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Oh, that is another MUST HAVE image! I love your birthday chicken! It is ADORABLE!!!
Love your Dad's posts, too...he is just so cute and funny! :D

Love the chicken and duck sneak peeks - so cute!!!!!

Love that image Anna!!

LOVE this fun Birthday Chicken. Looks like a must have for my ever growing Collection of Anna Wight stamps. :) Hugs...

To the ancient one: A toast to your birthday and here's to many, MANY more! DK, shall we bring in a fire extinguisher to help blow out all those candles?

This sweet chicken just made me smile.. love it, Anna!

I just adore this chicken image! How talented you are!

Oh! what i wouldn't do to have your kind of energy! and i wish i could come and raid your refrigerator! you amaze me! do you grow acorn squash? i love that stuff! am going to try the zucchni candy this week, can't wait!! thanks for your always interesting posts!!

Your must ingest a lot of 'energy-type' drinks, to keep the pace that you do. I sometimes have to go for a nap after reading what you did ... it makes me tired just thinking about all of the work!

The Birthday Chicken is adorable (as usual) ... great addition to the collection.

Oh yah,and daisies are one of my favorite flowers, and what a talented little hen....Dad

Look at that guy, balancing all those presents! Must be a BIG and SPECIAL BIRTHDAY PARTY that he's attending. Hmmm, I wonder if it's on September 5. Hope he doesn't drop that present that he's balancing on his foot . . . .

By comparison to how your day shook out,after having a Mahi Mahi dinner with Your mother and a blab session with some old friends, I've been standing on my head in a fense post hole! I got tired just reading the post. You need to have a Margurita (big one) at about 2:30 in the afternoon to sorta "drift" into the evening hours. If that dont do it try two.....Love, Dad....One more getup and I'll be ancient

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