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Your garden looks great! I can help you with your out of control cucumbers for next year. I also put my cucumbers on a trellis, the secret is you have to guide them up the trellis. I use cattle panels, cut one in half and attatch the 2 halves to long poles. It is about 12-14 feet high and about 6 feet wide. From your pictures it looks like you could use your fence in this same manner. My cucumbers are at the top of the panels and coming over the other side. The way I attatch the plants is get those little plastic pull ties and attatch the plants as they grow up. You will be happy with the results, I promise!

It looks like you got some knarly firtilizer in them tubs cause the ground around them is not so good! We dont have a garden here at home only Deer and turkeys in the front yard. Who's gonna harvest when you are not home? Maybe Betty?........ Love, Dad

Oh, I love your garden update! It truly is a growing jungle! Your funny comments make me chuckle. :)

Looks beautiful, Anna! Good job! Did Alan help?

Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful garden with us - I want one so badly. At least I can enjoy yours

Wowzer!!! your garden is beautiful..your greens are just HUGE..can't believe how big/green things are..our garden is ...doing..not as well as i'd like,,but its coming along..
OHHHH you have four o'clocks?????? we had them as a kid growing up..never seen the seeds for sale..ever...I miss those flowers..any chance you could mail me some? I will gladly pay you!!! ohhh..they were the coolest flowers..well..not that cool.but they just bring back memories..or let me know where you bought them from..
beautiful everything Anna....

soooo jealous! I don't live in a climate that's very good for gardening...weather is too mild and the season is too short...I bet all your veggies taste delicious!

Love your pictures - you have a magic touch with all of your plants, they look great! But.....NO MORE MR. GRASSHOPPER PICTURES PLEASE!! :)

Me again, check your e-mail.
I sent a plant discription and picture of your "Unicorn Plant" from my very well worn copy of "Reader's Digest: North American Wildlife" I keep it handy as I can then identify most birds, mammals, wildflowers, fungus and trees of North America. Cool. :)

All the vining garden plants seem to be outdoing themselves this year. My cucumbers are becoming the bully of the garden. Their little tendrils are reaching out to touch anything they can. I have constant battle to keep their life choking little vines away from my tomatoes. I too have discovered that they require the containment of a double climbing barrier. For me it's too late for this year but next year you can bet I'll be containing those rascals a little better.

Oh My... Mary, Mary Quite contrary how does your garden grow! Very Well, from the looks of it. Holy Cow, do those vines like you soil and heat or what!?!? Love the sketch. It made me smile, It is done in "Anna style". CUTE. Just like you. Hugs...

Your garden is amazing!! I took a closer look at your sketch and actually read "H2O Melon" it took me a couple of seconds to realize what an H2O melon really was! Too funny.

B*E*A*U*T*I*F*U*L* !!! Your gardens are doing just GREAT! I am in awe of how good it looks, for hot, hot TX! Do you have access to a water hose to keep them hydrated when it doesn't rain?? It sure looks like you must! Everything looks SO good, and I know you and Alan will certainly enjoy all the fruits of your labor! I love sauteed yellow squash, and also squash casserole. YUM! You will have them all summer, fall, and hopefully some in the freezer for winter! I'm sure you will be so glad to see them later on!
You have a magnificent garden, and thanks for the wonderful pix. FANTASTIC! Thanks for sharing with us....loved each and every one of them! :D

So long as Audrey II is not hiding in there somewhere, it looks terrific. Veggie gardens in Central Florida are long done with till planting in Sept. for Fall/Winter harvesting. Looks like you will be in pickle and squash heaven!

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