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Duck-duck-duct tape! I use it for just such un-duck-able situations.

I love stopping by your blog for smiles and eye candy photos. Thanks so much. Good luck with the duck bath.

Oh my goodness! She does indeed look cleaner. :) You really should write and illustrate (either by photos or drawings) children's books, Missy!

You should audition her for the Aflac duck! Much prettier than the one they have now!

I am so happy that Laffy Taffy is happy now! Good for you, putting adequate amounts of water in the leaky pool for the ducks! I'm sure they WERE ecstatic. You are SUCH a good Momma! Now, go find the duct tape and git'er done! hehehe
Your ducks are SOOOO adorable! :D

That is such a great story. So glad she managed to get beautified with a minimal amount of water. Thanks for the smile!

I needed a good belly laugh!!! You and your critters always brighten my day!

It's obvious to me one of the Ducks forgot to take the switch blade knife out of her garter before entering the pool. Naughty naughty never let a duck have a knife, they lose them in the pool and some cow comes along and steps on it. Nope, never let a Duck have a knife. That is the first rule of raising water fowl....foul...Ducks....Love, Dad

Remind me to NOT read your posts while at the office. I nearly asfyxiated while supressing my laughter and drinking coffee. Snort.

When I saw that first photo, I just wanted to grab a washcloth and help out! Poor Laffy! But what a beauty! Good luck with that pool. And yeah, duct tape sounds good to me, too.

LOL! I'm with Laffy Taffy! What's a duck to do? Can't go around like that! Sweet thing! ;)

Oh, Anna ~ you are just too funny!! I never met anyone who enjoys life so much!! God bless you, and God bless your farm!!! Jeanne in Iaho, where it has finally cooled off!

Ahhh, she is a thing of beauty, once again. It's a wonder that she doesn't go looking for something reflective to see herself in! Your farm must be like the Disney World for critters ... everything is taken care of and no one ever wants to leave.

One of Scott's clients once yelled at me "This is a debacle of major proportions!" I think that was certainly Laffy's message here. (The client yelled at me on the phone at home, back in the days before cell phones. We still throw that phrase around at home a lot.)

You speak 'duck' very well! She's a cutie - glad she could cool off and get clean.

SOOOOOOO Funny! A girl needs to look, and feel, good. Can you blame her?

LOL, what awesome pictures!!
I'll never forget when we got
(our now long over the bridge) Hanna (male duck) and Oscar (male goose) a kiddie pool. This was a high one, the blowup kind. Oscar wades in, takes a deep breath, or so I hope, and proceeded to dive and go round and round and round under water, he would NOT stop. Hysterical, like he was trapped. To finally come up and sigh happiness :)

Have you tried to patch it with *DUCK TAPE* ? O.k. maybe duct tape would do. :) thanks for the giggle at bedtime. I'll stop and look in tomorrow, hugs...

That was so cute & funny!!

Oh my goodness!!! I actually laughed out loud Anna!!! You are SO funny! She is just darling - and yes, definitely appreciative of the swim! What a treat - thank you so much for the shot of endorphins!


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