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I just know I'm gonna be in trouble now, However this jelly is the Best Ever and on tortilas, WOW.........Love, Dad

Yup, good stuff all of the more solid crackers and even toast that goes with your scrambled eggs & bacon for breakfast! Hey Carol, Whats with the dog? Feed him some Hormel Chili, the hot stuff, that goes right along with the peppers and will give him a little "kick start" with his shedding hair problems if he has any!

I love pepper jelly and eat it the same way you do. I'm saving this recipe to try sometime. Thanks for sharing.

Oh yum! Wish I was eating that right now!

Oh I'm so jealous. Pepper jelly is my favorite thing in the world!

Looks great. The peppers grew even though the tomatoes and zucchini did poorly. Now if I can just get to them BEFORE the DOG !!! Husbands dog will help himself to peppers and eat them if we do not keep him out of garden. Hugs...

I will have to make some.

A few days ago I cut some squares (about 6 inches)of cloth (chicken's that I used for a quilt I made for my mother-in-law)& put them under the screw lid of the jars for gifts...

Gramma Dar

Wow, that is beautiful! You are just amazing. I'm sure that is going to be so yummy all winter long. Fantastic! :D

I made raspberry pepper jam last year it was wonderful. It had raspberries, green peppers and jalapeno peppers. I will have to plant zuccini next year and try your candy recipe. Busy time of the year, our fall is arriving early this year. TFS Ann

I'm so excited that you posted this recipe! I CAN'T wait to try it. Definately going on my list of things to try soon! Thank you!!!

Mmmmmm - I love pepper jelly!! When I was at the Farmer's Market, the jelly lady highly suggested using it with peanut butter on a sandwich - I haven't tried it yet, but it sounds interesting!! I usually eat it with cream cheese on crackers or with jalapeno poppers. Now I'm hungry...

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