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would you share your recipe please

Would you share your pickle recipe please? Tx.

They look great! I have been doing the same thing and have a bunch of bigguns to pickle after the rain we had here in Houston. You are so luck that the squash vine boreres haven't gotten your zuchs. The last three years they have destroyed mine just when they started producing the best!!! It's war!

Jennifer, sure you becha! Gramma had a great recipe in her Cook book. Great Gramma gave it to her at her marriage around 1930. On the Ranch beef was for selling, chicken paid the bills. I remember seeing one for Starlings as well! Yum Yum....... Love, Dad

Dear Dad, If I catch and cook up the groundhog, may I send him to you to eat? :-) I think he'd serve a family of 5 for a week. He's a big guy and visits us daily. Even my three big Newfoundland dogs find him fascinating! As for myself...not so much.

Jennifer, the ground hog, if he is one of the larger prairie version is just delicious in the crockpot with veggies and some Barbique sauce after you pull out the veggies and taters! If one is short of cucumbers just add sliced Zuchini to the mix. Great photos Darlin' A very chilly day in the mountains here.....Love, Dad

Oh these look wonderful! *IF* my cucumbers produce (I've had an awful time with a very persistant ground hog) I'd love to try your recipe for sweet pickles. They look wonderful!

Those pickles look absolutely DELICIOUS!!! They are picture perfect, Anna! Aren't you so smart! :D I know you and Alan will enjoy them very much.
Thanks for showing us your process...great pictures! You are so sweet to indulge us with such great info.
Hope your day was wonderful! The pickles had to be a good "start"!!! :-)

I don't normaly like sweet (or bread and butter) pickles. Yet these look deliscious.
I think it is a great way to spend the 4th of July ! Now everytime you enjoy the pickles you will be reminded of this years 4th and the abundance of this great Nation. God Bless and Big Hugs,

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