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Oh my, these two are just the cutest! Love the clothes on the boy~~fantastic! Also love your Dad's comments. He is so awesome!
You have a big winner with this pair of Hooters! hehe :D

so super cute. i love it when you get stampy. :) Hugs!

omigosh, i just got it! Anna, you are soooooo bad! I think you've caught the naughty bug from Betty!!!!!

Love them both and I agree with your dad.

These are so sweet - love that size card & nothing beats your beautiful coloring. Thanks for stopping your cleaning & spoiling us with a fun pair of cards.

These are just adorable! - Oh and I think your dad had a great idea for using these owls.

Hmm, American Gothic Owls? You just need a pitch fork and an old barn in the background and Chazamm! instant classic....an Owl in overalls? I'll take a whole set please............... Love, Dad .... Very nice

Oh my word, what an adorable pair! I miss the great-horned owls that used to sit in our trees. So glad you ditched the organizing to play. ;-)

Are we going to hear the pitter-patter of baby hooooooters soon?! Love the girl/boy pair and the woodgrain pattern. Never seen Glee....

Too cute. Love him in his glasses. Happy Hump Day (the week is 1/2 over.) :) Hugs...

I'm surprised the boy owl isn't looking over at the girl owl. Hoot hooot!

PERFECT!!! I love them BOTH Anna! They are just darling! I must say, the stamps are still bigger than "normal" - really cool! 3 1/2 x 5 is not a tiny card - I was a little suspicious that it was a 3 x 4 1/2 card! I think there are a lot of other applications for this precious couple (I can imagine them in a camping - woodsy scrapbook!)

NICE work!!

...and yes, I'm embarrassed to admit I watched Glee last night and was so disappointed with their choice of artist. Way too provocative - and the language! Had to send my little Minime to bed so she wouldn't see or hear it. Never considered myself a prude until last night's episode of Glee.

I TOLD you they came in pairs!

Cuteness! :)

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