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Boy do you have a great garden, I'm so envious! Poor Calliopea, no treats makes for a very sad face. Thanks for sharing your farm life with us. How you keep track of all those chickens is amazing. Happy Monday!

As always, i love your photo updates. I've been gone for a week on vacation so catching up on your farm posts.

Have a question for you .... Do you use anything on your plants as fertilizer or insecticide (I see you still get things like grasshoppers, but is there anything safe/natural that works well on little bugs?). I don't live in a farm area (we're the typical southern california tract home where we can practically touch our neighbor's house from our own back yard) and I've tried growing things in the ground with no use (zucchinis were horribly bitter if they actually grew to size, or they got attacked by bugs) and would love to try the basket method that you used for your tomatoes. I just want something natural to spray on them so: a) it's safer for us and b) so my cattle dog doesn't get poisoned in case she wants to check them out.

Oh my gosh I just love those frizzley little chickens, they are all beautiful but the fluffy ones are my fav. I would love to have a garden like yours but I am frightened to death of any garden pests! I grew tomatoes once and that ended with my first tomato worm. I hate that I am such a baby. Your little Calliopea is just too cute, would love to give her a good scratch. Love all your photos and look forward to every post.

Those lil UFO ones look like Patty Pan squash! They have them at the Farmer's Market here, but you never see them at the grocery store. They are better when not too big, you can stuff them and then bake, save the top for a little hat when serving! yummy.

Oh, Anna~~I want to come eat at YOUR house!!! Your garden is doing SOOOO well, and you have some GREAT stuff to eat there!!! YUM....I'm so glad it's doing well! Even in the TX heat things can grow...AMAZING! :D I LOVE pickling cucumbers, they are my favorite to just eat! They have such a great flavor, pickled or not!
The chickens are just precious, it's amazing how fast they grow! Just like all animals, they grow by leaps and bounds. They are so beautiful, and so diverse! I would LOVE to get my hands on them and give them some lovin'!!!
Calio-Pea is just TOO cute. What an adorable face!!! And so curious and sweet...who wouldn't want her following them around??!!
Thank you for the great photos...you are just fantastic behind that camera. And I'm glad the hens like grasshoppers, what a great way to get rid of those pests!
Have a great Sunday. And take some time to breathe (and rest!!!) :D

They're growing up so beautifully! :)

Your garden looks great! I tried something new this year, square foot gardening, but the zucchini's even growing vertical have shaded so many of my other veggies. Trial and error! I love your peach basket idea and will have to give them a try next year! Happy pickling!

Only YOU could take pictures of bugs, veggies, chickens, And goats that are stunning and that I would want to hang in my kitchen. Do you have an easy shop?

Callio-Pea has got to be one of the sweetest critters on your farm! You can almost see what she is thinking in her big eyes. Guess I will have to hug my puppies since I can't have a goat!

I just want to kiss those cute little furry goaty lips, I just love my animals and they get daily hugs and kisses and I always tell them I love them. I know they understand what I'm saying, the cat always gives me a wee chirp and a bunt and our 13 year old Labradoor looks at me with love in his eyes, I don't really know if the chooks like being hugged or kissed but I do it anyway, giggle.

I just LOVE this update! The chicks are just darling - I, too, love the frizzled ones!!! The veges are amazing, and my heart could not resist Calico-Pea! She's so sweet! Thanks for the nice vacation!

NO MORE GRASSHOPPER PICTURES!!! LOL! Your garden makes me hungry :)


Hee-hee poor Calliopea. No treats. The grasshopper proably got away 'cause you where busy with the camera! LOL.
My garden is starting to produce in abundance. That is what has survived the japanese beetle and too much rain. The few zucchini plants left are starting to produce. So are the cucumbers. Enough to eat, not enough to pickle. The peas are done. The green beans are in overdrive! So many all at once. Potatoes, too. Relax and enjoy the weekend. Hugs...

Ok your chicken family is starting to sound a little incestuous LOL!!
Love the updates...the little UFO is, I think, a pattycake squash...yummy little things. Eat them small! :-)

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