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Wow, These are gorgeous and while beautiful photo's nothing compares to actually seeing the sunset. Thanks for sharing though.

I just visited Sugar Land for a week and realized that I needed a much better camera to get the quality of pictures that you took. Those pictures are amazing! and it seems easy to capture those beautiful pictures. Texas sunsets are amazing. Arizona, where I live, are pretty amazing too.
Thanks for sharing

Yes indeed, that's a lovely sunset! :)

Wow! These are amazing! :0)

To Shala:
I know, I know... the camera should be with me at all times. I agree. :) I need to get better about keeping one with me at all times...
Congrats to your son! I hope his recent win is just the inspiration he needs to continue exploring photography -- and nature! :)


Oh, I remember those sunsets...SOOOO beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing the gorgeous pictures. I hope you get some rain soon...

I'm sorry, but Texas sunsets have nothing on Oregon Coast sunsets! Some day I will have a sunset at Key West to compare it to, but not yet. Your photos are pretty, but that is nothing new for you!

Beautiful sunset. You can send them all to me, and I'll send the rain and bad windy storms we've been having.

Did I read this correctly? You got home, rain into the house for your camera, and came back out to take the photos? Anna! For shame! Why did you leave the house without your camera?????

I gotta brag here. My younger son, Josh, who's 8, won Overall Best in Children's Category for Photography at our county Fair! :) He took a photo of spiders mating.

Ahhhh, I do love sunsets. I spent a summer in AZ and every evening my Aunt and I would go out and watch the sun set over the reservation. Beautiful. Thanks for sharing. Have a wonderful week, hugs...

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