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I am sorry, I cannot beat the comment made by one "Al Wight" that I noticed earlier in the comments section!! It's too naughty, I can't type it again so you'll have to scroll up to see it for yourself ....heeeeeeee!

I got it!!
NO! I got it..
Back off..it's mine..
ohh..dropped it...

WHERE did you drop it?? IN HERE????? REALLY???

Tastes as good as it feels

Everybody outta the pool.

Happy hour with the girls

See, I told you our feet look bigger under water!

~~~Imagine A Duck's Voice Speaking....:

** "Hey Guys, Exhale Harder Next Time ... Mom's Jacuzzi Needs More Bubbles" :0) ***

I swear I saw her drop some snacks right here. I think I got one. Just a bit farther..

Can Mabel REALLY hold her breath that long? Impressive!

I am up to my eyelashes in work, sorry, can't talk now.

I lost my contact. Prize to anyone who finds it.

What the duck is that!

I can't seem to think of anything funny or clever. I do like Diane McVey's best , so far! Have terrific, ducky dandy day ....hugs

Hey! who put the superglue on the bottom of the pool! Yuk Yuk, Dad

Ahhhh, Drinking it up!

"Hanging out at the water cooler!"

I hope this water is filtered.....

Too cute...love all your photographs!


Drinking Buddies

"Do you think he knows how ridiculous he looks with that 'fro?"

"anyone seen my keys?"
Love this pic!

Fancy meeting you here!

Old Duck,and I with throats burned dry
And souls that cry for water
Cool, clear, water.

just could not resist using the words from the song to caption this picture. looks kind lke a gathering at the old watering hole. MaryAnn

"Get your feather hat out of my eyes!"

Yahoo! Mountain Dew!

I know my contact dropped right over here!

Hit the Bucket!

"My motor boat sound is better than yours!"

Quick blow bubbles, make gurgling noises and our owners will think the coffee is done!

Duck..duck.. duck.. funny duck

1,2,3 Drink

i swear, the directions said soak for 30 minutes and your bill will change colors! come on girls, hang in there!!

Hey! Don't crowd me

Help...I dropped my earring!

Rub, a dub dub, four ducks in the tub!

Cute photo-I just love your little contests to name stuff! :D

Pretend she's not taking our picture again!

Pretend she's not taking our picture again!

OMGosh .. the more you examine the photo, the more hilarious it is!! Oooh, Carolyn took mine!

How about:

"Duck ... duck ... duck ... Hostess Sno Ball??!!??"


"Whatchya lookin' at?"


"...any second now she's gonna ... here it comes .... ooooo .... now ... no .... NOW! ... DUCK!!!"


"Teachers got nothin' on me! I have an eye on the top of my head!"



Ok. That's enough! Thanks for the giggle, Anna!

ah sweet water

Save some for me!

Dare to be different.

Duck, duck, goose!

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