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Hello, I need this to be a stamp too - please?
Jackie, Warwick, UK

I am so jealous that you can just draw it if you don't have a stamp to stamp it...I love drawing but my stuff is about the calaber of a 4 year old with A.D.D. hyped up on something with a crayon in her hands...not that effective.
That is a really great card Anna, you are so blessed with many talents!!!

Lol! I was going to say please, please make these into stamps----looks like I am not the only one! Super cute!!! :0)

LOVE it! You are such a busy woman that the cards are few and far between but I still stalk, er, check in to make sure I don't miss anything. I would have to decline the birthday cake due to a nut allergy (boo hoo) but I wouldn't say no to receiving your adorable card!

Soooo cute! Oh how I wish I could draw like that!!!!...so glad that you design stamps for those of us who can't!

Hey, that's not fair......how 'bout drawin' some scotties for US?! These are my favorite little doggies, and I would love to have some, but for now I guess I will have to love them vicariously through your card!

I LOVE this card! So cute!!!!

Umm, I'm hoping you kept a copy of that drawing - I'd love for these darling puppies to become a stamp! Fabulous card Anna!


Anna, Anna, Anna, your doggies are fabulous! I certainly hope they become a Whipper Snapper stamp! Your card is totally darling! Thanks for sharing.

Aaaaaaah, to be so talented!!! Who needs stamps when you can draw like this? I think I see a new Scottie stamp in our future!!!

Wow these turned out fabulous and oh so cute. Yep, you've got to turn them into rubber!

I have lots of Scottie stamps, but nose-to-nose ones would be even better! Hint, hint!

Well now that you've created this pair of Scotties from scratch, you need to come up with a few more coordinating images (like a tartan plaid coat) and convert them into rubber.

P.S. I sent you a coupla emails and I'm wondering if you've seen my question.

Darling scotties. You have so much talent. I love this card.

Absolutely LOVE your Scotties! Absolutely adorable!

okay, they need to be made into stamps so we can all have one...I don't have a scottie and NEED one. :)

An Anna Wight Original for some lucky recipiant (sp?) WOW they sure are adorable. You really are amazing. Have a wonderful week. Hugs...

How creative of you to just draw what you needed! AWSOME! Thank you for answering my question regarding your stamps!

Adorable! This is so cute!

You are just soo gifted, Anna ... to just be able to sit down and draw an image and have it look like it does ... pure talent.

The doggies are adorable, cute birthday card. Hope you have a good week and I can't wait to see all the new stamps this week.

You DREW them?? Wow! Im so impressed!

Your little scottie doggies are precious!!! I do envy your fabulous artistic abilities.

I'm with you...totally tuckered! Hopefully the work-week brings some respite!

OMGosh, I love your drawn Scotties! ADORABLE! You are such a great artist...amazing!
I hope you slept well, and are ready for a new week. I'm sure the birthday dinner was great, and I would love to have a piece of that CAKE!
Have a terrific week, Anna! :D

OMG, your Scotties are adorable! Hope they find their way into clear stamps. I loves 'em!

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