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Love this cowboy. I am awaiting the sales of your new stamps. They are always so cute and I always have to have some. Thanks for all the great recipes you've been posting this summer.

Oh! Love your handsome cowboy in his tall hat! Glad you're getting some moisture.

Added 'cause I forgot: If someone had plunked that little cowpoke with the bouquet down in front of me, not saying a word, I'd have said, "Looks like Anna's been busy!"

We need some good rain in Central FL, but we should be careful what we wish for. Igor is lurking out there!

I'm so happy you are getting the rain! I hope it doesn't flood, though :p I'm sure the ducks are LOVING the rain!!! I hope some cooler temps will follow the rain. And then...I hope FALL arrives in TX early this year! Those summer temps are just TOO HOT!

So glad to hear you received a nice rain fall. I know how important that is, we are having to water our vegtable garden and hanging basket daily just to keep up.

Hugs from dry Maryland

Glad you are getting some much-needed moisture!!!!!!

We had a soggy spring then the rains spaced themselves out nicely this summer. But the too wet start played havoc on the farm fields and gardens. (Are we EVER happy with the weather ?) Hee.
Cute sneakpeak. Looking forward to seeing the rest. Hugs...

We have some clouds & cool weather, but no rain - I'm envious. Love your cowboy!

Your little flower bearing cowboy looks quite galant trying to hide the flowers behind his back. I'm looking forward to the upcoming release to get a gander at the rest of the images.

Hi Anna, We had rain too this morning, for a whole 5 minutes, then done, lol Now they are posting burning bans because the wind has kicked up.Enjoy your rainy day!

I have that song stuck in my head now too! "Rain makes corn...corn makes whiskey...." Glad you got some rain - we are DRY here too!

Now I have the Luke Bryan song "Rain Is a Good Thing" stuck in my head! NOT that that's a bad thing!

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