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Happy Birthday to YOU! WOW!!!! You know how to celebrate with all this fun goodies. I just love your card and that bear is just adorable. I love purple tulips. I just think they are so pretty, but sad that they don't last very long. Thanks for a chance.

Happy Happy Birthday to you.... a few days early. :-) I am sure that all the animals on the farm shall make sure you get tons of goodies and hugs and wet kisses!!!!
I have to say that my favorite flower is the Calla Lily. They are so beautiful. I was in Venice at the Rialto market years ago and saw a beautiful display of them!!! WOW!! I fell in love then and there.
I hope you have a wonderful week. You are the best!!!

Roses! My middle name is Rose, my mother's middle name is Rose, my daughter's middle name is Rose, and we were all named after a favorite Aunt Rose!

Happy birthday Anna!!! My favorite flower is the daisy, I really like the white one with yellow in the middle, but the gerbra daisy are nice too! Why its my favorite Im not sure,Im guessing its because growing up there was always plenty of them growing in the feild next to my house and I remember picking them and playing the he loves me game with them..

Happy Birthday!! Thanks for the opportunity to win some goodies. My favorite flowers (at least right now) are dahlias. I love them because they have so many different varieties and they bloom up to the first frost of winter. It's great to have flowers in October (at least here in the PNW).

Thanks Anna! My favorite flower is the daisy because they are so happy! They just make me smile when I see them. Have a great week! ~Melissa T.

How fun! I love it when you have a birthday. :) I didn't get a chance to comment on yesterday's post, but I want to say that your baby cling set is one of my favorites. Do you know why? I remember this bear card. I think I commented on how cute it was when you made it. I love the designer paper you used and, of course, your amazing coloring. My favorite flower is a daffodil or calla lily in the spring, a poppy in the summer, and those orange things that are blooming right now in the fall (I can never remember their name). How's that for cheating?!

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