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Wow..he's cute! I've only seen those critters behind a fence at the zoo. Yea Ardie the armadillo!

Your photos are clear enough! For a northern-born and -raised girl, it's funny to see an armadillo close-up.

Armadillos just make me giggle! They're an animal I've never seen in person so they seem kinda myth-like to me. You found a dinosaur roaming your farm! LOL!

You just never know what you'll find on your farm, huh? Are they a threat to any of the animals?

Oh, what a darling! The last photo is great. I've never seen one, live or dead. I hear they've made it up to KS, but the jury is still out on whether they are living there or are just hopping rides on semis. If they are living in KS, then, maybe soon, Southeast Nebraska! Woo Hoo!

They're such funny little things, aren't they? I think your photos are exceptionally good! That's cute that he was shy and hid. :)

Oh, it's been decades since I've seen one of those! We used to have them in our yard when we lived in TX. I thought they were so COOL looking! Just so crazy, like a opossum with armor or something...hehe...
Great pictures, even in the dark! You are an amazing photographer...I enjoy your pictures so much...
Have a wonderful week! :o)

Oh my what a great picture! You are a brave soul Anna

Gosh, even the wild critters down in Texas are scary-looking!

Until a few years ago we didn't have armadillos in Missouri, but they they made their way here. I have never seen a live one-only dead ones along and on the highway but I have seen places in the yard I thought might be their work!

Lots of really slow armadillos in Florida. I've only ever seen them dead on the side of the road. Nice to see one not dead for a change! You take cool pics!

Oh My Goodness!!! I've only read about them!!! I used to live in the "Texas Panhandle" area but never saw one that wasn't road kill - therefore unrecognizable.

What awesome photos Anna!! It's really much uglier than I thought it would be! LOL

Your photos are terrific. This is really up close and personal. Too close for me though. Great shots.

That is so cool!!! I've only ever seen them at the zoo! Don't get many armadillos here in Wisconsin :)

I think that's the first live armadillo I've ever seen. The only other armadillos I've ever seen were deceased - as in road kill - somewhere around Little Rock when I was driving cross country from CA to VA way back when I was just a young pup. Yours is kinda cute. He looks harmless too. Great job with the camera, BTW.

Eeeew don't think I would have stayed to take photos. I might have bet him under the shed ! LOL. SO Dad doesn't like spiders. I know how much you dislike them. Must be genetic :) hugs...

Wow, you get just the most amazing array of animals in your yard!

It looks like a flat football......or maybe not.I would not walk outside under those trees to take pictures.(in the dark) I hate big spiders that drop nets........ gives me the willies......Love, Dad

How funny! I haven't seen a live one since I lived down your way a long time ago!

That's crazy talk!!

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