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Wow, I'm gonna have to try this next year! Never seen or heard of it before.

no way Jose! I'll have to give this a try!

just to let you know, you can toss grated zucchini into almost anything - spagetti sauce, soups, hamburger gravy. you can also use it in place of spagetti noodles if you grate it lengthways to make long pieces (great for diabetics) mix with regular angel hair pasta to get more veggies into kids (or grownups)
after you thaw it, depending on what you want to do, i found it best to squeeze all the water out i could.

I would also like to know how it tastes - is it good? Is it chewy? Can you taste anything but the black cherry kool aid? Is it good enough to make again or is it not worth it? Very interesting! Thanks for the info, never heard of doing this with zucchini before.

Anna, what does it taste like?


Wow, what at way to use a food dehydrator. Never heard of this before.

That's really interesting - never heard of zucchini candy. Loved your pics of the new chicks & that butterfly is beautiful. Heard you should be cooling down, hope so for everyone's sake. Hugs.

Well that is a new one on ME! I did not know you could turn zucchini into candy! But it sounds fascinating, and I would certainly try a piece! Anything with black cherry kool-aid and sugar has got to be good! LOL
You amaze me with your desire to never let anything go to waste! I applaud your efforts. You are just a wonderful human being. Even at your age, I don't know if I'd have had enough energy to do all the things that you do!
Have a great afternoon and evening. I hope your temps are cooler there today. :D

I think I'll stick with Aplets and Cotlets!

Wow... never heard of it... now I would love to try it! Now I wish I had grown zucchini this year!

Zucchini candy ... you never cease to amaze, Anna!

"Who'da thunk", zucchini candy?-looks delish!

How perfectly fascinating! My zucchini has done pitifully this year; if I EVER get a bumper crop again I'll HAVE to make this!

You amaze me. And now you know the secret to shrinking a 5-lb. zucchini!

Anna, has anyone ever mentioned that you have waaaaaaaaaay too much energy?
I think I would have saved on electricity and stuck the zucchini pieces outside on racks under some cheesecloth to dry. :)

who would have thunk...never heard of zuchinni candy,,I may have to try that recipe sometime...thanks Anna!!!!

Since the vines have all been attacked by those Darn Squash beetles I will have to save this idea for next summer and hopefully a larger Z Crop! Looks worth a try :) Hugs...

I've never heard of candied zucchini - sounds and looks good! I do love Black Cherry Kool-Aid though :)

So... did you try it? Was it delish? Oh man, to go from a 5 lb. chunk to a little pint size jar? But tell me, was it worth it??? Judy

I'm going to try this ,looks great. I make zucchini relish out of most of my extras, In the Ball canning book.

This is one of my very favorite candied zucchini recipes. Your photos flood me with warm memories of my youth, enjoying candied yams, pumpkin, pineapple, mango, tamarind, and others. I wish I knew how to translate "biznaga" into English. It was my very favorite candied vegetable.

Sounds interesting. Thanks for sharing!

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