool-my paper piercer-handy for so many things. Have other containers from either Wal-Mart or the $ store for the rest of the "stuff".

To store my punches, I have 4 cafe curtain rods attached to the wall in my crafting room. They are out of the way, but always visible. I tend to "forget" about things if they aren't somewhere I see them all the time. Once again, great blog candy! Thanks for the chance to win it.


I'm slowly working on getting my organization the way I would like-I really want to be able to see what I have. Now since I stamp in my dining room all my stuff is in drawers and rolling carts and it is really frustrating having to search for a stamp set. I do have all my sets cataloged in a binder which is wonderful. I also keep ideas for specific sets with them in the binder. Happy Birthday Week! Thanks!

Anna, this bee set is SO CUTE! Love it and the cute little card that you made with it!


oh my gosh, that is such a cute little card! the bee has me smiling!

I love to use fun holders for my craft things - old mason jars for vintage buttons, baskets for my shimmerz paint pots, a gardening basket holds markers and paint brushes, a tiered wire centerpiece collects foam tape, brayer, glue dots, glue bottles, and other essentials, and the list goes on. but then you have the stacking drawers that hold all of my other little embellies.

Oh my--I have such a small space, but I give everything a home, and "try" to return them after each crafting session. My favorite organizer is the Clip-It for all my embellishments and many of my clear stamp sets. Being able to see them and having them close at hand is just great. Thanks for the chance to win some goodies.

I to was wondering if this was a trick question since i too(like the commenters before me) don't like to organize. I have my wooden mounted stamps in plastic boxes, foam stamps in three ring binders and punches in bags and boxes..papers on drawers.
Anna love your stamps, love your blog thanks for the candy.

Unfortunately,I am not very organized with my craft stuff. I have an antique cabinet with some pullout shelves/drawers. The ability to pull out the shelves is so nice so you can see everything that is on it. It is beautiful and fun, but has gotten to be pretty disorganized of late. Thanks for another chance to win some AWESOME stuff!!!

Hmm... I {heart} to organize, but somehow my crat area is always a disaster!!!!! I do love my Pampered Chef tool carousel thingy that holds all my scissors, pens, and small tools and keeps them from getting lost in all my other "organization"!!!
(p.S. Happy birthday again!)

My husband built me shelves in the closet of my craft room and they are awesome. On the left side are my many wood block stamps in plastic cases and they are stacked on their side and labeled. Then on the right side are many many plastic drawers and boxes for other stamps and accessories. Besides my shelves, my favorite thing is a rolling set of drawers I bought last year from IKEA. It has 6 large drawers and I can wheel it over to my desk whenever I am ready for it. Until then, it is tucked in the corner. Thanks for offering all of the goodies! Have a great week! ~ Melissa T

Organize?? Have you seen my studio??? LOL

I second what Sally has to say - can you please define "organization"! LOL! I try to be organized, labeling drawers for items like punches, adhesive, brads, scrap papers,etc. My stamps are pretty much all over - some in drawers, some in shelves, some on a CD rack. Works OKAY - really need to pare down supplies though, but that's so hard to do!

Hi, Anna. I keep my punches on a curtain rod hung above my work area. I keep my ribbon on a dowl above that. My paper is in folders with a 1/2 inch dot of the color on the file folder. My buttons are in baby food jars on a shelf above my work area. My stamp sets are organized by what they are: flowers, critters, backgrounds, sayings, etc. Thanks for letting us celebrate your birthday with you! Happy Day. Suzy Gloth

Are crafters supposed to be organized??? I continue to search for the "perfect" organization. Right now I have things in Steralite tubs, canning jars, photo boxes, and magazine file holders. Thanks for offering all the goodies and love for your birthday!

Organization... whats that!
Ok, so I'm not the most organized person, but I like to keep my buttons in small baby food jars all lined up on a shelf. looks pretty and colors are within reach.
Love the bee card, may have to reconsider my dislike of bees...

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