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You can also get the grilling bowl from Pampered Chef. You can contact a demonstrator through their website or you can order straight through their website.
FYI- I got a ceramic bowl (for the grill) for my birthday 2 weeks ago and it was from QVC- check things out!

been checking out your blog for the goodies you've been growing! I went and bought the grill bowl for our veggies too because of your post! :) I have some asparagus too - I don't do mushrooms though, so I'll have to find a replacement. Keep the meals coming - you've helped me on more than one occasion for dinner! :D

I would love to know where you got your grilling bowl also> Your blog is fantastic, where i am looking at cards, stamps, sewing, photos, animals, cooking, i love it all.


Yum, yum, YUM!!! :)

Yum-O as Rachael would say! A meal she would be proud of with olive oil and garlic. :) It is a good thing I could not smell that all the way to IA or I might have been at you back gate with fork in hand. *drooling*! Could you let us know where to find a grill bowl? I think we NEED one. Hugs...

No fair! I wish I could have had supper with you...how yummy was THAT??!! You are a wonderful cook, and those fresh veggies had to be OH SO GOOD! (not to mention the steak!) :D
I can taste that zucchini bread now...MMMMMM...so good! So glad you were able to enjoy that, and for more than one meal! That is so fun, to already have breakfast done the night before! :D

I always love to read your blog, but today it's cruel. This morning I looked on my belly and decided that it's time to go on a diet . . . and then I saw the photo with the mushrooms and the asparagus.....
I also love the "simple" art of cooking. It doesn't need much - only first class ingredients.
Thank you for your lovely blog and best regards to all your feathered and hairy companions.

Perfect meal for keeping the Vampires at bay. . . .

It will take me a while to make it to your home from Canada so next time you're putting out the invite, give me a little time to get there! LOL OH MY...it looks delicious. THe veggies ... yummmmy. I have got to find a similiar grill bowl to use. Thanks for sharing your delious dinner...virtually! :)

I'm so hungry. This looks delish. Can't wait until I'm back to normal so I can cook some yummy dishes up on the grill. Oh but wait first I have to get another grill. Gave my other one away before I moved.

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