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If I had to pin it down to one, my major source of inspiration is from crafting friends in the papercrafts groups I belong to.

I'm a bit of a butterfly and get my inspiration from here and there and everywhere.

Three of my fave blogs are http://www.amazingpapergrace.com/

Magazine wise, my fave is one that is sent from the UK - Craft Stamper.

Happy Birthday and thanks so much for inviting us to join in the celebrations.

Happy Birthday, thank you for all your "presents" you give to us, all the pictures of the "chickies" and "ani-muls", I love all nature so I love your blog. Hope your day will be full of whatever you want to do!! Happy Birthday to you!!!
Inspiration??? (I almost forgot) I love it all, blogs, "stock photos" Photo contests, I find something everywhere!!! I love Papertrey and the gals, Nichole and Heather, Mish and Dawn, Melissa, oh geez...all of them anyway..thanks again for all your inspiration!!!

First of all I send you Birthday Wishes! To answer your question about inspiration is YOU little missy! My only other is Leigh OBrien at Sunflower studio. You girls are all I need to get a jump start! Thanks for sharing all your talents! Since I have met you, I know you are a geniune, generous and kind heart. That makes it all the sweeter to wish you the best birthday you have ever had!! Treat her special Alan, you know she is a keeper!!

Happy Early B-day

I get insperation from everywhere, blogs, magazines, the net, my family. There is insperation everywhere....if you are looking.

Thanks Anna! I get my inspiration from blog hopping and Splitcoast. I am not a blogger myself, but enjoy looking at the samples given by others. Hope you have a great week! ~Melissa T.

Happy Birthday to youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!

My inspirations come from blog hopping with my morning coffee. I try to participate in many challenges to help get the MoJo jump started!!

Happy early birthday, Anna! My favorite source for inspiration is blog-hopping - so many wonderful ideas out there!

Oh, I hope you get spoiled for your birthday!!! :) I get my inspiration from stamping videos or from our local stamping group!

Happy Pre-Birthday! Hope you have some fun things planned for the big day! I get inspired by the blogs I visit, looking through catalogs, fabric, etc. Inspiration is everywhere. If only time for creating was so plentiful!Love your blog and creativity!

Happy early Birthday to you! I enjoy the variety of your posts! I am inspired by a bunch of creative bloggers or playing around with my supplies.

I check various blogs each morning but the place I get a lot of ideas is from the front of the Coldwater Creek catalog.

just stopping by to wish you a Happy Birthday!
To answer your question I come here to your site plus Moxie Fab World....blog hop all over!

Hi Anna,

I have a list of blogs I look at each morning - I especially enjoy all of your farm stories. I feel like I know all of your animals and your family!

I hope you have a wonderful birthday! Thanks for the chance to win some fun!!!

It is so exciting to have a birthday coming up!

The place to go for me is Splitcoast... everything you need in one place.

Oh how cool it would be to win a set of your stamps! I get inspired each and every morning by visiting all the blogs I follow like yours. I sit on the sofa with my coffee and iPad and go to all the blogs that I'm signed up to follow. By the time I'm done, I'm excited to go to my craft room and get started!

Happy early birthday! I stalk many many blogs for inspiration, including yours! I hang on to every Papercrafts mag too.

HB Anna! I get most of my inspiration from blogs and galleries....the sources are endless and I'm in awe of all the creative goodness out there!!!

Happy Birthday, Anna! You have one of those blogs that are contageous. I check your blog, then I tell my DD what is happening, she opens it at work and all of those girls in North Jersey know what you are up to. She then tells her brother and he opens it at work so the court house in Deleware sees all the antics of the farm. Lastly, I tell DH (he is a farmer at heart) when he gets home and he shares it the next day with his office. And so on, and so on, .......
You just keep us all smiling!

I also love http://www.heartprints.net/gallery/

I get alot of inspiration from YOU and on Splitcoast. I love the weekly CAS link that everyone shares their favorites!! Sherri in NC

Happy Birthday, Ana! Yours is the same day as mine; too funny! I'm getting all of my presents early this year, so I'll give you your greetings early, too!
My inspiration comes from reading my favorite blogs, including yours, and from working in my studio, looking at my stamps and designer papers. I hate to admit it, but I also dream about color combos, too, that stick with me when I wake.

I LOVE that stamp set - especially the sailboat. I'm pretty partial to SCS - it's a wonderful site and that's how I met YOU!! :)

oops.,. forgot to mention that I love to get ideas from creative blogs. I also look at SCS..

Happy Birthday Ana.. October Birthdays are the best. Mine is the 21st and I will be the big 4 0...yikes

I love looking at blogs - especially yours! Thanks for the inspiration!

Happy Birthday week, Anna! What fun blog candy! Aren;t you supposed to get the presents though?
I go to lots of places for inspiration- Splitcoaststampers, various blogs(too many to list), your blog(of course!), magazines, just about anything can inspire me.

Since I've never done this sort of thing before but am interested in winning so I can try, I guess you'd be safe in assuming that YOU are my inspiration!

Happy Birthday Week to you!

I get inspiration from blogs and galleries in SCS. I also love to go to Creative Pals--the home store for Whipper Snapper to see the awesome samples there!

Happy Birthday!
My inspiration comes from a lot of places, blogs, sketch challenges, and of course SCS.
Thanks for the chance for blog candy.
Wishing you the best,

Okay, so we get to say Happy Birthday every day for you :-) YEAH!!! I love Birthday weeks!

I find my inspiration from sketch challenges and my favorite one is Clean&Simple

Okay, so we get to say Happy Birthday every day for you :-) YEAH!!! I love Birthday weeks!

I find my inspiration from sketch challenges and my favorite one is Clean&Simple

Happy Birthday Anna! I love to surf blogs for inspiration. There's nothing better than visiting sites like yours for wonderful ideas.

Many thanks,

My main inspiration comes from the 100 plus blogs that I follow. I pick and choose an element from someone's design that I love and try to do something like that. Of course I just CASE too. I get inspired by what other people share what they have done. Thanks everyone.

Happy Birthday, Ms. Anna!

I love to surf blogs for inspiration. There's nothing better than visiting with friends and getting lots of ideas!


Holly Cow - 70+ hits! Woohooo :) Now we really know how popular you are Miss Anna.

My source of inspiration...hmmm first on my list is my favorite Blogs (ie. YOU!), Craft/Stamping Shows, as well as simple visuals around us every day.

Thanks for the chance at your *Candy*! Yum!!

Happy Bday Anna! what wonderful blog candy! I love your blog, visit everyday for inspiration and joy.

I cruise my favorite blogs for inspiration. There are so many talented people out there, that I usually don't have to look for long before I find something that inspires me. Thanks for the inspiration.

Happy B-day! I have several blogs (including yours, obviously!) that I frequent for inspiration, but I also love Splitcoast Stampers. Always something good going on there.

Happy Birthday Anna!!!
My sources of inspiration - blogs, magazines, nature... lately, I love to stand in front of the magazine rack at Barnes & Nobles and things just start popping! lol

Sending Birthday wishes!!! I am addicted to magazines. Can't wait to get a new one in my hot little hands. LOL

Happy Birthday Anna! I LOVE your Whipper Snapper designsm, thanks so much for the chance to win! My main inspirations come from splitcoast stampers, blogs, and friends.

I enjoy checking out a number of popular blogs but find myself always looking for yours and I love all of the farm info you share from Bad Boxcar Betty, what the chickens are up to, sharing in Daisy's birthday (and yours) to the dog cookie recipes. It is such a nice blend that I feel like I am hearing from a friend as well as learning about new products, techniques and ideas.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANNA......I love your blog as I like hearing what is going on at the farm. I get my inspiration from blogs and the great outdoors, love seeing all the beautiful colors of fall. I live on a farm also. Happy stamping!
Evelynn---from Ks.

I love to blog surf some of my favorite blogs for inspiration. SCS is another awesome site for inspiration. Happy early BDay and thanks for a chance to win some yummy blog candy.

Looks like a fun bunch of goodies. I go to the many blogs I read, including yours, for inspiration.

Happy early Birthday! My son's birthday is Wednesday - october babies are the best!! My inspiration comes blogs and magazines - I read them all!!

Hi soon to be (Birthday Girl). Gosh I gather inspiration from lots of places. Wonderful blogs like yours, magazine (Paper Crafts is a favorite), nature, music, and even clothing can all be inspirational when the mood hits.

Happy Birthday!!! I find so much inspiration in blogs, I check them all the time and always think "wow, why didn't I think of that!"

As so many have mentioned, I look at Split Coast and at blogs. I get so many things swimming around in my head that I often dream about cards. Your blog is eye candy that feeds both my card imagination and my love for farm animals and country scenes. I also subscribe to "Country" magazine from Rieman Publications. No ads, just anecdotes and breathtaking photography.

Happy early Birthday!!! My inspiration usually comes from the bagillion blogs and websites I have bookmarked on my computer.

My inspiration comes from checking out all the wonderful blogs. Thanks for the chance. Hugs, Nellie.

Sassy & Sweet of course. Its a daily inspiration and addiction to the farm life. Have great Birthday Anna

Happy Birtday, Oct. 7th is also my 21st wedding anniversary,

Get my stamping inspiration from tons of sites and blogs on the web, including yours. I look for color combos all over the place, shopping to catalogs to things in everyday life.

Like most everyone here I get a lot of ideas and inspiration from viewing the blogs of some very creative people that share their projects on-line. I too view a lot of blogs when I can. One of my favorites is Paperfections. Another is Mel Stampz. I also get inspiration for magazines (mostly advertising), commercial cards, nature, and cool stores (like Anthropology and Urban Outfitter). Happy birthday to you...too...almost! I hope you love having a Fall birthday. Mine is September, but I have 3 family members who have October birthdays...Fall is a beautiful time of year and October is one of the most beautiful months of Fall. Thanks for the chance to win this great blog candy.

Happy Birthday!! Thank you for celebrating by sharing with us...

Similar to other posters I get inspiration from Splitcoast Stampers and lots of great blogs (yours among them). I also try to support my local Stamp Store (Angela's Happy Stamper) and they have lots of great cards on their walls (so each to take a cell phone picture!).

Thanks again!

Happy early birthday, Anna! I get most of my inspiration from blogs...I have far too many in my feed reader though! I also love watching for color trends in magazines.

An early Happy Birthday to you Anna!! My main source of inspiration is Splitcoaststampers.com & from there I've discovered many more inspiring places, including your blog!

Happy Birthday in a few days! Thanks for sharing your goodies with someone. I get most of my inspiration from visiting blogs. I subscribe to more than I like admitting, so I have lots of sites to inspire me.

Ohhhh, an Anna set I do not have. So I have my fingers crossed. For inspiration I go to my favorite blogs. Sassy & Sweet is at the top of that list :) Plus nature. Photography. Happy Sunday. Hugs...

Happy birthday, early! I'm not really a very creative person on my own. I have to depend on my favorite blogs and publications to help me out. Thanks for the chance at the blog candy!

Happy Birthday! I love to go to Pier 1 Imports for inspiration. All of the textures, colors and patterns just give me so much to think about.

And of course your blog offers a LOT of inspiration!!

Happy Almost Birthday! What a generous blog candy! My favorite site for inspiration is the website: Splitcoaststampers.com. I also love a variety of blogs like YOURS! Thanks for all that you do!

Happy Birthday! Thanks for the chance to win.

I get a lot of inspiration just browning my google reader. I follow a "few" blogs, and they seem to keep me inspired enough to mush everything together in my head and come up with something of my own.

Of course, yours is one of the first that I go to, no matter how many new posts I have in reader. :)

Happy Birthday week! :D Hope your week is full of fun and lots of presents! LOL I tend to find inspiration in lots of places. I peruse through stamping magazines, books, blogs, company websites and Facebook. Once in awhile I will start with a certain stamp or paper and go from there. BTW, my nephew's birthday is Wed. and my FIL's birthday is Friday. I had to make masculine cards which are always the hardest. Thanks for a chance to win this set which I have always liked but never bought.

SplitCoastStampers is usually my inspiration except that once I get there its hard to leave and I don't get anything done. LOL! Anyone else have that problem?

I have a long list of Favorite blogs and when time permits I check them all out. Every blog has a talented artist and their styles are all different. Seeing all these wonderful creations sparks my MOJO as I regularly find something that calls my name. Thanks to all you gals who give so much of your time and talent to share with us. Ann Lind

Well, Happy Early Birthday! Wow! Would I ever love to have this bunch of goodies. Adorable stamp set. I would have to say that my inspiration comes from everywhere but mostly from the beautiful creations of other stampers.

What a good way to celebrate, and happy birthday to you :-) I use to sit down to relax and enjoy one of my Magnolia Ink Magazines, and then I usually find an idea to use :-)http://www.magnoliaink.nu/contents/en-us/front.html

Hope you have a great birthday!! Oh my goodness I check out so many blogs on a daily basis,copy and paste cards I adore and then I copy their designs with little tweaks here and there to make them my own. Your blog is exciting because you design your own stamps.
Thanks for the chance to win a great stamp set.

Happy Birthday! I love the Bumdle of Joy stamp set.

My inspiration comes from all the bogs I visit, including yours, crafting magazines like Paper Crafting and just looking out my stamp room window at all God has provided for us. Our farm home sits on top of a hill and I can see many wonderful sights. Wishing you (a little in advance) a wonderful birthday week/month and year!

Happy birthday, Anna! One of my favorite places for inspiration is the Bed Bath and Beyond flyer that comes in my mailbox every couple of weeks. I'm frequently inspired by the bedding ensembles they feature.

Happy Birthday to you Anna, I too use blogs and SCS for inspiration but I can also find inspiration almost anywhere, outdoors, shopping, looking at a magazine.
My mind is always thinking about how I can use a color palate or design in a card.

Happy Birthday to YOU! This celebration candy is fabulous. I get inspiration from Paper Craft Magazine, SCS and blogs. There are so many creative and inspiring crafters out in blogland! Thanks for a chance.

my first link attempt didn't go through, so will try again:


happy happy birthday greetings to you! :)

I have several crafting blogs I love to visit for inspriation, but then there is one photography blog, White Blossom, that has become a treasured friend. I can walk through her photos for hours on end.

Happy Birthday ..... I follow your blog because of the inspiration from you and love your shring your animals and farm with us. October 16th is my birthday....so October is a good month....

Happy Birthday Again

Happy Birthday Anna! My favorite place for inspiration is a walk in the woods. I love the smells, the sounds and the colors. Have a great day!


First off, Happy Birthday! I get my inspiration from SCS as well as blogs that I follow (yours included). New supplies always get my creative juices flowing...thanks for the chance to win.

Happy Early Birthday, Anna ... wishing you many, many, many more to come!

My inspiration comes from Designer Paper. I find a package in my stash that tickles my fancy for a project and then I create from there. The DP could have animals, flowers, baby stuff...whatever...I then gather C/S to match, sentiment stamps, ribbons, embellishments and voila, a newly completed project!

First of all, happy birthday, and MANY more to come! :) I have a very "special" source of inspiration, my friend Jane. We "met" on a paper crafting website about 5 years ago. She is from Texas, I am from Illinois. I was hosting swaps, but then after I quit at that site, we continued on swapping with each other. I have saved her things in binders and boxes. Whenever I need inspiration, I go to them and not only does her work inspire me, her friendship makes me feel good, too!

Wishing you a Happy Birthday!!

When I first started stamping in '07 I discovered Splitcoaststampers and started doing some of the challenges-great inspiration for a newbie. I still do some of the challenges and follow several blogs-have been enjoying trying CAS cards lately.

Happy, Happy Birthday to You!! For inspiration I have a list of blogs I try to go to daily and your's is one of them. I, also, look forward to reading your blog for the latest on your animals, veggies, etc. In fact, I sometimes forward your entries to a friend of mine that has a 7 year old son that loves bugs! Splitcoast and magazines are other places I go for inspiration.

I get tons of inspiration from blogs, but also from fabric stores. Happy Birthday a little early.

Happy Birthday! I visit a lot of blogs for my inspiration. Thanks for a chance to win some sweet stuff!

First I would like to wish you a very..
Inspiration is everywhere.. "Here".. I visit several Blogs..browse some magazines.
Sometimes even a TV add will spark an idea.

Hi, Anna. Hope you have a wonderful birthday. My inspiration comes from my Stampin Up demonstrator and lots of blogs. Your blog is definitely in my top ten!! Another great inspiration is Angie Juda: http://www.chicnscratch.typepad.com/

Happy Birthday! My inspiration comes from blogs like yours, SCS and Operation Write Home's stampers blog. Pottery Barn catalog and website also give me jumping off points.

Happy early Birthday!! i use Splitcoast Stampers Wednesday sketches for layout ideas and several stamper's blogs for other ideas.


Happy Pre-birthday! Thanks for the chance to win this great blog candy!

I visit a bunch of blogs and split coast stampers. I really like how you can search for things on that site.


Most of my inspiration comes from my favorite blogs, likes yours, Debbie Olson's, Michelle Wooderson and lots of others! A daily visit to Splitcoast Stampers also helps! Have a wonderful birthday Anna and thanks for all the inpiration AND entertainment you provide here on the blog!
Kathy Camasso

Mom says it looks like you're getting rid of some "38 yr old stuff"..... inspiration?.....Old folks home....Thank Heaven we dont have a passle of Grand Kids...Just a couple of goats and a flock of Chickens!........Love, Dad.....just joshin here, family is not eligable...rats!

Happy early birthday to you! There are many places I go for inspiration...one of which, or course, is your blog. I get regular updates from numerous blogs. I also love blogs that sketches.

Happy Birthday! The majority of my inspiration comes from blogs. I have them bookmarked (yours is on there!) and read through them before I sit down to make cards. I also use the company galleries when I am going to work with a specific stamp set.

Happy birthday, Anna! Don't you just love birthdays?!?! I think I get the most inspiration from blog hopping. . . so many super talented stampers out there to inspire me! :-)

Happy Happy birthday to you! (Almost.) I get a lot of inspiration from Challenges and lovely blogs like yours (I love everything you do.) I have lots of favorite Challenge sites I check on, so I started a list, here:

Thank you, Anna, for sharing your talents. I am new to this wonderful world of paper crafting, stamping, etc....Love your images in the stamp sets! Every day things made awesome!

Thanks for the chance to win! I find inspiration in a whole List of sketch Challenges, Inspiration Challenges, etc...and of course my own little challenge draws from the creativity of Amazing Cupcake Bakers!

Happy Birthday to you! My favorite place is Splitcoaststampers. You can find such a wide range of styles there. Love your blog. The pictures of the animals always make me smile. Thank you for sharing with us.

Well, happy birthday! Like a lot of people I go to Splitcoast and also blogs with a CAS style that I love!

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