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Oooh, I can empathize.......this is day 19 on the couch for me after surgery & complications. I hope yours doesn't last nearly so long....and I have to say, you've done waaayyyy more than I have for being sick! LOL!!

Feel Better!

I agree with your Dad. lol. And I sure don't even move much when it's 105 and I'm sick, much less do canning. What a woman!

Had to come back...your DAD cracks me RIGHT UP! He needs a blog of his own entitled "Even Sassier (and sweet)" giggle!

Oh feel better soon! I would choose Tylenol PM...those Mucinex commercials make me sooooo creeped out! Hee!

I hope you start feeling better soon - I don't know how you go outside in that horrible heat. Please take care. Hugs!

Tylenol AND Mucinex. Don't choose. Take both. If your congestion is really bad, do a vinegar steam. Have Alan boil a pot of water. Turn off heat. Add some vinegar (not enough to hurt) and sit with your head over the pot and a towel over your head, breathing the steam.

Make sure the a/c is on, though! ;)

I wish I could help you feel better. If wishes alone could heal, you'd be back to you wonderful self already. I always said Your Alan was a good egg. Rest up, Kiddo and stop over doing it. I mean it.

Hope you get to feeling better really soon. My thoughts and prayers are with you and hope Alan doesn't catch it.

I feel that with the cold thingy blame being layed on traveling I remember a couple of bus rides frome hell that left me feeling ridden rather rudely, so I fixed some "Mac-Tea" fixed me right up! A cup of yer favorite flavored tea,(Red Rose) down in the cup a bit and a little honey and a sqeeze of lemon. Top the cup off with all the whisky that will fit in the rest of the cup. If this does not cure you, after 3 or maybe 4 of these todies you wont give a rip anyway!.....Love, Dad

Feel better!! I'm a big believer in Ester-C.

Oh, Anna~~so sorry you are still sick! And it sounds like you are even WORSE. BLEAH. I want you to feel GREAT! (as if anyone can feel great when it's 105 out) I agree that if you don't improve, you should head for the doc. You just don't want to take any chances since you've been flying, and exposed to who knows what!
GET WELL SOON, PLEASE! That tea sounds wonderful...I'm a tea LOVER~! Never touch coffee...I hope it made you feel better. Take care. BIG HUGS! :o)

A chicken broth is normally better than anything else, BUT I CAN'T RECOMMEND IT and I'll watch out, if there is a chicken missing from your flock!

Good wishes coming your way-have something like that myself. Hope you feel better real soon!

Hope you're feeling better and better Anna. I think you are doing all the right things Sister. I'll say a little prayer for you.

Take care and STAY POSITIVE!

I looked for Patty Pan in your tasty treats. Not there! You managed to do a lot while feeling poorly. Cold-Eze really does work to make a cold over sooner.

feel better soon!

YUCKY, how miserable to feel poorly in the heat of summer. If you do not get over this in a reasonable time for a cold (1-2) weeks. Especially if you are coughing. You may need to see the family Dr. I tend to wait too long myself. Don't want to go if it might just me a virus. Right. Take care. Feel better soon. Big HUGS...

Hope you feel better soon, Anna ... we all miss your photos and crazy commentaries! Summer colds always seem to be harder to fight.

Hope this passes quickly. You're doing the right things: resting, drinking lots of liquid and taking Tylenol. When you're feeling a lot better, will you post your recipe for patty pan bread please, pretty please? Now go back to bed and rest.

Maybe you need to pay your doctor a visit. Hope you feel better soon.

Sending you big hugs and get well wishes.
You're so lucky to have Alan there to take care of you. Don't over do it girl, get that needed rest.

They sound yummy!! I hope you feel better! Give that man of yours a big hug for me!! :)

Get Well Soon!

Ah, still sickly? So sorry to hear it. Feel better soon! {{{HUGS}}}

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