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Your pictures are like a mini vacation! I want to waterski on that smooth water! That's a shame about the beetles killing the trees. Love the ducky photos and the pictures of your dad and his catches. What better way to spend the day than catching fish with Dad? Round bales are my favorites over the small or larger rectangular ones. And I love those signs with the rough road! Who would dare do 20 mph on such a pot-holed road? :)

Oh My, this part of America is still so lovely and untainted. Thanks for sharing. Your photos could easily be postcards.

Oh, Anna~~thank you for the fantastic photo tour! I feel like I was there with you! :D (and I wish I had been!) That lake is so pretty, and it's such a shame that the beetles are killing the surrounding trees. My Dad had hundreds of acres of pines planted in TN, and the pine beetles got a bunch of them; they had to cut down all of them, and save what lumber they could. They are SO destructive! :(
I'm surprised you all didn't eat the trout! Most folks love the trout, but personally, I'm happy that they got to live! :D
Hey, Alan! I hope you are doing OK...you won't believe it, but yesterday our high was 67 degrees~! YES, sixty seven! The week before, it was FORTY degrees hotter than that! How's that for Mother Nature messing around with us??!! Today it's going to be in the 90's though...the ecstasy didn't last for long! LOL
Hugs to your Mom and Dad, Anna! I hope you have a safe trip home, and you take care. So sorry you have a cold. Those are just miserable...
Take care, everyone! :D

Those pictures are gorgeous. Makes me wish I was there. I love trees. It's the one thing I really miss since moving to TX.

Anna, thanks for sharing these beautiful pics of your acation with Mom and Dad!! My husband and I love to ride the motorcycle through these same scenes in MT. On your way back through Idaho, you should drop down about 45 miles to the south and visit me and Kathryn. We would be thrilled to give you hugs in person!! xoxoxo

What a beautiful place! And so nice for you to spend some time with your loved ones.

For Carol Dee, as a matter of fact I did not keep any fish on this trip or the last trip here either. I bring steak and chicken with the occasional pork chop for the barbique. Tilapia are very nice too. I have been fishing all of my life and fly fishing nearly 50 yrs. It's the going, tranquility and stress relief from a demanding carear that I find so compelling and adictive.It kept me out of the bars before I retired, That's my story and I'm sticken to it!I'm already thinking about the next trip....Dad

Gorgeous pics! Thanks for sharing :)

Following your travels makes me feel like I'm on vacation with you. You know, you could of stopped in Coeur d'Alene and picked me up on your way out being I've been off work all week! I love fishing and will bait my own hook and clean my own fish! :-) Actually heading out on Wednesday with husband to Flathead Lake in Montana. Will also enjoy the very beautiful and relaxing drive over the border. Enjoy your visit.

Ahhhh, your photos are such a breath of fresh air, Anna! Bless you for your talent and willingness to share!!! Your photography skills are amazing. I believe the country is beautiful - but I know your photos capture them to their best advantage, too. Thank you - such a gift!


Your pictures are incredible! Thanks for sharing :)

Nothing boring about Big Sky Country! Pine beetles were getting going around Spokane when we left. Dam shame. But Nature will come back like she does after forest fires. Yellowstone one generation after the big fires is doing quite well considering how bad it was. Love you pictures. Nasty head cold is your gift from plane trip.

Northern Arizona was hit really hard with Bark Beatles (same as Pine beatles) several years ago. It had been dry for about 5 years and made the trees weaker to fighting off the beatle. Then a big fire came through and destroyed tons of trees - even those who had survived the beatles. The forests still haven't grown back and won't for many generations. It is very sad.
I love your pictures. Thanks for sharing!

Mmmm the trout are beautiful. Did you keep a few for dinner? Yum. That is truely lovely country. A part of the U.S. I have yet to visit. Someday *sigh My favorite photo has the old barn in it. I LOVE old barns. Sorry about the cold. I came down with one this weeekend and now we are back to the business of School for another nine month. :) Say Hello to MAom and Dad. Hugs to ALL.
P.S. Alan, she will be home before you know it. I bet she missed you and the furry/feathery kiddos. *wink*

Love traveling along with you. As usual,fabulous photos.

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