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Bummer, Yah had us beat up at Curlew Lake by 20 or so degrees. Nice campground too at the State Park....... Love, Dad

You're not alone!! We feel it down here in Corpus as well! Gives us all a really good excuse, though, to have some ice cream everyday :)

I see lots of time in the pool for ducks in your future! And you too, I hope...at least get the sprinkler going, so you can cool off a bit! I hated the TX heat SO MUCH...I feel for you. You have my total sympathy. At least you know it WILL end, at some point in time...hopefully sooner, rather than later. Big popsicle hugs to you!!! :D

I agree, not humorous at all - UGH! I hate the heat and I'm sure the animals don't like it too well either. Hope you can stay a little cool. I sure do love a/c.....

Those temps are brutal. There is nothing comfortable about that. We had the same last week on the east coast and we were in our in-ground pool holding hoses over our heads because the water was so hot.

I agree whole heartedly! I could endure it without much complaint if it weren't for the big picture...global warming!

well I would commiserate with you, BUT, I live in Phoenix. The temps here are in the 110's. and as it is the monsoon, we also have the humidity. Needless to say, we either stay in the house or in the pool at this time of year. But I love you blog and it is usually the first one I open. love the pictures and the critters.

Remember the good od' Inland Empire where it would be 105 all day and drop down to 50 something at night. Heavy sigh. We're breaking records in high temps in Central Florida, too. At least we can now say we survived July! August is up next!

Holy Heat, Batman! ... that's stinkin' hot! Do you have high humidity levels in Texas, along with the high temperatures? I'm surprised that anything grows in your gardens with such high temperatures. But just like with your critters, you are not just the critter whisperer but the garden whisperer, as well!

I'm right there with ya sista!

You have my complete sympathy, and I'll stop complaining about our 78 degree heat here. I hope you have a cool spot there somewhere to hide out in, and that the animals have one too!

You can say that again. It isn't funny at all. We are in the early 80's and that is plenty warm enough for me.

I mean Saturday, not Friday. Oops.

Just look at Friday, though. Swimming pool will be too cool to swim by then . But I'll have fun there this weekend!!!!

Yikes! No thanks. LOL.

On the bright side, maybe the scorching heat will get rid of the grasshoppers :)

I'm so ready for Fall and Winter.

Sounds miserable,I'll try not to complain about our temps so much, but I don't think I can resist! stay COOL!

Ick - we had that horrible weather last week!!! (I'm in Delaware). It seemed like it would NEVER end but then a storm came thru and the temps dropped 20 degrees! You can't do anything outside and even at night it'a still horribly hot. I feel your pain!!!

YUCK, I do not do heat at all well. Stay as cool as possible. Do you chores early. Sending cool thpought, hugs....

My son starts band practice next week 8-11, 2-4, 6-8 each day! It is going to be too hot.


I love the warm weather, but that is a little much. I guess you aren't going to Chicago, it'd be cooler there at CHA. We have a chilly 76 degrees here, but the chickens are frisky and happy. Stay in the AC or find some shade and have a terrific weekend.

Would you please send about 15-20 of those degrees to us here in Alaska? Our summer has been pretty overcast and rainy...not to mention a little on the cool side.

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