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Best news flash evah! :)

Crack me up!!!!!!!!! ahahahaha!!!!

.......and that's life on the farm!!!

Oh that was great! Thanks for the laugh and the beautiful pictures!!

Silly Anna! Poor little (or not so little, as the case may be) Betty! She just needs a little adventure...

ROFL!! This is THE funniest news flash ever!! I was in suspense all the way to the end! You're a great artist, photographer & storyteller too!
Thanks for the chuckle!

too cute! My daughter and I just read this for our nighttime story! We are both laughing over the your farm adventures!

Hee! Glad that the barnyard crew blew her in, 'cause it wouldn't be the same without one bad apple in the bunch!

ROFL - I want to live on your farm!

thanks for the sunset and story,love it... and i was just visiting hoping for farm pictures.....it made my morning

OMG!!! That was LOL funny!!!!! Everyone at work is wondering why I am snikering!!!! Thanks for the great chuckle on a Monday morning! Have a wonderful week and good luck escape proofing that fence! Silly goat!

Your last photo of the 'laughing duck' is just sooooo funny. Your farmyard friends certianly get up to all sorts Anna, From Bec Bowers in NZ.

Hilarious! Betty is soooo busted!

hahaha. This is good. thanks :)

Too funny! Love your parody of "The Streak" I love your sense of humour!!!

Never a dull moment on the farm!! I always look forward to see whats new each day. Great story

You crack me up. Could'nt help thinking this would make a very nice book book for my preschoolers, hint, hint...

You were lucky there were eye witnesses this time around. Good grief! (excellent photo story!

I was just chicken in and saw your post. You quack me up! Even your veggies are photogenic. Great photography, great story-telling.
Irene Lanouette

Love this little story:) What good looking interviewees, too! You, Anna, are a fabulous photographer and story writer among many other talents! tfs

Thanks for the news flash, Anna. Betty sure lives up to the reputation she has built for herself!

This just cracked me up, you (or rather, Callio-Pea) make an ace reporter. Thanks for making my day!

Your postings always make me smile, but this one has me laughing out loud!

Zoweee, I was sweating bullets on that one. I never know for sure what may happen around the women of my family. not since I was informed about the WILD RACCOON that they tried to coax into the HOUSE with cat food have I been this concerned. I guess it could have been a real Tarantula. That would have been exciting too. A goat in the fence will do just fine.......Love, Dad

Oh, Anna - you are SO funny! This is the cutest report!! I love it!!! xoxo Jeanne from HOT Idaho

It's so funny,and the pisture so nice.

ROTFLMBO!! That Bad Boxcar Betty....you should know better!!! Thanks for the great commentary Anna.....this was the laugh I so needed today!

ohhh,,I'm rollin'..that is too funny!! good story Anna..and shame on you Betty!!! you should know the grass isn't always greener on the other side...

OH MY GOODNESS!! SHE IS BBAAAAAADDD INDEED!!! That is quite an escape attempt! I'm glad she was not injured. A very impressive maneuver, to be sure! haha
Thanks for the hilarious report. I can always be assured of some smiles when I come to your blog!
Have a great weekend, Anna!!! :D

Too, too funny! I think I've underestimated the circumference of my midriff, too.

How funny! I love your blog!


Never a dull moment with Boxcar Betty around! LOL. Glad she is okay. Wonderful/fun narrative, too. :)

Love your news flash, Anna! Yes, I'm sure the entire group was aghast! Baaaaad Betty!

Oh you make me laugh, Anna. I do understand why she is "Bad" Boxcar Betty! LOL.

Too funny Anna!

Oh that is sooo funny, Betty is terrible. Great photos.


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