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How can you not love BAD Betty's facial expressions?!? LOL She should have her own comic strip.

I am curious, how did she break/lose half of her one horn? Knowing Betty, there has to be a story to it :0)

I love the pictures of Bad Boxcar Betty and Butthead - they do make a good looking pair!

These pictures are a hoot. Betty is one busy little goat! She reminds me of my son. Every time I hear the freezer open I wonder what he's looking for, usually ice cream. Love the photos, happy 4th to you, Alan and all your critters.

luv the little one's name. so perfect for a goat! u r so clever, darlin'.

Great pics and story line! Have you considered a children's book with real pics?

Haha, sorry Betty...no treats this morning! hehe She is SO funny! What a character...I'd love to meet her! :D
I'm sure she gets plenty of treats...she's probably like my puppy: she thinks whenever she's AWAKE, it's time for treats!LOL

Love the pictures of butthead and betty. As far as Betty, I'm the same way, if somebody is near a treat I have a hard time thinking about anything else also! LOL!
Happy 4th!

A hilarious, yet well photographed series. Thanks for the belly laughs. Say - are Buttheads horns cut? If so, how do you cut them? with a hacksaw? I can't imagine using a ripsaw, compass saw, or Skillsaw. Enquiring minds (are too lazy to Google it) wanna know.

Heehee, I like Treats too, Boxcar Betty !
Happy 4th ofJulytoall doown on the farm.
Have a FUN day. Hugs...

HaHa! I just love all their names..soooo funny! I'd also love to reach in & give Betty a great big hug..she is Adorable!
Thanks for sharing your farm life with us!! Have a great weekend!

I just love reading about these guys!!
Happy 4th of July to you and Alan.

I can totally see the wheels turning in Betty's head - treat box?!! Great photos, Anna! You are such a good photographer! I love your annotations, too - so much fun!

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