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Goodness you have an abundance of produce and some very interesting shapes too.
Oh do share the zucchini relish recipe. Sounds yummy.

That is one amazing cucumber! I'm so proud that it didn't give up, and made it even with the fencing and netting!!! AWESOME!
Some of the others are really "cute"...love the ones that look more like limes than cukes! :D
Hope you had a great weekend. Relax tonight, so you'll be ready for another work week! (BLEAH) I hope it goes by quickly! :D

You had me in "suspenders" as my grandfather used to say. I thought, "Oh no, a skunk came to visit". Glad that B.B. is fine. What a hoot!

That looks like one of the zucchini's I picked yesterday! Would you be willing to share your zucchini relish recipe? It sounds so good and my daughter was just asking about it last night. We're also growing jalapenos so I wonder what a hot zucchini relish would taste like ;)

Makes me wish I lived on a farm. The zucchini relish sounds delightful.

I adore home made pickles, they sound so yummy, love all the pictures, sure do wish I had more room in our garden!

Typical of your farm ... never anything run-of-the-mill ...even the cucumbers have to be 'different'! And only you would cut the netting, rather than the cucumber!
I have 14 jars of dill pickles done so far and that may be all...our cucumbers have been hit with a disease for the past couple of years and it's only the first harvest that seems to be disease-free.

Just read the "news" about Betty and the pickles, I have to say I really love your descriptions, you truly have a gift. You feel like you are standing next to you and talking. This blog is the honestly the first I go to to see if there is an update. You need a tv show

Busy, busy, busy....both the vines and you!
You going to have so much homemade goodness to enjoy this winter. :) hugs...

The cukes look like little cucumber balloons!

Giggle, what fun! I love the cucumber that tried to grow on BOTH sides of the fence. It must be related to Baaaaad Betty! LOL

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