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Boxcar Betty is still my fave of all your farm animals--probably because I don't have to run out and rescue her! (...but I would--she's too cute...)

She is such a pill! But she certainly does make life entertaining around the farm. These pictures make me laugh.

That sure is one determined goat!!! It's a good thing you are around to rescue her.

What a very silly and naughty little goat you have Anna.

Oh BC Betty makes me laugh!

LOL... I went with a layer of chicken wire as well... just put it on the inside of the fence, duh.. I did it on the outside, then they are stuck between two fences. Good thing these guys are so cute, sometimes they are frustrating and those cute faces get them out of so much trouble ;0)

Betty has you trained! Was gonna suggest chicken wire, but your Dad beat me to it. Fishing on the Spokane River, but no luck. Sigh. Still very hot in FL and no fly fishing here, either.

How funny!! Your Dad's probably right - she's training you! And you come and take her photo each time, too! She so proud to be thought so beautiful! LOL


Ah Betty you are a goat in your own special class. Gotta love ya and we do!

I think Boxcar Betty is just wanting attention.She knows that you will come and rescue her every time she gets stuck and will spend time lecturing her on the dangers of being stuck in the fence( negative or positive attention she's sure got your goat!! oops did I say that). Good thing you love her or she might be searching for a new home. Thanks for the laugh Ann

I bet she was really impressed with you taking her photo before rescuing her!

Admit it - you love her anyway. ADMIT IT!

Plan B. She is feeling insecure and would like chicken wire on the inside of the goat pen fence and is asking persistantly for it?......Love, Dad

Happy Friday! I think that many of you have got the right idea but, there is a more disturbing possibility at work here. Betty has decided that the goat pen is just not big enough for her and so she has initiated the "harasment factor" into the plan. Teaching people how to "properly" do what their goats want them to do is a long and intensive training process. Betty has the time and desire to win this challenge!.....You Go Girl! ...... I have to stick up for my "Grandchildren"? I floated the Spokane River yesterday for Smallmouth Bass.... Good thing I wasn't planning on a fish dinner!

Oh how I love those Bad Betty pics & stories. She is hilarious! But, I'm sure it gets frustrating rescuing her all the time. Hugs & Happy Weekend.

I think if you ask B.B. Betty she would tell you she does those things "because she can" and that she loves you for taking such good care of her. She is a luck goat.

The squeaky wheel always gets the grease.

Glad to see that Baaaad Boxcar Betty is still keeping you on your toes! She's such a cute goat!

She is so dang cute! With a face like that you can't be mad. :)

It's all about HER!! What better way to get your undivided attention, her picture taken, and adoration (or not) from all of her fans!! Kind of like Lindsay Lohan don't you think :0)

OMGosh, too funny! What a booger...so cute! :D
Who knows what she is thinking, but I'll have to agree~!~she probably just wants to see you!hehe And is hoping you have some cookies in your pocket for her!
Have a wonderful weekend. I'll be hoping you don't spend all your time "unsticking" Betty from the fence!!!

Because the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence!

What are you to do with Betty! LOL What if you weren't around to rescue her? Hey, just had a thought...maybe this is Betty's way to get you to come play?

I did not even need to see the pics to know it was Betty that got stuck. Silly goat. Then you add insult injury by taking photos. LOL !!!! I love it. :) TGIF, hugs all around.

Awww..Boxcar Betty! She's sooo cute! Look at her mischievous expression in the last picture...it's like she wants to say something! I think she just wanted you to rescue her for fun & attention!
Thanks for sharing your farm family!

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