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What a shame! I think your dad's suggestion is a good one. Would the chickens eat your zucchini?

I have the same problem with those worms on my flowers!!! They eat the petunias in my hanging baskets. Where did all the buds go? EATEN OFF. I have stood outside for hours, picking the worms off manually and stomping them under my feet. GRRRRR. I have tried many chemicals, but finally quit for fear of harming bees and other bugs I do want. I'm so sorry for you - they are the pits.

It's me again! How about some portable fencing and then turn the hens into the zuchini patch. If they'll eat the worms they should have the problem kinda sorta fixed in a day or so.......Maybe?....Love, Dad

OMG! All I can think of is what kind of craft could you make with lacey cucumber leaves? :(

You need to have a serious talk with your toad patrol team leader!! If you use poison make sure it is not a death sentence for your toads. you of course know that they are very sensitive to toxins..........Love, Dad

I can't believe how fast they must have been to destroy your plants before you even had a chance to notice them ... bummer!

Those unsavory characters usually attack my greens every Spring. They can chew through a whole row in no time.

I'd like to have some squirrel stew. I was watching my last perfectly round juicy looking cantaloupe until it was the perfect shade of tan ready to pick, and a dastardly squirrel beat me to it on Saturday. I found it on the ground with the stem end eaten out and the insides totally empty of seeds. They'd all been scooped out with a little paw--all they left behind were the claw marks! Sure wish I could have caught the little bugger!

Sorry to hear about your pests, but glad to hear that you figured out exactly what was eating your zuchinni's! We usually have mellon bugs. I was on the lookout for them this year and was able to catch them early and kill them all! Bwahahaha!

Urgh! That's aweful =(

Bummer!!!! Hail destroyed a bunch of the leaves in my garden this year - especially the zucchini and pumpkin plants :(

Sorry about your plants. :(((((( You are right about the black stuff. It is frass, the caterpillar droppings. Time to find the toads!

I hate BUGS in the garden. I do not like to use chemicals. Sometimes it becomes a neccesary evil to save ANYTHING from the nasty little buggers. :( So go have some more choc.zucchini bread and feel better. And have a slice for me. 'Cause the vine borers got all the plants after we harvested only a few. "Oh Bother...." *as Pooh would say*!
Hope your week gets better from here, hugs...

Oh, I can't believe the rotten luck! Those little boogers...how dare they eat your late zucchini! Shoot. I'm so sorry...I hope you can stop them before they do any more destruction. It IS amazing how FAST creatures like that can destroy things. Shoot, I just hate that for you!
Hope you have a good week anyway. Take care. Hope you are feeling MUCH better now! :D

drats, double drats!

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