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Love your photos and commentary. I really enjoyed your map and seeing Whitefish, MN because my husband is leaving tomorrow for a four day seminar in Whitefish from OH. Hope things are cooling down for you also.

Four days with no posts! You must be either in bed or pickin' and cannin'. Just as a hint, shredding your zucchini, peel and all, and then freezing in your nifty new sealing bags, 2 cups to a bag, is one great way to have zucchini in Jan. Just enough for a quick batch of bread or cookies. Hope you are just busy and not sick as a dog.

HI! I just checked the Milford weather forcast and the 10 day average is 971 degrees! now that's hot, hot, hot! on the Anna scale. I just have to go put on a flannel shirt, Brrr! it's only 68 here at the Wight house.......I just had to share that....... Love, Dad

WELCOME HOME, ANNA!!! So sorry you aren't feeling well. I hope you are well VERY soon. It's no fun having a bad cold, especially in hot weather. BLEAH.
That is awesome that Alan canned the pickles! Amazing. Good for him! What a man. He's worth his weight in gold!!! :D
You have harvested a LOT already! And there's more to come...so wonderful. I know you are going to enjoy every single bite! Fantastic!
Take care, and have a good weekend. I hope you recover; and maybe the weather will cool off before long...sure hope so!

wow, 25 pounds of cucumbers! I love cucumbers. :o) Hope you are feeling better and better!

Take care and STAY POSITIVE!

I cannot fly anywhere without coming home with a cold. Try some Cold-eze, sweetie. Nyquil Cough is great, too. Like throwing a switch on the cough machine. Hope it cools off soon in Texas. Won't in Florida for at least another month or two. Enjoy your zucchini bread. Our oven is "broke" until October!

Sounds like your vacation is over and now you have days of work ahead in the kitchen! Your veggies certainly don't seem to mind the Texas heat, judging by the harvest count. Hope you feel Anna.

OMG the produce did not stop producing because you where out of town. Now you will be busy canning and baking.
I love the note your Dad left me. *Hello-Mr.Wight* :)
Get Well Soon Anna.
Hugs to ALL...

Feel better soon Anna!



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