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Wow, things sure do grow fast where you are. Your ducks sure are photogenic and the pictures of your flowers are awesome. Just love looking at your posts. You are such a wonderful photographer and your captions are always informative and hilarious. Thanks so much for taking the time to share the beauty of your farm with this city girl.

Precious photos! Glad you're getting some relief from the awful heat down there.

Oh Anna I'm so glad you are getting nicer weather then the scorching hot temps. Hope you get just the right amount of rain.
Loved all your photo's!
Happy 4th to you, Alan and all the farm critters!

Anna - you had me at the very first duck photo in this post. What a wonderful photo. I adore the regal golden hues as much as the duck's quirky tilt of its head.

Your veggies and flowers look so healthy! Love the pictures of the critters :)

I'm so happy you are going to get some good weather the next few days! It's been cooler here in the mornings and evenings, and it's SO refreshing...sure makes a difference! I know you will LOVE getting some rain, I do hope you get a good amount!
The ducks are just TOO cute...there's something about a duck that is SO endearing. I think it's just their adorable little faces, with the cute bills...yours are just PRECIOUS! I can't believe how BIG they are now!!!
Have a safe and fun 4th, and PLEASE take some time to relax and enjoy some time OFF!
You deserve a vacation! (I know, hahaha). Farmers NEVER get a vacation, do they??!! :D

I sure have enjoyed your posts regarding all the goings on at your farm. I'm glad you have ducks they are beautiful. Thanks for sharing. Mari

Good morning, I have really missed you the last few days *grin* After weeks of nearly endless rain. Something like 10 inches in 2 1/2 weeks. We are having a PERFECT week. No warmer than the lower 80's for the days, sunshine and soft breeze. Plus 50 degree nights! So nice to sleep with windows open and no airconditioner running.
The garden looks good. I noticed you have a chair sitting among the squash plants. Your green beans are going quick. Ours should be setting pods soon if those darn beetles don't eat all the folaige 1st. What a battle.
Enjoy the July 4th weekend, Big Hugs...

Maybe we should all wash out cars to insure that the rain does keep coming. lol

The photos are beautiful and fun.

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