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Happy Birthday 'Dad'!!! I am one of those who look out for your comments as well!! Thanks for raising such a talented daughter!

Happy Birthday, Mr Wight, I enjoy your daughter's blog so much she brightens my days with her posts. She is very talented and I know you are very proud.....

Well, doggone it~~ I don't know how I managed to miss the post on his actual birthday! So I'll have to wish a BELATED HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MR. D.K.!! I hope you had a wonderful BBQ, and a very fun day! You have an amazing daughter, and I thrive on her blog. I love all the critters, being a farm "girl" myself (I'm almost as old as D.K.!)*hehe* I love her talent as a photographer, and also her fabulous illustrations. They bring such joy to my soul! And let's not forget her sewing talents, too...my goodness, Anna is just an "ANNA OF ALL TRADES"! You must be awfully proud of her accomplishments...I surely would be! And she's fortunate to have a great Dad like you, who cheers her on, and keeps up with what she's up to!
Bottom line is...the Wight family is just a great bunch of folks! Let's not forget your Mom, awesome quilter and maker of beautiful things!!! I'm happy that you have such a priceless family, Anna. And glad you know how to enjoy them! Hugs to all of you!!! :D

Happy Birthday, Mr. Wight!! Hope you had a super day. Perhaps the photographer will print a "correction" tomorrow :)

Happy Birthday to you! Today is my grandsons 10th birthday and we are planning a celebration. His favorite cake, Hersheys Choc. cake, is waiting for him to arrive.
Have a fun day!

Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday dear "DAD"!
Happy Birthday to you!

Probably best that you didn't actually hear me singing to you. Nevertheless, the sentiment is sincere! Enjoy your special day!!


60 is a spring chicken! My husband is 56 and Anna is in my generation! *giggle* Keep that bait coming. I once caught a tiny bluegill on a piece of chewing gum and used the bluegill to catch a bass.

What's with all the references to MISTER Wight? I feel like we're old friends so he's DK to me! (yes, I'm bold that way). And right along those lines, here's a bold little poem just for the birthday boy:

Rose are Red
Violets are Blue
I'm Glad I'm Not
As Old as You!

Best Birthday Wishes to you!

Happy Birthday Mr. Wight! I hope your day was special!

Happy Birthday, Mr. Wright! My mother-in-law is also celebrating her 60th today.

Happy Birthday Mr. Wight! I, too, love your comments on Anna's blog and I am hoping your birthday was perfect in every way! HUGS!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Mr. Wight! My husband works at a Fish Hatchery. He would give this advice I am sure: The picture above is of you showing the photographer what BAIT you were using BEFORE the 14 pound brown trout came and ate it up!

Happy Birthday "dad" (Mr Wright) Hope your day is full of laughter and fun. I know we all wish you the very best of the best!

Happy Birthday Mr. Wight! Hope you have a wonderful birthday with many more in the years to come.

Happy Birthday Mr. Wight!!!! Here's to another 60 years filled with fishing and family!!

Hope you birthday has been as wonderful as you seem to be as a father to Anna. Love reading about her adventures and her time spent with family.

Happy Birthday Mr. Wight is that Newport Washington? We go there every summer for Rodeo Pickin. Ann

happy birthday Dad ~ aka DK Wight!

Hey! this is last years picture! The one that someone commented about the teeny fish. As Walter Mathau once said "It's not the size that matters" I actually caught some fairly biguns this year. I just wish that my photographer "friend" could have "photoshopped|" a whopper into the frame. Thanks to all my friends for the lovely cards and I'll get busy and tune up the lies for the next montana trip!...... Love, Dad

put that minow back in the water. ( just kidding) Anna's tales of thewonderful vacation she had with both of you this year
Have a very happy today Mr Wight, and many more. thanks for sharing your adventures,

Happy birthday to you. Happy Birthday to you. Happy birthday dear DK Wight. Happy Birthday to you! May your year be filled with much laughter, love and memorable moments.

Happy B-day Mr Wright.........may your day be filled with everything you enjoy most....many more years of the best of health and family get togethers!!

Okay, the fact that your dad is just turning 60 makes me feel OLD. The youngest parent between my husband and me is 68; the rest are 70 or older.

Happy Birthday, DK, from a fellow Pacific Northwestern!

Ach! I'm so goofed up! All this time, I've been convinced that the 5th was yesterday. Happy birthday TODAY, young man, and may your memory stay younger than mine!

Mmmmmm, bbq vittles in Newport. I am so there, in spirit if not body. Very happy 60th to Anna's Dad.

Mr. Wight , May you have a day filled with sunshine,a breeze on your back, a bit of fishing if you wish, and a year that is blessed with good heath.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD WIGHT!!!! Hope you have an amazing day and many, many more to come. I always enjoy your "sense of humor" on Anna's blog and look forward to more in future.

Happy Birthday! Wish I was there to enjoy that BBQ with all of you. Have a wonderful day!

Happy Birthday Mr. Wight! Wishing you a wonderful day and many more years to come. It's a pleasure to be a part of your family (through Anna). I so enjoy her blog and hearing about life on the farm and of course her love of (Dad & Mom). Oh and the BBQ sounds yummy! Wish I could be there to taste it.

Happy Happy Birthday to Papa DK Wight. I read Anna's blog almost as much for your coments as hers !!! :) LOL. Enjoy the day, I hope it is a specil as you are to Anna and all your fans. Sending a big Birthday hugs, CAROL DEE

Woo hoo! Great picture, Mr. Wight! Your fishing vest looks just like Dad's. Hope you had an awesome birthday and party yesterday. I sure enjoy all your fun comments on Anna's blog.

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