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They know a good thing when they see him. :)

Thanks for the giggle, Anna! Junior is adorable (looks like he knows it, too!) and these photos are SO cute!

Your Alan is so cute with the animals on the farm. I like the photos of him loving on them...you got yerself a good man! :)

Awww....You know I'm a sucker for a cute cat and Junior is just such a cat. Thanks for sharing.

That is so sweet!!! A great set of photos!!

I love the look of affection.. Pure heaven!

What a sweetie of a cat!

You know, I first subscribed to your blog for the artwork, cards, coloring and such. But since, I can't wait to see what the animals are up to! Your photography is awesome, and there is always something new. Love it!! Thanks for the smile at the end of my day!

He looks like he's in heaven!!

Bet Alan is a proud Poppa!

Very cute, nice seeing a man love a kitty.

I'm laughing out loud! I just love kitties' funny little teeth. I've had kitties all my life, and I can almost feel this sweet thing rubbing. He's oozing with joy.... thanks for sharing such sweet pictures.

Ahhhh....Gotta love them. Thanks for sharing with us. Absolutely love the farm pictues.

Very sweet! They both look like they are loving the attention :)

SOOOOO cute! It's so fun to have a loving pet like that...you can always count on them for affection! LOVE the pix...so great!
Thanks for sharing Junior's love for sweet Alan! :D

Goodness! Just look at the affection oozing out of Junior. I love to see such unbridled affection 'tween man and beast. Sigh.

Why not? He's obviously a lover not a fighter!


Fabulous photos--made me smile when I needed a smile (about to go to work, UGH!). Junior looks like Slick, our black cat who LOVES to have his tummy rubbed!

Ohhhh so SWEET. I love Jr. too! He sure looks like a happy boy. I think I can hear him purring all the way up here :) Hugs....


Adorable! Positively adorable!

*chuckling* Really sweet photos.

OH MY WORD - that's amazing. Thanks for posting - it put a BIG smile on my face.



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