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Had the same problem with what to do with zucchini. Our new fave is Greek Zucchini fritters. Gratted zucchini,4c, 1 grated onion, half cup of crumbled feta, salt, pepper and whatever other herbs turn you on, salt and pepper, 2 eggs, 1 c flour, drop spoonfuls into hot oil, flatten the batter when dropped in the pan. Flip when browned. The kids love them! Great even cold or warmed the next day.
Thanks for the candy recipe!

I had to tell my sister in Minn. to quit carping to me about dew points and heat! So sorry it is still so hot in Texas. We actually cooled off in Central FL this week with highs only in the low 90's. Of course, humidity is 100%, even when it's not raining. Last night was first night in weeks the AC didn't kick on. Woo hoooo!
Love your living flower pics. Enjoy your "cold" front.

Such fabulous colors on the flowers AND the butterfly! Beautiful! That heat is miserable! And then to be sick and hot at the same time is no fun for SweetMissDaisy! :( Get well, and thank you for sharing the wonderful photos.

Yowser that is HOT! Still in the upper 90's here. Guess your mom & dad live in the "cooler" part of WA state.
Hope you cool down soon. Loved the butterfly photo's. So pretty.

Um, tell me again why Texans don't give Texas back to Mexico and move someplace more hospitable?????? ;)

btw, your GORGEOUS butterfly visitor is a Gulf Fritillary, Agraulis vanillae, which is a heliconiid. They migrate from TX up to KS in the summer. Obviously, not all of them. The larvae feed on passion-flower and maypops.

Whatever those are!

My goodness ... you have bugs and creepy-crawlies the size of prehistoric monsters, spiders that could pick you up and carry you away, nasty storms with raging potential and now unbearable heat. How do you manage to keep your crazy sense of humor and still blog about things??!!! Anyway, hope you get some relief from the heat and
feel better soon, too. (I'm still chuckling about Lollie!).

Anna, you are awesome! I don't know how you accomplish as much as you do; you are truly creative in every sense of the word. Your photos are wonderful; these butterfly photos are truly stunningly gorgeous! And you are doing all these things in 108 degree heat while you are sick!!! And still finding time to share with your blog followers. Thanks for sharing; I always look forward to finding out what is new with you. Thanks for posting, and wishing you a speedy recovery and best of luck in all your endeavors.

I too am sorry about the heat, after Lori's sisters Uno and dos headed for home I had to offload the tanks on the motorhome.....They had a nice time here, anyway it was 58 degrees here at noon today! That is a 50 degree difference! I had a flannel shirt on, Brrrrr With frost on the pumpkin down in Blanchard this mornin. Bummer..... I just gotta go fishin!........Love, Dad

What gorgeous butterfly photos! It was painfully hot here in Arlington too. I feel sorry for the critters w/ fur coats! Didn't know there was a bunny on the farm, but I'm not surprised :) I'd dunk our cats but don't think it'd go over well. It's just sad and wrong when we think of temps in the 90s as being a cool front! Sorry to read you were sick at end of your trip. Having a head cold or sinus infection is so such a drag when you fly!! Hope you're back up to speed very soon.

UGH is Right. That is hot! Such a pretty butterfly. I sure hope that cool front brings much needed relief for all of you. hugs...

Yuck, Yuck and SUPER YUCK. There is no reason for that kind of heat, anywhere. PERIOD. I hope for you, Alan, and all the critters, that it cools down fast.

what a gorgeous butterfly! those temps are pretty impressive, hope it gets a little cooler for you soon. The animals are lucky to have you trying to keep them from getting too hot :)

I'm so sorry you're feeling sick and it's so miserable hot! Poor Anna.

Your photos are still pretty - Surely they're from the archives and you didn't stand out in the heat snapping these today!!


I feel your pain. It's been hot here as well. I'm so ready for Fall!
Love the pictures! They are beautiful, as usual! =)

That is way too hot!!! I'm so ready for Fall weather. I love that you dipped the bunny in water - what a good mommy!

We got up to 115 heat INDEX, so I feel you pain, or rather your HEAT! I can imagine what that 108 feels like, I'm afraid. BLEAH! It's HORRIBLE! And the poor critters...I know about the warm water. It's the same for our birds and horses, the lukewarm water outside...ugh. Bless their hearts. And here, they have to freeze half to death in the winter, to boot! ha It's a cruel world out there!
SO HAPPY to hear you are feeling some better. Here's hoping you continue to improve (don't overdo in the heat, OK?) and get better by the minute!!! May you be 100% better in no time! MORE BIG HUGS TO YOU! :D

I love you, Anna! *hug* Sorry it's been hotter than Hades your way. Wicked hot for us here is in the upper 90's, and we've only had 2 days of that all summer (summer also came late this year). Feel better soon--it's miserable to be both sick AND icky hot. :(

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