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Those are such cool pics of those wheelie bugs. Wish I had a few of them to eat up all the grasshoppers that are munching on everything right now. Your sunflowers are going to be so pretty!

Love the zinnias; a great classic, summer flower!

Finally, a bug with a good purpose ... you go guys! Your red velvet sunflower is stunning ... I've never seen one that color before.

youse guys better watch dem bugs close, cause no tellin who is doing the nasty to your flowers! If those wheelie bugs dont "getter done" I want a couple for the "wax museum" If they are not helpin out....Love, Dad Oh, the pink flowers are lovely.

Yikes those poor plant leaves look horrible I hope the Wheelie bugs do their job.

Go wheelie bug Go !!! Save Anna's flowers.

Anna, I dont know what I'd do if I didnt know what was going on at the farm everyday. Thank you so much for your daily posts. I feel like I live next door. Thank you from Coeur d'Alene, Idaho.

I love it when the bugs aren't just scary or stinky - but actually do some good! Earn their keep (so to speak). Cool photos!

Gorgeous color of zinnia! They are one of my favorite summer blooms. Beautiful! And what a wonderful color of sunflower too!

Oh, the original stinker has FRIENDS!!! I hope they get whoever is eating your leaves up!
Your flowers are gorgeous...what a beautiful color of sunflower! And all the others are great, too...
Have a great week! Stay cool if possible! :D

Those bugs look downright prehistoric!

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