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I love the turkey photo! :) So does Joe. Wish we were there. It's blistering hot here.

Look at that great photo of you! I really like it! You look ten years younger than your blog photo! :)))

Hi Anna, Sounds like you're having a grand old time. Glad the weather is cooler for you (sending Alan some cool weather wishes).
Ah High School reunions...won't say how long it's been for me. My class though was over 500. Have fun with mom & dad.
Alan you are wonderful to take care of the farm while Anna is gone. Hope you are doing well too.

Too bad you had to work your first couple of days, but now for the fun. I was in a class of 74 kids, now scattered to the four winds as we were at an overseas AF base. My sister graduated in a class of 700! Smaller is better, eh? Hi, Alan. Don't overdo in the heat without Anna to watch over you.

Enjoy the time with your parents and the beautiful country. I can't wait to see what you and your mother come up with on this visit! More felt ornaments, perhaps? ;o)

Look at you all suntanned and looking good :) I graduated 35 years ago. About 200 grads. Most of us where lifers and are still living in the area. I even work with many of my class mates. Small world. Good grief I am ALMOST old enough to be your Mother ! *sigh* Time Flies... Enjoy the Real Vacation. Stay cool. Take lots of pics (Like I NEED to tell you too, HeeHee)
And Alan if you are reading this, Stay as cool as possible, be good and maybe Anna will bring some of that nice cool air back with her.
Hugs all around....

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