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Ooh, my eyes welled up on that...her fourth and forever. How could that sweet animal have been passed on so many times, sigh. Happy Birthday and many more Daisy! I am going to give the dog treats a try. I think my Rosie will enjoy them...I mean, they gotta taste better than crayons and plastic super hero's, no?

A big, and belated (sorry!), birthday to Ms. Daisy!!!! Ellie says she misses Daisy and you should bring her for a vist ;) Happy Birthday Daisy Girl, you don't look a day over 5. She is one lucky girl to have gone home with you.

So happy you walked into her life six years ago! Now she has the best owner in the world! And knowing labs, she probably tells you that every day with those big brown eyes. :)

Awww, I so love labs! We have a black lab named Olive. Oh she gets in so much trouble, but one look at her face and I am mush! Happy Birthday, Daisy! So glad you found your Home Sweet Home 6 years ago!

Happy Birthday Miss Daisy...what a lucky fur baby you are!!! she reminds me of our chocolate baby we had....what a great dog..and yes, another chocolate chunk..no treat was unnoticed from that dog!!! love your site Anna....

Happy Woofday Daisy, glad you got a good home too, love Chewit -x-

Anna - that is an absolutely beautiful photo, it took my breath away. Best wishes Jackie, Warwick, UK

Happy Birthday Daisy - You are a beautiful dog and have a wonderful human family. Hope your special day was just a real treat. May you have many more happy days.

Kisses to Daisy...right on that chocolate nose!

Daisy is absolutely beautiful ... and I think she found the best home in the whole world when she found you and Alan. She is a very lucky dog! Happy birthday Daisy!

Happy birthday Miss Daisy! She is a very lucky dog to have you! And I bet you feel just as lucky to have her!

Happy Birthday, Miss Daisy, from your Minnesota (cat) friends - Zane, Harley, Cubby and Jazz. Oh how we wish we could play outside with you and share your treats! ^..^

Happy Birthday Miss Daisy!!! She is looking great for 10! She is a 10! *ha!ha!*
I shall have to try the recipe for our puppy, Annie (also a chocolate lab who is 9 years young). She suffers from the same disorder as Miss Daisy - 'too little time and not enough treats' syndrome!
Annie sends a 'Woof Woof' shout-out to Miss Daisy to celebrate the day!!
Hugs to all,

p.s. Tell Mr. Farley to not be dismayed. His special day will be here before he knows it. Although...... time does seem to drag when you are awaiting the arrival of treats! :-)

Happy Birthday to Miss Daisy! I love Chocolate Labs. Shhh, don't tell my Yellow Lab! This is a stunning photo of her. Have fun celebrating her birthday. :))))

Happy Birthday Sweet Miss Daisy!!! And a big hug too!!

Happy Birthday to Sweet Daisy. That photo of her melts my heart, she is a beautiful girl. We have two sweeties in our home, a golden retreiver and a black lab, they bring so much joy to each day. Enjoy your special cookies Daisy and maybe I'll whip some up for our girls to celebrate Daisy's birthday!

Happy, happy B-Day Daisy! My Springer says to enjoy those cookies from your wonderful Mom!

Happy Birthday Daisy,indeed! You are still one fine lookin' girl! Enjoy your birthday treats and I wish you many, many more happy birthdays to come!

Happy Birthday Miss D!!! My Stella is 10 too, and has earned all the treats that she wants, not to mention the most comfy spots on the furniture.... Hope you have an awesome day with all your friends!!!

I like 'fourth and forever'... Happy Birthday, sweet Miss Daisy! Hugs for your momma, too!

Anna My Anna - I love the warm glow of waning daylight in Daisy's photo. She certainly is striking too. Happy Birthday sweet Daisy.

Happy Birthday Daisy what a beautiful puppy you are. We had a Golden Lab named Buddy and have adopted 4 dogs over the years and have given them forever homes and lots of love. Currently we have a Springer spaniel Brittany cros named Toby and a feisty 11 year old Pomeranian male named Tuffy who we adopted when he was 7 he rules the house and is THE BOSS. Got to love dogs!!! Ann

Happy Birthday Daisy! We just adopted a 5 year old beagle and we are his 4th and "furever" home too! Jack says Woof! to Daisy.

Happy Birthday Dear Sweet Miss Daisy. You Lucky Dog. You get to live with Anna! Those treats look real Good. Maybe I will bake a batch for husbands dog (And doggy nieces & nephews) for Christmas. I actually have a dog bone shaped cookie cutter! Fun, huh :) Lots of hugs all around.

Happy Birthday to you miss Daisy :-) Finally you got a good home and a good life, and what more can a dog ask for... Hope you are spoiled today, and have a wonderful birthday. If you like, go to have a look in my blog http://tassenskosekrok.blogg.no/
I am an almost 3 years old american cocker spaniel, living in Norway with my loved family which loves me and spoils me with long trips in the forest and more hugs than I ask for... Big doghug from Tassen

HB DAISY!!! You are lookin' as young (if not younger lol) than the day I met you!


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