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What a joy to see your photo's, they are amazing. I loved the one with the water droplets on the duck and of course "Mr. Wheelie" bug!

I am so amazed that you can get so close to photograph the ducks ... then again, you are the critter whisperer!

To Yvonne, I was lucky enough to be her father and I can tell you with all seriousness that it is a gift that she inherited from generations of Ranch family upbringing,compasion, a respect for life, she spends a great deal of time with them from a very early age with hands on gentility, she even talks to eggs. Animals are people too, you know. She treats them like her children. Beside that they know where the food comes from and the lady the brings it is their best friend. That's the truth........... Dad

seriously, how in the world do you get your chickens and ducks to like you!? mine run... and the rooster bit me the other day!

I think I'll join your ducks in the pool! ;)

wonderful, amazing photos!!

wow Anna..your photos are incredible..as always, but that macro lens is NICE!! the water droplets on the ducks are cool....
another hot one here in Mich. also...whew..too much for me..

I think you have to find another wheelie bug for your Dad!!! He's just GOT to put one in epoxy!!! :D He is too funny. I know he's just dying to get his hands on that bug!
The white duck with the poofy 'do just quacks me up! He/she is TOO CUTE with that poof!!! I just LOVE all your pictures...they are fantastic. You are a genius photographer!!! :D

I love love love your photography!!! The photos of your ducks are simply amazing. Thanks so much for sharing.

Fun pics for a very hot evening! I guess Mr. Wheelie likes that sun flower to stick around so long! Stay cool!

I love how you make bugs look great!

Love the close up mug shots! Cool how you can capture even the water beading onthe ducks face! Hugs...

Your photography is always so phenomenal!! The picture of the white duck is gorgeous ~ looks like she's just had her fluff done up, ready for her photo session ~ duck royalty I'd say! :)

Amazing photography and what we actually see going on in the world through your lens and your wonderful photography. The ducks, flowers, bugs...all art in motion. Thank you so much sharing with us. The prehistoric bug-fellow is very interesting!

That lense works wonders! I like the look of the water on the ducks,like a net of diamonds. The prehistoric wheelie would be perfect for a block of epoxy but of course he is now famous and being enshrined in epoxy would be out of the question for all the bug people out there. Oh well, he sure would be a unique bauble for Melissa's birthday tho!........Love, Dad

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