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Oh, Anna~~You are a Momma again!!! Those are the cutest little chicks! I love the little brown one, and the white with gray stripes! And the other 3 are cute as can be, too! How can anyone not love little baby anything??!! :D
I'm so happy that Nugget wanted to sit on those eggs...good girl! Isn't it wonderful that such a simple act can result in such a fantastic outcome??!! :D
Have fun with your babies! And I hope you are feeling better today. We were at 50 degrees this morning, OH WHAT JOY it was! I just stood on the porch with my arms outstretched, to take in every bit of cool air I could! Of course it's heated up now, but that's ok...at least I got to feel a temperature I hadn't felt since MAY!!!
Hugs to you and the chicks!

How wonderful. You have such a blessed life. I caught the chicken "bug" this spring and have now gone from one coop to three and from 3 chicks to 12 hens and 3 roosters. I know that's not a good mix but the roosters are beautiful bantams and the hens are full size so the boys really don't have much of a chance. (But I guess they might get lucky once in a while). Anyway, thanks for reminding me about the wonders of life and how terrific it is to live on a farm. I really miss my grandmother's.

Nugget as foster mom! Coo-uhl!

The baby chicks are just adorable.

They all have innocence written all over their little faces.

cause you need more chicks didn't you?? LOL Cute!!!

I'm in love with all five! Couldn't they stay little like this for several months? That little one of Poof's is a real looker!

Yea for Nugget!! I'm so clueless about chickens, Anna! I didn't know they would sit on ANY old egg! Doesn't need to be one of their own. No wonder they are so social - it's a co-operative in the truest sense of the word!!! If you're feeling like hatching, you just sit! These babies are adorable. I'm still thinking about how to have a couple or three small chickens. With the horror of the salmonella incident, it makes me want my own clean eggs even more than before! HUGS!!

Ahhhh, babies. They are all adorable. We will have fun watching them grow. :) Hugs...

so adorable :)

Ahhh.. so very cute! And a chipmunk chick - sweet!

Oh....They are soooo cute!

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