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Admiral is a handsome boy! Gosh I never thought that I would ever think a rooster handsome, but he really is! All the animals look so happy and cool! Sending cooling wind wishes your way!


WOW! I just found a new favorite blog to visit! Your picture's are fabulous...I especially love your chickens! Got some of my own in the spring. Only hens though, because I live in a subdivision and don't want to upset the neighbor's to terribly much :) My hubby and I are just backyard farmer's until he retire's from the Coast Guard!

I do think you could win prizes with your Admiral! He's the most beautiful rooster I've ever seen (or at least your photos make him look that way)! And I love Callio-Pea's reflection in the watering trough.

Isn't finding little cucumbers and melons under the leaves like going on a treasure hunt? Your melon is so cute!

Mighty fine looking rooster! Your photos always take my breath away! We had an extremely hot June in North Carolina! Always hovered around 100 with humidity! The hotest June on record. Now that July is here, it's down to the low 90's! You know it's been hot when 92 feels decent! :)

We're just in the middle of our winter here in NZ so its kinda nice to hear bout your hot weather. Your farm-yard friends are all so lovely, I got my fix on the weekend and visited our local Poultry Show, so funny and so loud with all the roosters trying to out do each other( we also have Frizzles too). Oh I discovered that my Hens like luke warm cups of tea...don't ask! Keep posting your lovely life to us, from Bec Bowers.

It rained here last night. Stormy. Around 3 a.m.
Our uncle lives in Bassett, NE and they have tomato blight in the soil there, so he grows all of his tomatoes in barrels.
Love the pics of Calliopea!!!!!

Oh, I do know what you mean about those HOT TX summer days...that's why we have never gone back there for a job. There have been great jobs at Texas A&M for my hubby, but I told him I just COULDN'T live there. It's just TOO hot! So we have never come back. But thank goodness it DOES end, eventually! And Fall will bring cooler temps and some rain for you. Hang on! And the pictures today from before are just beautiful. Thank you for sharing! I wish I had the same healthy plants that YOU have! You are going to have so many wonderful veggies to eat this summer. YUM! I have to go to the Farmer's Market to get most of mine. I can't do the garden, and hubby just doesn't have time. Boo Hoo!
Have a GREAT week!!! :D

still waiting for some of your pics to load..but I did get Admiral..wowzer! He's a beautiful rooster...and little Callio-pea..aawwwww, she's cute..or he..can't remember which...we had a big rain today in Mich,,so my garden is loving it..and very hot weather also. My cucumbers/pickles aren't so great so far..green beans are growing like crazy tho' and so are the raspberries!!!

Your garden and all the critters are looking happy and healthy. Ahhhh. Life on Ann's Farm :) I just recieved my 4th issue of GRIT. We are loving it. Thanks again :) I did not realize TX was as humid as IA, Duh, the gulf! Hugs...

i'm so jealous of your squashes ;-D - i'm not going to ever bother putting any in until i get a hanging system built - otherwise i'm just feeding the slugs.

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