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Alan has done a fantastic job. They are all beautiful.

They are all so adorable! I just want to reach through the computer to pet them and give them love and snuggles.

Oh, Anna! What a life! It sounds like a dream to me, especially with all those kitties around. Enjoy your trip up north. It's much cooler here, but I don't know about where you're going in Washington. Hopefully you'll get a break from all those 100+ temperatures!

They're adorable! I hope you find some good parents.

I'm loving Charlie!!


Is there anything cuter than little kitties? Your photos melt my heart. Is it true that Alan is as tender-hearted towards animals as you are? I suspect it's so. That's nice that you've tamed the babies and trained them so they're ready to go to a new home when/if one comes along.

OMG! I Wish I lived closer, I would love to have Sweet Little Charlie to be a brother to my kitty, Baby! aka: Pretty Girl!

I love cats but especially kittens. I live with three and wish I could have more but my tiny apartment is already busting at the seams. I sure hope you can find a home for the adorable kittens. I would love to have Toad..not only is he adorable but he is friendly and cuddly as well! that is the best kind of cat. I had a black cat growing up named Sneezy (he sneezed a lot when I found him as a kitten) and he was more like a dog than a cat. he would come when you called him and even let you rub him all over! I miss him.
Thanks for sharing your photos. You are an excellent photographer!

They are too cute! And I'm so glad to hear they're heading in for a little snippity snip!

I've always said, once you name a cat, they're yours! They certainly are adorable, especially Toad.

Looks like Toad may be giving Junior a run for his money!

Oh I just love these beautiful babies, I want them all!

Oh, Anna - I'm so in love with your kittens! And I'm already outnumbered 4-to-1 in my house, so no more for me. Dash looks just like my female Jazz, who is the sweetest and smallest full-grown cat I've had, following me everywhere, licking my feet...except for last night when something scared her and she sprung up off of my bare legs with her un-cut claws - yikes!!

Oh my goodness these kitties are just so cute. I want them all! Alas with 6 already in the house that might not be a good idea. The photo's are amazing and those kitties are just adorable. Thanks so much for sharing.

They're all super cute!! I hope they find forever homes soon. You're taking such good care of them, they might not want to leave!!

They're beautiful! Gorgeous photos of them, Anna. I can't believe no one's adopted them yet.

They're just the sweetest little souls aren't they? Beatiful photos! I just adore cats! Thanks!

They are just lovely little souls, so precious and innocent. What ever will you do with so many babies Anna, lol. I'm in love with my cat and we have little conversations each night before I go to bed, god knows what he thinks of me but I'm pretty sure he loves me and thats such a wonderful feeling. Thanks for sharing your gorgeous photos, from Bec in New Zealand.

I wish I could have one or two but my husband would divorce me. We have four cats in the house now. LOL. What darling kittens. I love all those green eyes.

Oh my, SOOOO beautiful! You know I am THE kitty lovin' Momma...I would have dozens if it were sensible! But I don't want to end up on an episode of "Animal Hoarders" on TV, so I keep them limited! haha They are all so pretty...I'm sure you won't mind if they all stay and be mousers for the farm! :D

Anna.....thanks for the update on the kittens. I knew that you would get around to it sooner or later. I love that you are so generous with your time and affection for all of your farm critters as well as your garden (not to mention all of us out here in blogland). I'm sure you were going to do this anyway....but as I asked about the kittens a few blogs ago....I'm telling myself you did it for me!!! Thanks again You do know what a wonderful husband you have that will go along and help you with such a task as raising those kittens? Not many men would be so willing. Thank your lucky stars!!! You must have a dozen or so.

Oooohhhh...sooo wish I lived near you right now ... would LOVE one of these precious babies !!

Sigh...I *heart* kitten pics. If I wasn't in CO, and if I didn't have 4 cats + a black lab already I would gladly take any one of them. They are all absolutely beautiful!


I just looooove kitty updates!! They are so completely gorgeous, I wish I could have them all!! They don't seem to be wanting for anything....you are such great fur-parents :)

Oh what precious pictures, they are gorgeous!!! Charlie is so pretty, but I love them all. Beautiful!

Awww, the pale stripped kitties remind me of my dearly departed FIDO, he was a good boy and loved his PEOPLE time, too. If I was ready for a kitten again and lived close I'd probably take two. After all they need a playmate. *grin*. Good Luck finding these sweethearts a forever home. Hugs...

If you were closer I'd take Charlie or NotStreak in a second! Our little farm cat would probably like the company; she was quite lonely when our old cat died a few years ago.

awwww are they just not precious :) I'd take the hairy one in a heart beat LOL!

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