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Gorgeous country! I wouldn't mind going through it this time of year (we usually drive that way to ski during the wintertime). Fabulous clouds, sky, rivers, etc., etc.! And yum, I want some of that homemade fudge!

DK - You're on! You and Lori are welcome to join us in Maine any ol' time. One condition though - you've got to stop in TX and pick up that Sweet Miss Daisy of yours and bring her with you! My poles are packed and my creel is ready. Let's do this thing!

Beautiful photos! Thanks for the peek at your vacation.

Very nice! Love all of your pics. Must have a been a great time. I think it's so wonderful that you are able to do that with your parents. Philipsburg looks like a really nice place. Must check that area out sometime. Thanks!

These pictures took my breath away!! They are just gorgeous! So happy you are able to experience this with your lovely parents! Can't wait to see the next installment of photos!

Wow your part of the world is just beautiful, those hills and mountains just shout Cowboys and Indians! And those chips look delish! Your certainly having a great holiday Anna, from Bec Bowers in New Zealand.

Homesick I am. sniff Miss my mountains the most. Could see Mt. Spokane from my house. Florida's idea of a mountain is Mt. Dora, a whopping 300 feet above sea level. NOT! Some of the houses even have basements! Woo hooo! Dig a basement anywhere else in Florida and you have an indoor pool under your house! Prolly with gators in it! Loving your pics and missing God's Country. I miss going to Glacier, the Yak, Upper Priest. . . . sigh

You have pretty much sold me on a trip to Montana one day. That is def. going on my bucket list! Wowzers, your photos depict things that would take my breath away! What a beautiful trip!

Oh, wow...while we are having scorching heat (and Alan is too); your Mom is in a hoodie!!! That is TOO FUN!!! :D
Your pictures are so beautiful, I wish I could go where you have been! I hope you had a wonderful time. And those little towns...how awesome! I love those little shops, and restaurants...PRICELESS! How fun is that!?! I just love places like that...so interesting. And beautiful. And quaint! They are just sort of "lost in time"...thank goodness! I hope they never change. There's plenty of "big city" things going on, I hope lots of places stay just like they are, so that they can be enjoyed for the purely beautiful way they are...
I'm so happy you have had this time off to relax and be with your family! That is the BEST! These will be cherished times, there's nothing like them. You are so fortunate to have such great parents to spend the time with! :D
Have a wonderful week coming up, too! :D

yep,that scenery is quite gorgeous, but I bet you miss the critters and the garden,(well, maybe not the zuccini). Never been to that part of the country, but sure does make me want to go there. thanks so much for your wonderful travelog. looking forward to seeing more. MaryAnn

Thanks for the little journey! Spectacular photos! I love to see old little towns!

Beautiful country! I can why you love it so much! Keep the photos coming....

Gabi, I'll take you to Montana if you take me to Maine......deal? And I'll throw in a fly fishing lesson or two that would keep it professional. You can pick the river or lake....just joshin folks.. Love, Dad

Oh MY! You were in Montana but yet still so far. Great pics though - we were just saying today that we never made it over to that part & now we are moving.

Wonderful photos. I love Montana but I've not been to this part of it. It's such a large state. Looking forward to more photos.

Beautiful photos, Anna. I haven't had a vacation in a couple of years and your pics are sure giving me ideas!

You realize of course that this summer I'm vacationing vicariously through your blog, right? RIGHT? Your photos are absolutely fantastic. I'm thrilled you got to take such a memorable and scenic vacation with Mom and Dad. I, on the other hand have had to cancel my trip to Maine twice. TWICE! Work got in the way. Hugs, to you and to Mom and to dear ol' Dad.

Beautiful pictures (and no grasshopper ones!!). I love going to the mountains - looks like you had a great trip! :)

Beautiful. I could live in a "modest" home like that.

Can't wait to see more pics of your trip. Did I ever tell you that Montana is my favorite place to be? Flathead Lake is where my stomping grounds are. Absolutely gorgeous.

Well it looks like you are having a very nice vacation. Sure would ahve loved to have stowed away in your bags. LOL. Enjoy the rest of your time with the folks and safe trip home. Hugs...

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