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Your photos never fail to amaze and delight! Especially the deer ones . . . those are hard to get, and yours are SO GOOD! I'm giggling at your parents' cat's name, Tippy Canoe. :)

Love these photos. Also love the name Tippy Canoe! She's a very cute fuzzy butt.

Oh how beautiful. Your photography is great. I feel like I'm living vicariously through your photos. Thanks so much for sharing. I had not visited your blog for months, but have rectified that by subscribing.

Such beautiful photos Anna! I love the combination of "kitties" with "deer"! LOL!


Absolutely beautiful pictures!! As usual!

Deer are one of the most beautiful animals and your pictures are amazing! Thanks for sharing and have fun!

FANTASTIC PHOTOS!!! You are such an amazing photographer...along with everything else that you do amazingly well!!! :D These deer are gorgeous! I wish there didn't have to be hunting seasons for them; I could never hurt one of those beautiful creatures. . . but I realize the necessity of it :(
Thank you for sharing these great photos. And the kitties are beautiful, too!
Big hugs to your Mom and Dad, and have a great time in Montana! And Alan...if you are out there somewhere, sweating in TX, a big HELLO to you~~and HANG IN THERE!! Anna will eventually be back home with you! :D
All of you take care, and have a great week!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the deer! My husband and I ride our bikes in the evenings around our semi-rural neighborhood in North Idaho and "hunt" the deer - tonight we saw seven. There are three sets of twin fawns and their mommies, of course, that live around the 4-mile loop we take, and others. I've only seen one buck - hmmm...he's been busy! One family lives in the nice, very secluded and shaded yard across the street from us. I love them. I think they're used to my voice because I talk to them all the time...and the horses...and the squirrels,...and chickens...yeah.

gorgeous!!!!! I haven't managed to get pics that great of the deer that visit my backyard...you either have a really great lens or a touch of St Francis that all the animals love you!!! And wow, your parents cats are gorgeous!!!! Have a wonderful trip!!!!

Your photos are all wonderful!

So beautiful those deer! Love how that cats don't mind them coming around! :)

Joe and I love the photos and he says, "Aw, come on, Montana? I wanna go to Montana!" me, too! :)

Anna, Your photos just take my breath away! The deer are so beautiful and that fawn - LOVE the spots!! Tippy Canoe - what a name and what a kitty! Camping kitties - yes, indeed - that would be perfect.


LOVED your pics!! Thanks for sharing!

Oh so much fun! Love your pics - they really came out nicely. You are never away from critters are you? Love your new stamp sets too. Might really need that cute gnome. Enjoy your trip to Montana.

I just love love love the critter pictures! You are amazing.....of course, they are too!!! Have fun in Montana!

Hello Alan......we love you too!!

Beautiful deer! That fawn is gorgeous! Love your parents' kitties too! Glad you're enjoying your vacation!

Yup, we're heading out today after Anna gets back from a "clandestin" breakfast with some friends. The deer were born here on the place and we visit every day along with about 50 or 60 turkeys that stop by and eat grasshoppers and fallen bird seed. Tippy is a busybody and has to be in the middle of everything even the flock of turkeys.Streak, the original, I saw trying to hide in our wood pile one very cold November day. Just a streak zipping from spot to spot. They adopted me, I'm a sucker for a pitiful pout looking for a hand out... Dad

Anna, Your photography skills are AMAZING!!! I am so jealous of your photos and thankful that you put them on your website. You have probably gotten this question a lot, but what kind of camera do you use? I am looking into buying a new one by the end of the year and am looking for suggestions.
Thanks for sharing!!!

What awesome photos!! I love every one of them but my very favorite is the first one. I feel like I could reach out and touch her, it's just amazing! tfs

your pics are always amazing! Thanks for sharing all of your adventures

Long chinny whiskers? Ah, middle age is fast approaching for us all.

Your top photo is as good as it gets, perfect for a wildlife magazine!

Montana eh? You'll be just a stone throw away Anna.

Love these photos.

Oh how I wish my legs were that skinny!!!! heehee! beautiful pics!

Awesome photos. Love the fawn. Have fun in Montana. You WILL share photos - right? :0)

Well, you can quit worrying about quality of photo work on your laptop! Great pics. Love Tippy and Streak! Gorgeous deer and the fawn, awwwwwwwww. Looking forward to Montana pics. Hi, Alan! Go pet a kitty for me.

I love your folks yard! The deer photos look great. You could not take a bad photo :) And the cats are precious. Tippy Canoe is so pretty. Streak is handsome. (Hey, you have kittes named Streak, too) Enjoy the camping. Say "Hello" to Mom and Dad. Hugs....

Nice photos and captions. Looking thru my window now, I see a young buck, about 30 feet from where I sit. He's eating my azaleas, sticking out his tongue at me, and saying "nanny nanny boo boo, I ate the oakleaf hydrangea too!"

Absolutely love these photos!

Stunning photos.

Anna, as usual your photographs are lovely!

beautiful photos

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