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Wow Anna you are one busy girl. My mouth waters every time you talk about making breads. Yummy......

I wondered what they looked like. I thought this was them but never have grown them before so wasn't sure. Thanks for the cute photos!

Thanks for the pics of Patty Pan's. I took a stroll through our produce section and nuttin', honey. Maybe I'll try a farmers market next week.

What a lovely bounty! I didn't know what a patty pan squash is either! I learned something new today! Thank you!

Youza! I must be hungry, the Patty Pans are looking like the Pillsbury glove in the commercials! They are also very good blended into my not so famous Bar BQ'd veggies. Blend your favorite young squashes with a couple of sweet onions and some red yellow and green peppers thinly sliced slosh with some EVOO and a load of chopped Garlic.(dont be stingy with the garlic) Toss the veggies in a large bowl seperating the onion rings as you mix, add chopped or sliced mushrooms half way through the toss job. Portobello mushrooms make this heavenly. Pour the mixed veggies into one of those drilled grilling bowls and grill. They will reduce by half and make a great side for meats and a topping for burgers. Saturday is steak nite! Bon Apetite' Oh, have a little Cowboy Lemon ade while watching the Barbique cook.......Love, Dad

bread and butter, my all time absolute favorite pickles - just thought you'd like to know that about me. :) haha!

Your veggies are beautiful! I drool everytime I see your garden pictures.

Have I ever told you how much I love bread & butter pickles? I was unfamiliar with them until I tried them at Mrs. Knott's Chicken Dinner Restaurant at Knott's Berry Farm in Buena Park, CA. I was hooked from that glorious moment on.

You must be feeling some better!
Spending time in the garden. I bet that tally will really jump with some cooler days.
TGIF, hugs....

Wow, you are really the squash genius. You need to start selling some of it - although, your bread looks good enough to sell too.

You need your own television show...I think it would be a big hit! Sort of the farm version of Martha!!! And your Dad could be a regular visitor. Wouldn't that just be the best???!!! Do you know any producers??? :D

When do u ever find time to stamp with all this baking, pickling, and running the farm!?!?! lol

Yeah ok, I am just jealous I don't get samples!

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