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OMG....I made this yesterday and today it is almost gone, we LOVED it!! Thanks so much this recipe is definetly a keeper!! LOVE your Blog!!

Wow... It looks delicious! I can say Healthy eating is about more than the food on your plate—it is also about how you think about food.

Wow that looks delicious! I'm so going to make this... I happen to have extra zucchini and an itch to bake! Thanks!

I am so hungry and that looks so awesome. I bet the house smells wonderful and I'm with Valerie, hot out of the oven with a wisp of butter. Thanks for the recipe.

Thanks for the recipe, Anna! I love it with a slather of cream cheese! Yum! My zuccs are just starting to come in here.

That bread looks so yummy! We have three zucchini squash plants & they are producing like crazy..we can't keep up! One looks like the Hindenburg..ha! I'm anxious to try your recipe..I've never had Zucchini bread before but it sounds delish! Thanks a bunch for sharing!!

Mmm. This sure sounds good. I am printing this off and will make some tomorrow. Thanks Anna.

Oh my, that picture is pure torture for an extremely pregnant woman. I'll be thinking about it all evening now. Looks fantastic.

Mmmm...I just picked up some zuc. from my veggie lady. Was wondering how I could change up your yummy bannana bread recipe for zuc.

YUM, looks like the bread reciepe I have. I make it sometimes but more often make the chocolate one! I'll look it up and send it to you to try. It looks like you will be getting plenty of zucchini to bake with. So far the few vines that took are not producing altho I did see some squash blossoms this weekend. Maybe soon! Hugs...

YUM, I surely wish I had some RIGHT NOW!!! That would be SO good. I used to love it when my Aunt would bring by zucchini bread for us years ago...what a great memory. I'm glad you are enjoying your harvest!!:D

Oh, that looks SO good right now!! :)

mmmm, I baked 2 loaves recently too - the nutmeg is what makes it so delicious! I *love* it warm from the oven with a little butter (okay, lots of butter!).

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